Monday, July 30, 2012

Rainy Days By Lory Lilian, Review and GIVEAWAY!

Rainy Days is one of my top favorite Pride and Prejudice variations! I don’t know how many times I’ve reread this! But with all the great JAFF books out there I haven’t lacked any new reading material. Needless to say, it’s been a while since I’ve reread this. So, recently, I took the time.
What if, Elizabeth, during one of her long morning walks, gets caught in a  torrential downpour? As she is seeking shelter at a near by cottage, Elizabeth is almost run over by Darcy on horseback. Startled by Elizabeth, the horse rears up, throwing Darcy to the ground then runs off. With nowhere else to go, Darcy accompanies Elizabeth to the cottage. Spending time alone together affords them a chance to really get to know each other. Right away Darcy realizes Elizabeth has a very low opinion of him and Elizabeth learns that Mr. Darcy finds her more than tolerable. Darcy, who has been fighting his feelings for Elizabeth all along, now knows he cannot let her go.
This story begins right before the Netherfield ball and takes us to the wedding night. I love the intensity of the love they share. They have their ups and downs as they get to know each other.  Both I and Mr. Darcy were a little annoyed with Elizabeth believing so many of Wickham’s lies. Lady Matlock quickly becomes Elizabeth’s ally after meeting her, but will Lord Matlock every accept her?
I loved how Darcy describes Elizabeth as a book, how he would love to peek at the end but is willing to savor every page before the finish. Awesomeness!
Now that I’ve reread Rainy Days would I still place this in my top favorites? Absolutely! I would highly recommend putting this on your reading list!

I give this 5 out of 5 stars.

I purchased my own copy of Rainy Days.

Buy a copy here.  (Disclaimer: Link to Amazon. Should you purchase a copy through the link provided, I will receive a small commission. Thanks!)

About the Author:

Lory discovered JAFF in 2004 as an avid reader then a year later as a tentative author. She joined MLS in November 2008 as a member of the board of directors.
Lory lives in Bucharest, Romania, with her dear husband, her dear daughter of 14 and her dear dog (a French bulldog). She works as an Organizational Development Manager in a multinational company, and when she is not working (which is very rare), she loves reading (Pride and Prejudice is the all time favorite), JAFF, going to the theatre and writing (JAFF, of course).

Twitter: @LoryLilian

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Lory Lilian is graciously giving away one paperback copy of Rainy Days! This giveaway is open International. The last day to enter is August 8, 2012.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Alligators in the Trees By Cynthia Hamilton

Priscilla is a waitress at Frank’s Coffee Shop, a dive in Manhattan. She is in her early 30’s and is going nowhere fast. Her track record with boyfriends is lousy, to say the least. She seems to only attract guys that are unable to find direction in their lives.
Enter Phillip and Tobias. Separately they both find their way into Frank’s Coffee Shop and into Priscilla’s life. 
Phil has been eating breakfast, if you can call it that, at the coffee shop for months now. By the way he dresses, Priscilla knows he doesn't belong there. She suspects something must have gone terribly wrong in his life to bring him to a dump like Frank’s. 
Priscilla recognizes Tobias Jordan, singer, songwriter and musician for the band Absent Among Us. She wonders what misfortunes have brought him to venture into Frank’s seedy coffee shop. 
Three interesting characters whom fate has brought together.
Phil persuades Priscilla to go out to dinner with him. During the course of the evening, Priscilla learns about Phil’s troubles. He is a well known, award winning architect, whose building The Phoenix started to collapse and is scheduled to be demolished soon. His reputation is gone and now no one will hire him. He is in terrible financial trouble since he has invested all his money into this project. To top it off, his wife is divorcing him!
Tobias is trying to make a comeback but has lost his ability to write a meaningful song. The day he stumbles into the diner and meets Priscilla changes that as she inspires him to write more. Looking for more inspiration from her, he tracks her down to her apartment and learns she writes amazing lyrics. He convinces Priscilla to sell him stacks of journals, filled with her writings. After reading through them he goes back to her apartment but she has moved out. He feels lost with out her; she has become his muse.  Will fate bring them together again?
These two men feel like Priscilla is the answer to their problems. They persuade her to help them, but Priscilla has some issues she needs to work out in her life too. She is determined to start her life over and for once not take the easy way and cruise through life.
It was fun walking through the Manhattan, going into little dive bars to high class joints; seeing a variety of sides of life in the city.
This story was an interesting look at three very different lives. Each one of them has to look deep within themselves, which is not always easy.  I enjoyed reading it and was really into it, when I thought it was cut short. I didn’t feel like Tobias’s story was finished at all and I would have liked to have a little more closure with Priscilla’s story. The good news is there is a sequel in the works that starts up right where Alligators in the Trees leaves off!

I give this 4 out of 5 stars.

Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of the book for review for my honest review.

Buy your copy here.

About the Author: 

Cynthia Hamilton has been writing for pleasure since 2000, when a series of bizarre physical problems forced her to find a creative outlet she could pursue from bed, if it came to that. Since then, she has written five novels and a memoir entitled “Once Upon a Lyme...” She loves the act of writing, of creating characters and setting them down in situations to see how they react. Most of her stories spring entirely from her overactive imagination, but “Lucky at Love” was inspired by meeting a man at a wedding who had been married and divorced seven times—seven or eight, he can’t remember which. Subtitled “Some guys just never give up…” Lucky tells the story of Allison Tyler-Wilcox, a journalist who meets Jake Sorenson at a wedding, a man who has been married and divorced seven times and has not foreclosed on the idea of tying the knot again. The relationship that springs up between the often combative duo makes for a true modern day love story.

Thoughts? I'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Imperative: A Tale of Pride and Prejudice, Volume 1 By Linda Wells

Linda Wells delivers another passionate look at our favorite characters, Darcy and Elizabeth. From the moment Darcy unexpectedly kisses Elizabeth in the library at Netherfield and asks her to marry him and to trust him with a secret he will tell her after they marry, I was hooked.
Georgiana is in trouble, and after looking at her problem from every angle possible, Darcy concludes Elizabeth is the answer. She would be able to help Georgiana and he would be helping Elizabeth in the process. Darcy has learned Mr. Bennet is planning to marry Elizabeth to Mr. Collins to keep Longbourn in his family.  Darcy knows he is drawn to Elizabeth but he does not yet know he truly loves her.
After looking into his expressive eyes, a stunned Elizabeth agrees to Darcy's proposal. She faces many challenges from friends and family over their rushed engagement but helping Darcy with Georgiana is a bigger challenge.

Elizabeth also faces the scrutiny of Darcy's family, Lady Catherine and his two uncles, all vying  to gain Pemberley. Even Colonel Fitzwilliam, on their first meeting, practically interrogates her, but that is over his concern for Darcy. The Colonel is, as always, a favorite of mine. 
There is a bit of mystery in this story that has a few twists in it.  Wickham is paid to compromise Georgiana with a kiss, but he does more than that.  Now, Wickham finds himself in a bad situation, one that could lead to murder. Who is forcing Wickham’s hand and why?
My biggest complaint with the story is the length and that is a matter of taste. If you enjoy a long book, this is the one for you!

Am I going to read Volume 2? Yes, I have to know what happens to Georgiana!

I give this a 4 out of 5 stars.

I would give this a mature rating for some sexual content.

I purchased my own copy of Imperative.

Buy your copy here. (Disclaimer: Link to Amazon. Should you purchase a copy of the book through link provided I will receive a small commission. Thanks!)

Thoughts? I'd love to hear from you!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Mother Daughter Book Club Series

Hi Everyone! I wanted to take a moment a to share these wonderful books with you. I haven't read them but I would love to! I bought four of them for my daughter a while back and this summer she picked them up and can NOT stop reading them! 

In each book the club reads a classic book. I've listed each below with a book description. The book that first caught my eye at the book store was, of course, Pies and Prejudice

Book Description:

The book club is about to get a makeover....
Even if Megan would rather be at the mall, Cassidy is late for hockey practice, Emma's already read every book in existence, and Jess is missing her mother too much to care, the new book club is scheduled to meet every month.
But what begins as a mom-imposed ritual of reading Little Women soon helps four unlikely friends navigate the drama of middle school. From stolen journals, to secret crushes, to a fashion-fiasco first dance, the girls are up to their Wellie boots in drama. They can't help but wonder: What would Jo March do?
Acclaimed author Heather Vogel Frederick will delight daughters of all ages in a novel about the fabulousness of fiction, family, and friendship.

Book Description:
The mother-daughter book club is back! This year the mothers have a big surprise in store for Emma, Jess, Cassidy, and Megan: They've invited snooty Becca Chadwick and her mother to join the book club! But there are bigger problems when Jess finds out that her family may have to give up Half Moon Farm. In a year filled with skating parties, a disastrous mother-daughter camping trip, and a high-stakes fashion show, the girls realize that it's only through working together -- Becca included -- that they can save Half Moon Farm. Acclaimed author Heather Vogel Frederick captures the magic of friendship and the scrapes along the way in this sequel to The Mother-Daughter Book Club, which will enchant daughters and mothers alike. (Anne of Green Gables is the book feature in this one.)

Book Description:

Could the book club break up? When Jess is offered an anonymous scholarship to a prestigious boarding school, she's not sure that leaving home -- and her friends -- is what she wants to do. Meanwhile Megan's grandmother comes for a long visit and turns everything in the Wong household upside down; Emma crusades against her middle school's new uniforms; and Cassidy fi nds out there's a big change ahead for her family. Inspired by Jess's unexpected opportunity, the book club decides to read Jean Webster's classic Daddy-Long-Legs, and there's an added twist this year when they become pen pals with the girls in a book club in Wyoming. There's plenty to write to their new friends about, from a prank-filled slumber party to a not-so-secret puppy -- and even a surprise first kiss. In this third book in the beloved Mother-Daughter Book Club series, the girls learn that as long as they have one another -- and a good book -- they're ready for whatever eighth grade has in store!

Book Description:

Right before the start of freshman year, Emma’s family unexpectedly moves to England. The book club members are stunned—but thanks to videoconferencing, they can still keep the club alive, and they decide to tackle Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice . And when the girls try to bring Emma home by starting a bake sale, it becomes a thriving business: Pies & Prejudice. But when the plan they cook up falls short, they are left wondering if their club will ever all be together again….

Book Description:

This Christmas season, join the girls of the mother-daughter book club for a variety of holiday-themed adventures! Becca, Megan, Emma, Cassidy and Jess have plenty of reading material to bring on their trips, too, because the book club is tackling the Betsy-Tacy series before their next meeting on New Year’s Eve.

But unfortunately, nothing goes quite as planned for any of the girls. On a Christmas cruise with their families, Megan and Becca fight over the dashing son of the ship's captain. Cassidy and her family fly back to California to visit Cassidy's sister Courtney... but when the West Coast causes homesickness for their former life in Laguna Beach, the family begins to question what state they should call home. And a disastrous sledding accident causes both Emma and Jess to completely change their holiday plans.

Between squabbles, injuries, and blizzards, everything seems to be going wrong. Will the girls be able to find their holiday spirit in time for Christmas?

I have not heard of  the Betsy-Tacy series. Have you?

Coming Soon!! To be release on Oct. 23, 2012.

Book Description:
The book club says bon voyage to Concord and bonjour to France!

It’s a dream come true for Megan, who’s jet-setting to Paris for Fashion Week with Gigi. Meanwhile, back in Concord, Mrs. Wong decides to run for mayor, so Emma and Stewart team up to make her campaign a success. Jess and Cassidy are also hoping for victories, Jess in the a cappella finals with the MadriGals and Cassidy in the national hockey championships with her teammates. In the midst of it all, the girls—along with their Wyoming pen pals, who drop in for a visit over Spring Break—dive into Charlotte BrontË’s classic Jane Eyre. Some real life romance follows, as Becca may have found a Mr. Rochester of her own.

And then there’s the matter of a certain wedding. The book club girls, their families, the British Berkeley brothers, and even Stinkerbelle will be attending the ceremony, which means there might be some bumps before the bride waltzes down the aisle….

I mean really, who could resist these! And then to find my daughter, who's 12, loving them! Well, to me that's fabulous! 

To purchase a copy of one, click a link below:

What a great way to introduce young girls to the classics! It's my hope that my daughter will be encouraged to read them herself. 

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear from you!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Book Review and GIVEAWAY: Legacy By Robin Helm

Today, I'm over at Indie Jane with my review of Legacy!

Robin Helm is graciously giving away a paperback and a ebook copy of Legacy! Head over to Indie Jane for your chance to win! Good luck! 
Giveaway is over.

This review was originally published on Indie Jane.

Robin Helm delivers another amazing look at the spiritual world in Legacy the conclusion to her Guardian trilogy. With what could possibly be the end times, Darcy and El prepare for a mighty battle!

Legacy picks right back up where SoulFire left off. Darcy and El work out there differences and continue touring with the SoulFire ministry. With many signs pointing to the tribulation, they work harder at saving as many souls as possible and to expose Gregory's plans for the evil that they are. 

Gregory (Wickham) begins his political climb, altering his appearance and falsifying his records to appear older. As his rise to power grows, so does his ego and his need to rid himself of El, so she cannot fulfill her legacy. I have to tell you, I felt sick as Gregory advances in power. The way he controlled and manipulated people was frightening and the multitude was lulled into a false sense of security. 

The banter between the guardians still amused me. I believe Michael is my favorite guardian! His strong warrior facade melts the first time John David, El and Darcy’s son, reaches out to him. So sweet!

Helm also wraps up some of the story line with Caroline and Richard from Guardian. Richard confronts Caroline at El and Darcy’s wedding of all places! Will they ruin El’s special moment?

The scripture at the break points is really well placed and coincide nicely with the storyline. Her knowledge of scripture is impressive! I absolutely love that Helm put the names of God and their meanings at the back of the book! 

Amazing is how I would describe this series. This is more than just a Pride and Prejudice variation, it’s an incredible look at the spiritual realm! It is well worth the read. I think Legacy might be my favorite of the three.

I give this 5 out of 5 stars!

I was provided a copy of book for review.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bewitched, Body and Soul winner!

Rafflecopter has picked a winner!


Faith Hope Cherrytea!

Thanks to all who entered!
If you didn't win you can buy a copy here. 

You still have a chance to win a copy at The Calico Critic! (ends July 8th)

Faith Hope Cherrytea you should be getting an email shortly.

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Falling for Mr. Darcy By KaraLynne Mackrory

Loved it! This is one to put in my top favorites! I love Pride and Prejudice variations and Falling for Mr. Darcy did not let me down! 
Recognizing his feelings for Elizabeth, Darcy counts the days until he can leave Hertfordshire. Taking a morning ride, he comes across Elizabeth sitting on a log in a grove of trees. Suddenly a strong gust of wind causes a tree to fall over, nearly hitting Elizabeth. Stumbling backward to avoid being hit by the tree, Elizabeth injures her ankle. Unable to get home alone, Darcy helps her. This is when her feelings for Darcy start to change and she starts ...falling for Mr. Darcy.
Darcy feels he has to marry within his circle, and hopes leaving the area will also remove Elizabeth from his heart. But when he finds her talking with his sister in a shop in London, he is lost to her forever.
This is a Mr. Bennet that I like! He is not the neglectful father that everyone thinks he is.  He has taken care of his daughters future more than anybody knows. He is also very perceptive and sees that Liz and Darcy have feelings for each other early on.  The conversation between Darcy and Mr. Bennet about Lizzy at age eleven is adorable!! 

I loved the Colonel in this! He quickly figures out Darcy’s in love and cleverly gets Darcy to tell him all! He is also very helpful in coming up with a plan to give Wickham what he deserves!  Which, by the way, was handled beautifully! 
I want to tell you some of my favorite parts but I won’t because of spoilers. Let me just say, I loved it and would highly recommend it!
I give this 5 out of 5 stars.
I bought my own ebook copy of this book.

About the Author:
KaraLynne is an amazing mother who never makes mistakes, never gets upset with her children and never ever has a dirty house. Ever. She always has her dishes done and the floors spotless and dinner is always prepared and ready on time. Her kids are always clean, polite, respectful and loving, especially to each other. She never gets irritated with her husband when he doesn’t turn his socks right side out for the laundry and they always agree on everything. She delights in nothing else but to serve her family and never wants or needs time for herself. She takes great care to shower every day and put make up on so that she is always beautiful and presentable. She never wears her pajamas all day or for days in a row and she is the epitome of womanhood. Most of all, she has a great sense of humor and loves to write.

Falling for Mr. Darcy, released May 2012, is KaraLynne’s first venture in to the world of book authorship.  Although, admittedly a Darcy addict, she enjoys many things, such as: Mr. Knightly, Edmund Bertram, Captain Wentworth, Mr. Tilney and John Thornton.  She is happily married to her own Mr. Darcy and together they share the insanity inducing responsibility of raising three children.
You can find KaraLynne Mackrory at:

Twitter: @KAMackyah

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them!

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