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The Redemption of Lydia Wickham by MJ Stratton ~ Blog tour ~ Spotlight & Giveaway!

Hello, my friends! Today, I'm spotlighting a new book by author MJ Stratton, The Redemption of Lydia Wickham. I love to see Lydia turn her life around and be a better person, don't you? 

The Redemption of Lydia Wickham
by MJ Stratton

Publication date: Sept. 1st, 2022


I may not be the most book-learned girl in the country, but I would like to think that I am wiser than I was, and much less silly. 

Lydia Wickham used to think herself rather clever, having caught a handsome man and being the first to marry of her sisters. Soon, however, she finds herself trapped in a marriage to a man who is not what she thought him to be. Her pride keeps her from revealing her plight to her sisters and family, suffering in silence for years. 

Unexpectedly, Lydia is freed from her marriage and begins life away from her misery in Newcastle. The changes in her are apparent to most, but there are those that resist seeing her for who she is and not who she was. As Lydia seeks to reconcile the girl she was with the woman she has become, she reunites with her loved ones and makes many friends along the way. But will Lydia get what she always wanted? Will she have what her sisters have, that which she craves desperately? Will Lydia Wickham find love of her own? 

The Redemption of Lydia Wickham is a full length novel centered on the idea that even a foolish 16-year-old girl can grow up and become wiser. 

Warning: this book contains brief, non-graphic mentions of spousal abuse and assault.
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About the Author

MJ Stratton has been writing for years, though never in any official capacity. As a teacher and a mom of 4, writing has always been something that came last, whenever time could be found. Now after many years, her first JAFF novel is ready to be released! The Redemption of Lydia Wickham is written on the premise that anyone, given the right inducement, can grow and change, even if they are one of the silliest girls in all of England. MJ loves books, chocolate, baking, and taking long walks with her husband. The creation of Lydia in this book is a reflection of how the author has viewed her own life and coming of age. 

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Thank you, MJ, for stopping by today to share your new book and for the lovely giveaway! 

I hope you are looking forward to reading The Redemption of Lydia Wickham as much as I am! Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below! Thanks!

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The Little Women Devotional by Rachel Dodge ~ My Review

Hello, my friends! I love a good devotional, and when it's mixed with my favorite literature - well that makes it just plain fun! I've read three different Jane Austen devotionals, but today I'm reviewing a Little Women devotional! 

The Little Women Devotional
By Rachel Dodge

Publication Date: December 1st, 2021
Publisher: Barbour Books
Pages: 232
Received: I received a hardback from the publisher for my honest review.
Rating: 5 stars.

Devotional Inspiration from the Lives of Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy   

The Little Women Devotional offers lovely inspiration that explores the themes of faith, family, contentment, wisdom, and joy in the classic Louisa May Alcott novel, cherished by generations of readers. 

Each reading corresponds with a chapter from the book and invites you to embrace God’s guiding hand in your life as His cherished daughter. This beautiful chapter-by-chapter devotional includes original artwork throughout, and each reading includes examples from the novel, scripture, life application, and prayers perfect for groups, book clubs, or personal reflection.
My Review

The Little Women Devotional by Rachel Dodge is a beautiful book. Chapter by chapter, it pulls spiritual insights from Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. It combines them with scripture, personal application, and prayer. I loved the illustrations and found them whimsical and charming.

There is so much to glean from this devotional. From helping a neighbor or the less fortunate to Jo’s struggle with her anger. The need for encouragement and to fight the good fight.

I also thought it would be fun to read a chapter a day from Little Women simultaneously! I did not get a chance to do this because I was doing another study, and my time was limited. But I had a strong urge to do just that!

I have always loved reading devotionals that combine literature and scripture! If you are fond of Little Women, you will absolutely adore The Little Women Devotional

FTC Disclaimer: I received a copy of the story for my honest review.

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FTC Disclaimer: Link to Amazon. I am an Amazon Associate. Should you purchase a copy of the book through the link provided, I will receive a small commission. Thanks! 

Many thanks to Rachel Dodge and Barbour Books for my copy of The Little Women Devotional!

Do you read devotionals? Give it a try! I also think this would make a great gift! 

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Big Swamp by Kelly Dean Jolley ~ Blog Tour ~ Excerpt & Giveaway!

Hello, my friends! Today, I have author Kelly Dean Jolley visiting with an excerpt from his new book, Big Swamp! This romance and detective noir is set in Opelika, Alabama.

Big Swamp
by Kelly Dean Jolley

Publisher: Meryton Press
Release Date: August 11, 2022


A Private Eye in a One-Eyed Place? 

Ford Merrick is a softhearted detective in a sleepy southern town, Opelika, Alabama—a “one-eyed, blinking sort of place.” A provoking visit from beautiful Rachel Gunner complicates his work and his life. This stunning woman asks Ford to tail her uncle and discover what he is up to. Taking the case, Ford quickly finds himself swamped in mysteries: Who is Rachel's uncle, and what is his secret business? Then there’s the mystery of an earlier death at Noble Hall where Rachel and her uncle now live. But the greatest mystery may be Rachel Gunner herself. Mired, Ford struggles to find his way, unearths tragedies old and new, and exposes his heart to a hard test.

 By the time I get back to the office, Talbot’s getting on his bike to go home.
   He invites me to dinner—Olive’s making baked chicken and sweet potatoes—but I beg off. Hungering after Rachel Gunner and consuming one of Olive’s feasts are not obviously compatible. But I’m too empty to face being full, if that makes any sense.
    Probably not. I’m babbling…glub, glub. Like Talbot, I should forfeit words and manage with sounds.
   I need to finish this case for Rachel.
   I need to finish with Rachel. For my own good.
   It must be obvious to her that she can have me if she wants me and have me for as long as she’s here; no one’s indicated how long that will be. It would be better to refuse her, but I’m honest enough with myself to know there’s no chance. She may refuse fried food and processed sugar, but I’ve no power to refuse her. She’s had me since the first day in the waiting room.
   If I were like my detective heroes—Phillip Marlowe, say—I’d be more indifferent to how this plays out. But though I may be able to channel a little of Marlowe’s form, I can’t really channel his content. He’s a harder man than I know how to be—although he’s not as hard as his reputation among inattentive readers suggests.
   Rachel’s harder than I know how to be too. I don’t mean she’s hard exactly, any more than Marlowe is. But that thing with her eyes—that look I struggle to describe—that’s beyond my ken or my reach, so it’s probably no surprise I can’t describe it. I can’t live it; I have no first-person access to it.
   My POV can’t reach that level of objectivity. I see things in personal terms, and I can’t help it. Helen complains about it sometimes. As a doctor, she manages that dissector’s gaze occasionally.
    Not me. I’m not exactly sorry about that or ashamed of it, but it may be a career killer for a PI.
   Talbot pedals away, and I start to unlock the door, then reconsider. I go around the building to Miller’s office door. The sign says, “Closed,” so I go back to my door, but I don’t unlock it.
   I get back in the car and go home.
   Helen’s rocking on the porch, smiling to herself. Mondays are usually hard days for her; crowds of parents with over-the-weekend sick kids show up and overwhelm her. But she looks happy, unflustered.
   She notices me as I walk up to the house, and she points to the other rocker. A pitcher of lemonade is on the small table between the rockers. An unused glass of melting ice is sweating beside the pitcher.
   She nods and grins. “With gin dumped in. Medicinally, you know.”
   Laughing, I sit and pour some over the melting ice. I take a long swallow, puckering. I somehow always forget how sour Helen likes her lemonade to be. “You seem in a good mood for a Monday evening.”
   She grins again. “I am. Dr. Nettles came by and took me to Ed’s for lunch. We were kind of hoping to see you there. I really want the two of you to talk. I know you saw each other at the party, but…”
   “Right. Talbot and I had sandwiches from Ford’s BBQ.”
   Helen frowns. “You need a meal that does not come between slices of bread.”
   “I suppose.”
   “How was your Monday?” Helen asks as she pours herself a little more from the pitcher.
   “Surprisingly…surprising. I got a new case, and I believe I made some progress on it and my other case both today.”
   “That’s good. I suppose you can’t tell me anything?”
   I nod. “Not a thing.”
    She frowns again. “It’s frustrating that neither of us can talk much about work.”
    “Yeah,” I agree, “it’d be nice to know some details once in a while.”
    “Were you in the office all day? Or were you actually out investigating?”
    “Out investigating.”
    “Say,” Helen says, “I talked to Ruth. She asked about you. You didn’t talk to her today?”
“No.” I kissed Rachel Gunner today, and I wanted to kiss her again and again. But I don’t say that. I rock.
   Helen gives me a look: half mother, half sister. “How do you think it would feel, Ford, pining away for someone who can’t or won’t make up his damned mind?”
   I give no answer, but I know how that feels—not for as long as Ruth has, but I know.
   I take out my phone and text Father Halsey, asking if we can chat tomorrow morning. I could use some wise counsel, even if it comes packaged as abuse.
   Jesus—even the Episcopal priest is harder than I am.

About the Author

Kelly Dean Jolley is the Goodwin Philpott Endowed Chair of
Religion and Professor of Philosophy at Auburn University.  He lives in Auburn with his wife, Shanna, two dogs, two cats, too many books, and a collection of manual typewriters.  Beyond his academic publications, he has also published a book of poetry, Stony Lonesome.

Connect with Kelly Dean Jolley

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Congratulations to Kelly Dean Jolley on the release of Big Swamp!

Many thanks to Janet Taylor @ More Agreeably Engaged for organizing and including me on this tour!

So, friends, tell me what you think of this excerpt! 

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Colonel Brandon His Own Words by Shannon Winslow ~ Blog Tour ~ Excerpt

Hello, my friends! I’m delighted to have Shannon Winslow on the blog with her new book, Colonel Brandon His Own Words.  

Colonel Brandon his own words
By Shannon Winslow

Colonel Brandon is the consummate gentleman: honorable, kind almost to a fault, ever loyal and chivalrous. He’s also silent and grave, though. So, what events in his troubled past left him downcast, and how does he finally find the path to a brighter future? In Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen gives us glimpses, but not the complete picture. 

Now Colonel Brandon tells us his full story in His Own Words. He relates the truth about his early family life and his dear Eliza – his devotion to her and the devastating way she was lost to him forever. He shares with us a poignant tale from his military days in India – about a woman named Rashmi and how she likewise left a permanent mark on his soul. And of course Marianne. What did Brandon think and feel when he first saw her? How did his hopes for her subsequently rise, plummet, and then eventually climb upwards again. After Willoughby’s desertion, what finally caused Marianne to see Colonel Brandon in a different light? 

This is not a variation but a supplement to the original story, chronicled in Brandon’s point of view. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the things Jane Austen didn’t tell us about a true hero – the very best of men.

Colonel Brandon is such an intriguing character. We learn from what he says and does in Sense and Sensibility that he is kind and honorable. But he is also silent and grave. So much of what shapes his character and current outlook happens prior to the scope of the original book, things only mentioned briefly – primarily his relationship with Eliza and his years in India. To really get to know the man – to tell his full story – I obviously needed to delve deeper into these and other areas, which was a total pleasure. That’s what I love doing best: spending more time with characters I adore and filling in the blanks in their stories!

Today, I have a brand new excerpt for you, based on a pivotal moment in Colonel Brandon’s life. And of course, he tells it in his own words:


What can I say about Eliza that would do her justice? She was the sun, moon, and stars to me…

I cannot imagine what my childhood would have been like without her. My mother was dear to me as well, of course, but her time was much in demand elsewhere. A series of nursery maids and private tutors hovered nearby, to none of whom I ever developed a tender attachment. Too many years separated my siblings from myself for any true camaraderie between us. But Eliza and I were of an age, of compatible temperaments, and in a common state of need. She had nobody else and neither did I. In many ways, we lived in a world of our own, especially in the early years, taking all of our meals and lessons together sitting opposite each other in the school room, where a kick under the table or a conspiratorial look between us served as secret communication…

Eliza had come to us in her infancy, the orphaned offspring of a distant Brandon cousin, now become my father’s ward. So we were raised together like brother and sister. And yet I always knew she was not my sister in reality. I believe I would have known it even without being informed of the fact. From my earliest recollections, my young heart told me that Eliza was something more, something special, something unique – not a sister but a friend of the bosom, my sweet partner and confidante, the perfectly designed counterpart to my own soul.

In short, I cannot remember a time when I did not love her. Who could have helped it in my place – so tender and affectionate as she was, so giving and vulnerable?
I was drawn to Eliza, not because she was exactly like myself, but because she was different, irresistibly so. Whereas I was naturally shy and reserved, she was open, artless, eager, and warm. While I lived confined by what my mind told me was true and logical, Eliza knew no such bounds. She was light and air – a free spirit – and she frequently took me along on her flights of fancy. In exchange, I balanced and steadied her, I believe, keeping her feet planted on solid ground… but only when absolutely necessary.

As long as we stayed clear of my father – something we became very skilled at doing – Delaford was our own private playground, indoors but especially out. The great but forbidden garden wall would have been an irresistible temptation to nearly any child of a certain age. My brother walked it first, of course, and then he dared me to do likewise. I was too young at the time and shortly tumbled off – fortunately, into the brambles on one side and not the rocky drop-off on the other. I came away bruised and scratched to pieces but otherwise unharmed. A few years later, though, both Eliza and I had mastered the feat.

There were lovely fruit trees to climb and to stuff ourselves from in season; stew-ponds and a lazy canal to float ourselves and our toy boats upon; and a place in the old yew arbor – we called it our fort – where we could spy on horsemen and carriages passing on the nearby turnpike road, imagining them enemy troops. Between the two of us, Eliza and I never lacked for ideas of games to occupy our leisure hours.

I cannot say what age we were when we first agreed we would marry. It seemed like a foregone conclusion from the start, something kept secreted between ourselves but never questioned. As we matured in years, our feelings did as well. My love for Eliza – now that of a young man for a young woman – knew no bounds, and she gave every proof of her equally fervent attachment to me. It would be only a matter of time; we would marry as soon as we were old enough to do so.

Then one sunny day when she was sixteen and I had recently had my seventeenth birthday, I found her weeping in the garden.

“What is it, Eliza?” I asked, sitting down beside her on the sparse grass beneath the mulberry tree.

At first she could say nothing; she only shook her head and cried all the more.

“Indeed, you must tell me, friend, or you will make me sick with worry. Say what the matter is so I may help you.”

Although professing to be worried, at first I was not. I had known Eliza, who was prone to bouts of excess sensibility, to occasionally suffer a fit of weeping over nothing more than seeing some small rodent taken to its demise by a hawk, or having an anticipated pleasure outing ruined by foul weather.

“Come now,” I continued in a teasing manor. “Tell me the truth; you are making all this fuss about nothing at all, only to get me to put my arm about your shoulders. Is not that so? There, I have done as you wished, so smile at your success, why don’t you?”

Instead, she turned to cry into my shoulder, blubbering, “Oh, Christopher, it is the worst thing imaginable!”

“No, I cannot believe it is so,” I said, petting her hair, but less confident now. “Dry your eyes, and start at the beginning. Together we will see what can be done about it, whatever it is.”

A few minutes more and she was recovered enough to speak. “My uncle…” she began in faltering words. “Your father, that is… He has said that I must – Oh! How shall I tell you?”

I was genuinely troubled now. If my father was concerned in the business, it could not be good. “Steady, now. You know you can tell me anything, my dear Eliza.” 

“He has told me that I must marry Max as soon as I am seventeen!” And she dissolved into wretched tears again.

I felt as if I had been kicked in the chest by a mule. I could not speak; I could barely breathe.

“I explained to him,” Eliza continued a minute later, “that I could not, that I was promised to marry you instead. But it made no difference to him, though I reasoned and cried and pleaded for mercy. He is determined that I will marry your brother and not you! He says it is my duty and what my father intended all along. Now you see why I am so distressed.”

I did indeed.


You know what happens. After a failed elopement, Eliza marries Max and Colonel Brandon is shipped off to India in the army. But now those events (and so many more, including the duel between Brandon and Willoughby) are brought to life in Colonel Brandon in His Own Words.

Buy: Amazon (paid link) in Kindle and paperback. Audio will be available soon.
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Congratulations to Shannon Winslow on the release of Colonel Brandon ... in His Own Words

So, friends, what do you think? Are you excited about getting into Colonel Brandon’s brain and more of his backstory? Along with finding out more about Eliza? (Speaking of, poor Eliza! I’m devastated for her) Let us know in the comments!

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Kiss Me Good Night, Major Darcy Blog Tour ~ Excerpt & Giveaway!

 Hello, my friends! Today I'm delighted to be part of the Kiss Me Good Night Major Darcy by Georgina Young-Ellis Blog Tour! I hope you enjoy the excerpt, and make sure to enter the giveaway! Details are on the bottom of the page!

Kiss Me Good Night, Major Darcy
by Georgina Young-Ellis

The wind ruffled Darcy’s hair. “You’re beautiful.” 

Happiness surged through Elizabeth's body like electricity. This moment was as close to perfection as she had ever known. 

1943. World War II has torn the continent since 1939 and tested families, the Bennets included. Elizabeth and Jane nurse wounded soldiers and civilians in a London hospital. The other sisters volunteer as best suits their inclinations. Mr. Bennet rattles about Longbourn. Wickham sniffs about the edges of the estate—and the Bennet daughters. 

Even the ever-present threat of death from the skies cannot prepare Jane and Lizzy for the most devastating news. The words one never wishes to hear are delivered by two officers, each scarred by years on the front lines. In the dark days that follow, devotion is tested, and affection blooms. 

Kiss Me Good Night, Major Darcy drops Jane Austen’s timeless characters into the midst of the most horrific conflict in human history. Their trail twists and encounters those who would turn sacrifice to their profit. Follow the women of Longbourn as they navigate the rocks and shoals of wartime Great Britain to endure misunderstandings and discover lasting love.

     Hi Candy, thanks so much for hosting me on your blog! Today, I want to talk about one reason I chose to set my novel, Kiss Me Good Night Major Darcy in World War II England, and that is the clothes. It’s not the main reason, but it’s definitely one of them. Let me just say it: I love the styles of the 1940s. 

     Never the less, I had to scale back my imagination a little because new clothes were almost impossible to find due to all resources being dedicated to the war effort. Therefore, in this book, the Bennet sisters are nearly always dressed in clothes they’ve had since before the war started, things they repurposed out of old garments, items they borrowed, or treasures they happened upon in a second-hand shop. It was a make and mend world, and everyone had to make do. 

     I felt I could take a little more license with Major Darcy. While I love the thought of him in proper Regency attire just as much as the next person, there’s something about imagining him in the dapper men’s fashions of the war era that really appealed to me. 

     Most of the time he’s dressed in his officer’s uniform, but on the few occasions that he’s in civilian clothes, they are definitely not “make and mend.” I reasoned that, wealthy as he is, his clothes are either of such good quality that they seem new, or perhaps his tailor has some fine fabrics stashed away, available only for the use of his best customers. I don’t really go into detail about it because it’s not key to the plot but, suffice it to say, Major Darcy always looks fine. 

     In the following excerpt, Lizzy is borrowing clothes from a friend of Charlotte’s so she can go to a formal dinner at Rosings. At last, I found an opportunity to dress her in real style. I hope you have fun imagining Darcy and Elizabeth looking like movie stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood! 


     Lizzy and Charlotte laughed and walked on toward the drive, at the end of which was a fine home of a newer style. As they approached the door, it opened, and a lady of about forty years of age, very attractive with her light-blonde hair swept into an up-do. Her bright-green eyes shined as she welcomed them. 

     “Hullo! I’m Clare.”

     Lizzy stepped forward and shook her hand. Charlotte had neglected to mention that Clare was American, but Lizzy could tell from her accent. She liked her open manner and engaging smile.

     Clare led them inside. The entire place was abuzz with activity: nurses hurrying here and there, men in wheelchairs bent over game boards, playing cards, or reading books. Lizzy looked at it all with interest. With more time, she might have jumped in to help, but, as it was, there was not even much time for chit-chat. Clare took them upstairs to her bedchamber and opened a large wardrobe. Scrutinizing Lizzy, who was indeed around her size, she began to pull out dresses and gowns. They were not of the latest fashions, but they were beautiful. Lizzy was drawn toward a long black velvet gown, with sleeves draped into folds that extended almost to the elbow. It had a deep v-neckline. The waist was accentuated with ruching and cinched by a belt with a covered buckle.

     Charlotte nodded her approval. When Lizzy tried it on, the fit was perfect. Yes, it was low-cut, not immodest, but it accentuated her best features. She went into the hallway to model it for the others.

     “Oh, it’s perfect!” cried Clare. “I’m so glad you can use it. You need a couple of accessories, though.” They went back into the room, and from a dresser drawer, Clare extracted a pair of elbow-length white gloves. These she passed to Lizzy before asking, “Do you have shoes?”

     “None that will go with a gown like this.”

     “If they fit”—Clare went back to the wardrobe and drew forth a pair of high-heeled black pumps—“these would do perfectly.”

     As if in a tale by the Brothers Grimm, Clare’s shoes slid on as if they had been made for Elizabeth.

     Then Charlotte said to Lizzy, “I have a short pearl necklace and pearl drop earrings that will go perfectly with it too. My father brought them for me from Jamaica the last time he went. You’ll look like a movie star!”

     Clare tapped her chin with a well-manicured finger. “Too bad I don’t have any stockings to spare for you.” Lizzy and Charlotte glanced at each other and guffawed. Clare had the grace not to scold them after they had explained.


     Indeed, Lizzy did feel like a movie star when they entered the Rosings’ drawing room that evening. The expression on Major Darcy’s face when he saw her reflected that he thought so too. He was wearing a tuxedo and could have put Cary Grant to shame, a dark curl dangerously dangling onto his forehead. Charlotte also looked beautiful in dark red satin, although Mr. Collins in a dinner jacket reminded Elizabeth of a sack of potatoes—lumps and all.

     Anne, wearing a long, gown of dark blue velvet, floated across the room, and greeted them cordially. She looked like a whole new person from the one Lizzy had met the other night. She had color in her face and a sparkle in her eye that was not there before.

     “Come. Sit,” Lady Catherine commanded from her chair. She was wearing a dressier version of the other evening’s black and white ensemble. “We’ll enjoy an aperitif before we go in to dine.”

     A servant was at the ready to serve them glasses of dark liquid.

     “Miss Bennet, you look very well,” she said to Lizzy. “Mrs. Collins, I don’t like that color on you. It does not fit with your complexion.”

     Charlotte opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. Lizzy was mortified. She looked at Mr. Collins, who smiled mindlessly at his hostess. Not a word crossed his lips in his wife’s defense.

     Darcy rose to the occasion. “On the contrary, Mrs. Collins, you look absolutely stunning. I think that color suits you perfectly.”

     “I agree!” stated Anne firmly.

     Lady Catherine looked at her daughter, astonished. “Well, I only meant—”

     “All the ladies look splendid.” Darcy smiled at Elizabeth.

     “Thank you, Nephew,” said Lady Catherine, taking the compliment for herself.

     The group settled down into the usual small talk. Shortly afterward, dinner was announced.

     “Nephew,” Rosings’s mistress said to Darcy, “will you accompany me and Anne?”

     Darcy held out arms to Lady Catherine and Anne. He walked them into the gigantic dining room where a long table sparkled with the finest crystal, flatware, and china. He was followed by the Collinses, then Elizabeth, bringing up the rear. The party was small for the table, so they were grouped around one end. The footman served the soup, and they fell to eating while talking amongst themselves. It was hard to make anything like meaningful conversation though, with Lady Catherine constantly interrupting to find out what had been said and to offer her opinion on it.

     They were halfway into the main course when the butler appeared abruptly in the doorway.

     “What is it, Smith?” Lady Catherine said to him, her brow creased.

     “There is news from London,” he stated.

     Elizabeth and Darcy both straightened.

     “Well, can’t it wait?” the lady demanded.

     “I’m afraid not. The message comes directly from Army headquarters.”

     Darcy stood. “What is it?”

     “All I have is what the caller said. London has been bombed again,” Smith said shakily. “They don’t know the casualties yet. You have been recalled, Major Darcy.”

     Lizzy leapt from her chair. “I must get to town!”

     Darcy’s face froze, and his voice assumed a commanding tone. “Smith, tell my valet to ready my bags. Elizabeth, go to the parsonage and pack your things. I will pick you up in half an hour. We’ll travel together.”

     “But dinner,” Mr. Collins whined.

     “William, please,” Charlotte said. “Come, Lizzy, let’s go.”

     “I’ll stay here with Lady Catherine and Anne,” said Mr. Collins. “The ladies will want a calming influence.”

     “There’s something else,” Smith interjected. “A ‘Mr. Freddy’ just phoned from the parsonage. He says a telegram was delivered there for Mr. Collins.”

     “For me?” said Mr. Collins.


     “Did Freddy say what it said?”

     “Yes. You have been called up to serve as chaplain to troops in Burma.”

     Mr. Collins collapsed back into his seat, his mouth opening and closing like a gaffed fish flopping around an angler’s feet.

     “Congratulations, Mr. Collins,” said Darcy. “But we must go.”

     “Oh, Charlie,” Lizzy said to her with concern.

     “We’ll talk it over at home, William,” said Charlotte. “I’ll see you there soon.”

     “Is there anything I can do?” Anne asked Charlotte.

     “I’m sure there will be,” Charlotte said to her. “I’ll let you know.”

     And with that, Lizzy, Charlotte, and Darcy were gone.

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Georgina lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, Jon, who
is an artist and professor of Media Arts. In 2015, they moved from New York City, where they lived for eighteen years, to Portland Oregon. Their son, a professional musician and sound engineer, still lives in Brooklyn. Georgina is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and was a stage actress for many years. Born and raised in the Southwest, she went to school in New York, graduating from New York University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater. She’s also a language professor and, of course, a writer, recently graduating from Portland State University with a master’s degree in Spanish Language and Literature. In 2022 she was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to identify and connect with emerging female writers in Mexico and support them to free their literary voices. 

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Wow! I really enjoyed that excerpt! I love to read about that time period. This looks like a book I would really like to read! What about you? 

Thursday, May 26, 2022

The One Who Loves Me by Joan Embola ~ Blog Tour ~ Excerpt & Giveaway!

Hello, my friends! I'm super happy to be part of The One Who Loves Me Blog Tour! I hope you enjoy the excerpt and be sure to enter the giveaway! 

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The One Who Loves Me 
(Sovereign Love #2) 
By Joan Embola 

Christian Contemporary Romance Paperback & ebook, 340 Pages 
May 21, 2022 by Love Qualified Press 


Amara Ikezie is a new grad nurse who is thrilled to start her dream job in Atlanta’s biggest children’s hospital. But when her best friend gets engaged, Amara is faced with the looming pressure from her mom to find her own man. Determined to escape the pressure to marry, Amara takes on a task to find the ‘perfect’ man who ticks all the boxes on her list. 

Raymond Aderinto is a pediatric cardiologist with a wall of accolades and a string of failed relationships. After his fourth girlfriend dumps him, Raymond vows to get confirmation from God first before entering into his next relationship—even though he’d love to find his bride before turning thirty. 

When Raymond spills coffee on Amara’s scrubs, he becomes certain she’s the woman God wants to be his wife. But unfortunately for him, Raymond doesn’t tick Amara’s boxes, and worst of all, Amara is sure her Igbo mom would never approve of a marriage to a man from the Yoruba tribe. 

Despite Amara’s efforts to stay away from Raymond and convince herself he is not the one for her, her growing attraction for his character, values, and vision gives her more reasons to wonder if she was wrong about her prejudices toward him. When another doctor walks into Amara’s life who ticks all her boxes and shows interest in her, she is caught between running into his ‘perfect’ arms, or going with Raymond who is turning out to be more perfect than she thought. 

The One Who Loves Me, book two in the Sovereign Love series, is a beautiful standalone novel about surrender and learning to take comfort in the sovereign goodness of a loving God who writes the best love stories.
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       I never liked the idea of changing high schools, making new friends, and adjusting to a new state, city, and neighborhood. The first few months in Boston were horrible; I was bullied, teased, and mocked by the meanest girl back then, called Olivia Hastings. 

        But when I look back at it today, I don’t regret that my parents moved to Boston, and I don’t regret going to Coverton High. My life would be a lot easier now if I wasn’t bullied, but it was through those struggles that God helped me form the unbreakable bond I have with Teeyana. Those struggles helped me find a sister, and they drew me closer to God. The last few years have been tough; but I ain’t gonna lie, nothing prepared me for this current season of my life. 

Excerpted from The One Who Loves Me by Joan Embola, Copyright © 2022 by Joan Embola. Published by Love Qualified Press.

Other Books in the Series

The One Who Knows Me 
(Sovereign Love #1) 
By Joan Embola 

Christian Contemporary Romance 
Paperback & ebook, 318 Pages 
July 21, 2021 by Love Qualified Press 


 Bullies and family disasters have left eighteen-year-old Teeyana Sparks filled with anxiety and doubt. She feels pressured to believe in God, but as she embarks on her college journey in the hope of one day working at Google as a graphic designer, the only thing she believes in is controlling her own life. Things change when she meets Jayden Williams—the guy with a charming smile and kind heart. 

Struggling with grief and recovering from a season of depression, nineteen-year-old Jayden is determined to help Teeyana believe in God’s goodness again. But when yet another tragedy strikes close to home, Teeyana’s response exposes Jayden’s unhealed wounds and tips him into a mental health relapse. 

With the looming possibility of not getting her dream life, Teeyana is caught between holding on to her illusion of control and surrendering to a God she’s rejected. And as Jayden strives to break out of his despondency, he has to face that letting God in may involve him letting go of his friendship with Teeyana. Teeyana and Jayden must wrestle with uncomfortable truths, and the pride in their hearts, in order to face their biggest giant—God’s sovereignty over both triumph and tragedy. 

The One Who Knows Me, book one in the Sovereign Love series, is a heart-warming standalone novel about hope and learning to take comfort in the sovereign goodness of a loving God who knows all things.
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About the Author

Joan Embola is a UK-based Cameroonian-Nigerian Christian
author who is passionate about spreading God's love one word at a time. She is a Bible teacher, a blogger, a YouTuber, a podcaster, a dancer, and a poetess. Her book Outpourings Of A Beloved Heart; a 30 day poetry devotional about God's love, is available for purchase and her debut contemporary Christian Fiction novel--The One Who knows Me released on September 10th 2021.

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Congratulations to Joan Embola for the release of The One Who Loves Me!

Ooh, I like the thought about waiting on God's timing, but I know thats is not easy to do. Especially when you have a list of what your "perfect" man should be! Let me know your thoughts! And good luck in the giveaway!

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