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"Adventure Awaits" by Virginia Kohl ~ Excerpt & Giveaway!

 Hello, friends! I have the lovely Virginia Kohl visiting today with an excerpt from her new book, Adventure Awaits! She’s also kind enough to offer one of my lucky readers an e-copy of Adventure Awaits! Details are at the bottom of the page.

I hope you enjoy Virginia’s introduction and excerpt!

Adventure Awaits
by Virginia Kohl

Margaret Dashwood, known to her family and friends as Daisy, has always dreamed of going on a grand adventure. With her first Season behind her, those dreams are relegated to the stories she tells her niece. 

Dr. Alexander Mallard came to the small village of Delaford straight out of medical school. With the knowledge and desire to help everyone he can, the young man settles into the life of a country doctor. 

The day their paths cross, an adventure grander than either ever imagined begins.

Since writing my debut novel, True Love Comes to Delaford, I knew I wanted Daisy to have her own story. When the adventuresome young woman and the village’s new physician are invited to dinner by a mutual friend, things do not go as planned.   


     The Delaneys and their guests could not believe what they had just heard. A footman had been sent from Delaford estate to summon Dr. Mallard. The Brandon baby was coming. Three weeks early.
     Seeing the confusion on the children’s faces, Mrs. Delaney tried to distract them before any questions were asked. 

     “Isabella is going to spend the night and you can play all day tomorrow!” Seeing their evident delight, she added, “Since you both were so well-behaved, you may be excused from the table early tonight.” 

     This exception prevented the children from hearing anything unsuitable for their little ears.  Cheers filled the room. Colin and Isabella got up from their seats and hugged each of the table’s other occupants. 

     Embracing her niece, Miss Dashwood attempted to hide her growing anxiety. Once the little girl left, she turned to the physician. 

     “Taking the carriage would be the most efficient. We should leave now.”

     “Although, I appreciate the use of your family’s carriage, it would be best for you to stay here for Isabella’s sake.”
     “Thank you for considering her well-being, but she will be fine with her godparents,” Daisy took a deep breath and tried to remain calm. “I must be with my sister. Please, Alexander.” 

     The last words came out in a whisper. It took him a second to realize she had used his given name. Regardless of the social faux pa, he was elated hearing his name on her lips. Although that might be acceptable in private, going out unchaperoned in public most definitely was not. 

     Oh, my Daisy, I cannot risk your reputation.

     As if she could read his thoughts, she determinedly replied, “The footman will be our chaperone. The journey cannot be deemed unacceptable when he is with us.”

     “That is true,” Louisa confirmed. “My family sent along staff to chaperone during our courtship outings in the East Indies.” 

     Alexander hid a smile at Daisy’s cleverness. “Very well, we shall leave as soon as the carriage is ready.” 

* * *

     Dusk had begun to fall when Dr. Mallard and Miss Dashwood entered the Brandon’s carriage. He placed his medical bag down and took the seat opposite her. The first few moments were spent in silence while the transport continued down the uneven road. 

     Lost in thought, her hands fidgeted in her lap and she looked out the window at the passing landscape. “This is not supposed to take place until November.” 

     Without a word, the young man reached over and gently took her hand. His thumbs caressed her skin in a rhythmic pattern. When she turned, her eyes were brimming. 

     “Something could happen to Elinor and the baby. What if —”

     She could not finish due to the lump that had formed in her throat.

     For the second time that evening, Alexander yearned to comfort her. Not wasting a second, he let go of her hands and cautiously switched seats. 

     Pulling her close, one hand rubbed her back while his other stroked her hair. “Shh, my Daisy. Do not think of such things.”

     Although he had referred to her that way in his mind, this was the first time he had uttered the endearment. She did not seem to mind. Perhaps she had not noticed. What mattered was his softly spoken words were reassuring her. 

     Daisy began to feel calmer, wrapped in the unexpected warmth and security of his embrace. “I am trying, Alexander. Why is the baby coming so soon?”

     The physician in him took over, explaining, “Sometimes babies are unable to wait.” Thinking for a moment he recalled a recent birth. “Mrs. Clark’s son made an unexpected debut in May. All of his check-ups have gone well, and he is as fit as can be.”

     She was about to respond when the carriage began to swerve. He instinctively tightened his hold on her. They were soon thrown against the wall. Horses neighed, and the servant could be heard trying to calm them. Finally, the transport came to an abrupt stop, although at a precarious angle. 

     “Alexander? Are you all right?”

     “I am fine. Are you hurt?”

     Even though she shook her head, the doctor carefully examined her to make sure. 

     Looking out at the mud-filled ditch they found themselves in, he evaluated the situation. “This way will land us in ankle-deep mud. Climbing out of the other door is our only option.”  

     Supporting himself on the doorframe, he carefully got one leg out followed by the other before jumping to the ground below. Alexander turned back toward the carriage to retrieve his medical bag. He noticed Daisy in the process of lifting her dress to make the descent easier. Placing the case on the ground, he reached his arms out to her.

     “Put your hands on my shoulders.” 

     After hesitantly looking around, she followed his order. A shiver went down her back when his hands rested on her waist. To her delight, he lifted her up and over with great ease. With her feet on the ground, neither made a move to let go. Several curse words yelled from the other side of the carriage caused them to reluctantly part. They found the servant in the middle of the ditch examining a broken wheel.

     “Nothing can be done, Sir,” he shook his head wearily.    

     “As I had feared.” With a glance to the darkening sky, Alexander grabbed one of the carriage lanterns along with his bag and ordered, “Watch over Miss Dashwood. I shall send assistance upon my arrival.”

     Anticipating a protest, he stopped the spirited young woman before she could say anything. “I understand your desire to be with your sister, however, this is safer for you.” 

     “I must go. How can I help Elinor here?”  

     He made sure the servant was distracted and then gently kissed her brow. “Pray.”  

     Without another word, he turned on his heels and strode away.  

     She stood motionless, astounded by his forward gesture. Clearing her head with a shake, Daisy proceeded to follow him. “If he believes this will stop me, he is sorely mistaken.”

If you enjoyed this excerpt, Adventure Awaits is available in both Kindle and trade paperback. 

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About the Author

Virginia Kohl has been fascinated with the Regency era since discovering Jane Austen’s works at the age of eleven. 

Originally from Germany, Virginia Kohl shares her Texas home with her illustrator mother and faithful rescue dog. When not passing her love of learning on to her students, this college math professor enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and being an active member of her local writer’s guild. 

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It’s giveaway time!! Virginia Kohl is kindly giving away one e-copy (Kindle only) of Adventure Awaits to one of my lucky readers!

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Congratulations, Virginia, on the release of Adventure Awaits! Thanks so much for visiting us here today and for generously giving away an e-copy of your new book! 

So, friends, do you have any thoughts? We would love to hear from you! 

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Jane Austen's Dragons Giveaway Winner!

Hello, friends! I hope you are all doing well! It's time to announce the winner of the e-copies of Dragons of Kellynch and Kellynch: Dragon Persuasion by Maria Grace! 

I would like to take a moment to thank Maria Grace for stopping by to share bits about her new book, and for offering one of my readers an e-copy of both Dragons of Kellynch and Kellynch: Dragon Persuasion - Thank you, Maria Grace!! 

Without further ado... the randomly picked winner is:


Rainyb96 I've sent you an email. 

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Buy: Amazon*
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*FTC Disclaimer: Link to Amazon US. I am an Amazon Associate. Should you purchase a copy of the book through the link provided, I will receive a small commission. Thanks! 

Thanks again to all who entered!
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