Thursday, April 11, 2013

Meryton Press will be at LA Festival of Books!

Hey Everyone!!  I'm so excite about this! The Los Angeles Festival of Books is April 20-21, 2013! 

Book Festivals are so fun! I love walking around looking at books and meeting authors. But what's most exciting for me is that Meryton Press will have a booth set up! With a couple of their authors! 

Two that should be there are:

Karen M Cox, author of 1932 and Find Wonder in All Things.

Gail McEwen, co-author of Twixt Two Equal Armies, Love Then Begins, and The West Yet Glimmers and author of ...To End All Wars.

They should also have copies of C. P. Odom's new book, A Most Civil Proposal. (my review)

The Meryton Press booth will be set up in the "Gold" area, booth 153.

I'm looking forward to a wonderful time meeting some of my favorite authors and publisher! So, if you are in or around the LA area, this is an event you won't want to miss!

Maybe I'll see you there!


  1. Do you live in LA?! Me too! I was thinking about going but now I'll have to!

    1. I just moved here a few months ago. I'm in Anaheim. Yes, my plan is to go on Saturday. Maybe, I'll see you there! :)

  2. Ooh, have fun! Maybe you can meet up with some fellow Janeites at the Meryton Press booth. I've only found 1 yearly book festival near me, in Cincinnati. Didn't go last year but the year before I got to meer Regina Jeffers and Carrie Bebris. Totally fangirled! lol

    1. I definitely hope to meet up with some fellow Janeites!! Michele Reed to going to be there too! I'm looking forward to meeting her! ~~ haha! fangirlie! ~ me, too! ;)

  3. :) It was FANTASTIC to meet you at LAFOB! I'm so glad that you could drop by and join us. We had a really good weekend and met lots of other Darcy Fans!


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