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The Child Blog Tour ~ Guest Post with Jan Hahn & #Giveaway!

Hello, friends! I'm absolutely delighted to have Jan Hahn visiting with us! Jan is one of my favorite Austenesque writers! I was thrilled to hear of her new book, The Child. I can't wait to read it! Today, she is posting about writer's block and how she overcomes it. 

 Also, as part of The Child Blog Tour, Meryton Press is giving away 8 e-copies of the book! Details are at the bottom of the post! 

Thank you, Candy, for hosting me today at So Little Time..., another one of my favorite Austen blogs.

Like many writers, occasionally I suffer from writer’s block. I’ve tried various methods to overcome the malady, but only two truly help me. The first is a return to the words of the original―Jane Austen herself. Re-reading Pride and Prejudice or her other books often sparks a new idea. The second is either watching an Austen movie adaptation or finding a music video on YouTube. 

Today, I thought it would be fun to discuss a couple of my favorite Pride and Prejudice videos. They’re both from the 1995 mini-series, but I’ve also included a video of the 2005 movie for those who claim it as their favorite. I love both versions. The 2005 movie is truly beautiful and romantic. The 1995 series has Colin Firth―enough said. Also, I love that it uses more of Austen’s language and it includes more details of the story, plus it adds that irresistible scene of Mr. Darcy in a wet shirt. I confess that the 1995 actors―or my own composite of them―reside in my imagination when I’m writing.

One of my favorite videos uses a 1984 song written by the poet/singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen. Dance Me to the End of Love may seem like a strange choice for scenes of Darcy and Elizabeth at the Netherfield ball since neither has declared their love for each other, but I find it extremely romantic. When speaking of the song’s meaning, I choose to overlook Cohen’s morbid Holocaust inspiration and prefer this quote: “It is the same language that we use for surrender to the beloved. It’s not important that anybody knows the genesis of it, because if the language comes from that passionate resource, it will be able to embrace all passionate activity.”

In The Child, a second ball is held at Netherfield some three years after the first one. Darcy believes any chance of a life with Elizabeth has been ruined; yet, he cannot refrain from asking her to dance. I can imagine Cohen’s verses running through Darcy’s mind during all the twirling, swaying, gazing into each other’s eyes, and touching hands taking place to the hypnotic rhythm of the music. 

“Dance me to the wedding now, dance me on and on. Dance me very tenderly and dance me very long,” reveals Darcy’s yearning for a life with Elizabeth. “Oh, let me see your beauty when the witnesses are gone. Let me feel you moving like they do in Babylon,” beautifully describes his desire for intimacy with this woman he has loved so long. “Dance me to the children who are asking to be born,” expresses his hopeless longing for Elizabeth to be the mother of his son or daughter. Darcy knows with certainty he will love Elizabeth until death parts them. Thus, Dance Me to the End of Love seems to fit. 

"Dance Me to the End of Love" by Leonard CohenTheGlitzieGirl1

Pictures are linked to YouTube
"Dance Me to the End of Love" Jordan6488

The second video I like is She, written and performed by Charles Aznavour with lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer. It’s an oldie released by Aznavour in 1974. You may be more familiar with the Elvis Costello version done in 1999 and played in the movie, Notting Hill. I prefer Aznavour’s original. I find his European accent hard to resist.

Phrases like “She may be the face I can’t forget, the trace of pleasure or regret, may be my treasure or the price I have to pay,” perfectly reflect Darcy’s thoughts as he weighs important decisions in The Child. “She may be the reason I survive, the why and wherefore I’m alive,” expresses Darcy’s acceptance when he reaches that all-important decision. And “Me, I’ll take her laughter and her tears and make them all my souvenirs, and where she goes I’ve got to be. The meaning of my life is she,” is a lovely summation of Darcy’s truth. He cannot live without Elizabeth. 

"She" written and sung by Charles Aznavour, lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer TheGlitzieGirl1

How about you? Do you have a favorite Austen video you’d like to share? I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Book Title: The Child 
Authors: Jan Hahn 
Blog Tour Dates: March 21 – April 2, 2018 
Publisher: Meryton Press 

Book Description: 

Will Darcy ever grow to love a child he never wanted? 

In Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Fitzwilliam Darcy’s proposal to Elizabeth Bennet at Hunsford is disastrous. In Jan Hahn’s The Child, Darcy flees England soon afterward, striving to overcome his longing for her. Upon his return two years later―while standing on the steps of St. George’s Church in Hanover Square―he spies the very woman he has vowed to forget. But who is the child holding her hand? 

Darcy soon discovers that Elizabeth and her family are suffering the effects of a devastating scandal. His efforts to help the woman he still loves only worsen her family’s plight. His misguided pride entangles him in a web of falsehood, fateful alliances, and danger. 

Will Elizabeth be able to forgive Darcy for his good intentions gone awry? And what effect will the child have on Darcy’s hopes to win Elizabeth’s love?

Buy: Amazon USAmazon UK
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FTC Disclaimer: Link to Amazon US. I am an Amazon Associate. Should you purchase a copy of the book through the link provided, I will receive a small commission. Thanks! 

About the Author

Award-winning writer Jan Hahn is the author of five Austen-inspired novels. She studied music at the University of Texas, but discovered her true love was a combination of journalism and literature. Her first book, An Arranged Marriage, was published in 2011, followed by The Journey, The Secret Betrothal, A Peculiar Connection, and The Child. The anthology, The Darcy Monologues, contains her short story entitled Without Affection. She agrees with Mr. Darcy’s words in Pride and Prejudice: ‘A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.’ 

Jan is a member of JASNA, lives in Texas, has five children and a gaggle of grandchildren

Connect with Jan Hahn

The Child Tour Schedule

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March 22 From Pemberley to Milton / Book Review & Giveaway
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March 26 Of Pens and Pages / Book Review & Giveaway
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March 30 Diary of an Eccentric / Excerpt Post & Giveaway
March 31 Babblings of a Bookworm / Book Review & Giveaway
April 1 Margie’s Must Reads / Book Review & Giveaway
April 2 Laughing with Lizzie / Vignette Post & Giveaway

* * * GIVEAWAY * * *

It's giveaway time! Merton Press is giving away 8 eBooks of The Child to 8 lucky people! To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter below! 

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Good luck!

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Jan, thank you so much for stopping by today! I can see how the videos help to inspire you! Congratulations on The Child! I'm really looking forward to reading it!

Many thanks to Meryton Press for the giveaway and to Claudine @ JustJane1813 for organizing this tour!! 

Do you have a favorite Austen video to share with Jan? Or what are some of the techniques you use to get over your writer's block? 

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The Assistant Blog Tour ~ Guest Post & Giveaway!

Hello, my friends! I'm delighted to be part of The Assistant Blog Tour! Riana Everly is visiting us today with a guest post introducing her Mr. Gardiner. I hope you enjoy! 

Be sure to check out the giveaway at the bottom of the post!

Thank you so much for letting me come and visit So Little Time…

I have a new novel that’s just been released, telling the story of Elizabeth Bennet’s aunt and uncle, the Gardiners. Jane Austen tells us is that this is an elegant and sensible couple, marked by their fine manners rather than by their station in life. But instead of me talking about Edward Gardiner, I’ll let his best friend Frederick Dyson do the honours!

Edward Gardiner, as described by his good friend, Frederick Dyson

Portrait of Sir HenryRaeburn,
who I imagine as Frederick. 
Ah, good day to you all. I hope you will not mind if I introduce myself. It seems rather to be the fashion in some circles these days – ah, what modern times we live in! My name is Frederick Dyson, and I have the pleasure of being one of Edward Gardiner’s oldest—and most handsome—friends.

I cannot recall when first I met Edward, for we were both infants at the time. Perhaps even younger. Our fathers were partners in business, and our families grew close. Edward and I shared a tutor for our early education, and later attended the local parish school together.  It was only then that our paths began to diverge, although we have remained the closest of friends.

After our basic educations were complete, we parted ways for a time. I am smart enough, I venture, but books and Latin and geography are not for me and I had no wish to attend university. But Edward is a different sort of man, and consequently he abandoned all he loved and all who loved him to venture off to some strange and wild place to take his degree. Are there not fine enough schools in Britain that he had to abscond to the New World? Months could pass without a word from him, leaving us here not knowing if he were alive or dead, or kidnapped by the French.

How pleased we all were when he returned, hale and hearty, not once having been kidnapped or even slightly misplaced, and with a trace of a colonial accent as well. Oh, we teased him rightly enough for that, but it did not last long. Edward, for all his strengths, does not always have the best sense of humour. Pity, for I enjoyed those jokes. And then he took a role in his father’s business, whilst I was content to sit back on the fortune my father amassed and become a man of leisure, keeping only enough of an eye on the family business to excuse myself from joining the ranks of the landed gentry. It seemed, sometimes, that despite the passing of the years, nothing had changed from before, that we were still youths of seventeen or eighteen.

But wait! Time does pass, and change does occur, for of late, our friend Edward seems to have formed an attachment! Oh, how I should love to tease him about that, but he is a rather serious fellow at times and does not always take well to such treatment. And he really is quite completely besotted with this lady, although—and you will hardly believe this—he has never met her!

Portrait of Sir Humphrey Davy, who looks exactly
as I imagined Edward to look.
Can you imagine it? Edward Gardiner has fallen in love with a lady he knows not, only through some most improper correspondence. Yes, you have heard correctly. He and this unknown lady have been writing to each other! They are quite strangers to each other, and certainly, have no understanding that would allow them such liberties! How shocking! What a scandal that would be, should anybody care enough about us to send it into the papers. How lucky Edward is that the likes of us are of so little concern to the chattering classes.

Well, enough of my prattling. Perhaps Edward needs only to meet another woman, a damsel of flesh and blood, rather than paper and ink, to turn his mind back to rights. Mother is hosting a ball soon, and I do believe there will be more than one young lady in attendance. We shall only see whom my good friend chances to meet there!


Excerpt from The Assistant

“Something, Edward, is bothering you, and I demand to hear it.”

“Fred, I tell you, all is well.”

“Rot, Edward. And you know it. For all that you are a far more serious bloke than I am, you are a social fellow too, and when you neglect your friends, I know that something is aboil. Now tell me, or I shall…  I shall…”

Edward laughed, “You shall what, Fred? I long to find out.”

“I shall do something particularly embarrassing, as soon as I can decide what that might be!” He laughed at his own joke, then asked, “Your parents? Your sisters? Your nieces, perhaps? All are well?”

“All my family are quite well and healthy. Although I do believe the week I spent with my sister Fanny is enough to last me for this next sixmonth, at least. I do not know how brother Bennet survives her!”  He chuckled and took a drink. “And my nieces are delightful. The younger ones are still babies, but the older two grow more personable each day. I shall enjoy their company as adults, I know.”

“Then whatever can it be, Edward,” Frederick looked perplexed. “For I know something is the matter.” He scratched his sandy head and drew his lips into a twisted half smile, as he did when he was thinking. Then he suddenly tapped his finger on his nose. “No! It cannot be! And yet—” He let out a chortle. “What of the elusive Miss Grant?  Aha, Edward, I see that look, that evasive glance, the twist of the head. You are still besotted with this lady of the letters. Tell all, tell!”

“Alas, Fred, there is nothing to tell. She wrote to me, I wrote to her, we corresponded for a short time, and then she stopped. I had no reasons to expect a longer period of correspondence. I am a stupid fellow, silly as a schoolgirl.”

“Oh, I see how things are. You’ve been thrown over for someone with better penmanship. But surely it has only been a few short weeks. This is a busy time of year, and it is more than likely that the lady has been engaged with other matters. Family, or travels, just as you have been. I would not throw myself into the Thames quite yet. Next week will do, after the ball. Must not upset Mater’s seating arrangement for supper, after all.”

“Fred, you are a stout fellow and know how to make me smile. I promise I shall not throw myself into the river, nor do away with myself by any other means, at least until after the ball. I should hate to upset your mother’s seating arrangements.”


A tale of love, secrets, and adventure across the ocean 

When textile merchant Edward Gardiner rescues an injured youth, he has no notion that this simple act of kindness will change his life. The boy is bright and has a gift for numbers that soon makes him a valued assistant and part of the Gardiners’ business, but he also has secrets and a set of unusual acquaintances. When he introduces Edward to his sparkling and unconventional friend, Miss Grant, Edward finds himself falling in love. 

But who is this enigmatic woman who so quickly finds her way to Edward’s heart? Do the deep secrets she refuses to reveal have anything to do with the appearance of a sinister stranger, or with the rumours of a missing heir to a northern estate? As danger mounts, Edward must find the answers in order to save the woman who has bewitched him . . . but the answers themselves may destroy all his hopes. 

Set against the background of Jane Austen’s London, this Pride and Prejudice prequel casts us into the world of Elizabeth Bennet’s beloved Aunt and Uncle Gardiner. Their unlikely tale takes the reader from the woods of Derbyshire, to the ballrooms of London, to the shores of Nova Scotia. With so much at stake, can they find their Happily Ever After?

Buy: Amazon USAmazon UKAmazon Canada
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FTC Disclaimer: Link to Amazon US. I am an Amazon Associate. Should you purchase a copy of the book through the link provided, I will receive a small commission. Thanks! 

About the Author

Riana Everly was born in South Africa, but has called Canada home since she was eight years old. She has a Master’s degree in Medieval Studies and is trained as a classical musician, specialising in Baroque and early Classical music. She first encountered Jane Austen when her father handed her a copy of Emma at age 11, and has never looked back.

Riana now lives in Toronto with her family. When she is not writing, she can often be found playing string quartets with friends, biking around the beautiful province of Ontario with her husband, trying to improve her photography, thinking about what to make for dinner, and, of course, reading!

Connect with Riana Everly

* * * GIVEAWAY * * *

It's giveaway time! Riana is giving away five e-copies of The Assistant to five lucky people! To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter below! Open Internationally! 

Good luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So, what did you think? Frederick is a little cheeky, don't you think? ;) lol! 

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What Are You Reading? ~ March 21, 2018

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What are you Reading?  Let me know what your current read is, what you recently finish reading, and what you plan on reading next! 

Oh, man, I've been binge watching way too much this last two weeks! Parenthood has been my main weakness recently. So, I haven't been reading as much as I usually do. Which is why I skipped this post last week. :/ What about you? Do you ever get obsessed and binge watch a show?  

Ah, but back to books, here's my list:

I'm currently reading Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini. I'm not too far into it, but it's good so far! 

I recently finished Cake & Courtship by Mark Brownlow. I really enjoyed seeing life in Meryton from Mr. Bennet's POV! It was wonderful to see Mr. B do more than hide in his library!

What's next? I'm thinking about reading Blood Red Road (Dust Lands #1) by Moira Young. I'm trying to knock down my TBR pile! :)

Disclaimer: Links to Amazon. I am an Amazon Associate. Should you purchase a copy of the book through the link provided, I will receive a small commission. Thanks! 

I'm linking up with This Week In Books hosted by Lipsyy Lost & Found.

And with Sam @ Taking on a World of Words

So, tell me, what are you reading? 

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Cake & Courtship Giveaway Winner!

Hello, Friends! I was so happy to have Mark Brownlow visiting us here at So little time...! Reading Mr. Bennet's diary entries was very entertaining, and a few readers commented how they felt Mark should write more of them! I agree! Although, reading Cake and Courtship and being in Mr. B's head was just as entertaining! :)

Now, it's my pleasure to announce the winner of the Cake & Courtship giveaway! 

Without further ado, the randomly picked winner is:


Many thanks to all those who left comments! I appreciate you! {{hugs}}

And a huge thanks to Mark Brownlow for his lovely guest post and his generous giveaway! 

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Cake and Courtship Blog Tour ~ Mr. Bennet's Diary & Giveaway!

Hello, friends! I'm very excited to have Mark Brownlow visiting us today! His new book Cake & Courtship is a Pride and Prejudice variation from Mr. Bennet's point of view. Which, to tell you honestly, is something I had never thought of before. I've always loved Mr. B's dry sense of humor! Well, I've started reading Cake & Courtship, and I'm really enjoying it! 

I hope you find Mark's post as amusing as I did! And be sure to read to the bottom of the post! There you'll find details about the giveaway! 

Thanks, Candy, for hosting me today!

My novel, Cake and Courtship, began life as something completely different: a tongue-in-cheek copy of Mr Bennet’s diary for a book of Austenesque humour. As we near the end of the blog tour, I thought it might be entertaining to resurrect some of those original diary entries.

So put out the port, cut yourself a slice of sponge cake and open the journal of one Mr James Bennet of Longbourn, father to five daughters and husband to one wife. Unfortunately, only a few pages have survived…

[Ed: This entry pre-dates the events of Pride and Prejudice. The final sentence suggests it was not Mr Bennet’s first on the topic of fashion.]

August 17th, 1811 - Longbourn

Lydia returned from Meryton yesterday with another collection of ribbons from Craddocks.

These items of clothing remain a mystery to me. A ribbon enjoying a wealth of admiration one day may become a subject of studied indifference but a few weeks later. I made enquiries at the society, but none of the gentlemen could offer an adequate explanation. Similar enquiries among the girls merely led to a collective rolling of the eyes and exclamations of “Oh, Papa”.

It seems there are subjects on which a father must remain ignorant (see last month’s note on bonnets).

[Ed: This entry seems to anticipate events at the Netherfield Ball.]

September 25, 1811 – Longbourn

Spent the day with an unfortunate headache brought on by an excess of Sir William’s brandy. Mary’s endeavours to coax some form of melody from the pianoforte only made matters worse. As a consequence, I wrote to Herr Beethoven asking if he might compose a requiem for me. It is the least he can do, since my middle daughter’s attempts to play some of his arrangements may very well lead to my untimely demise.

[Ed: We were fortunate to find some entries relating to Mr Bennet’s time in London, looking for Lydia and Wickham after their elopement.]

August 5th, 1812 - London

I decided to proceed with my search systematically, beginning with the most obvious locations for a man of Wickham’s disreputable character: the gambling dens. Mr Jackson furnished me with a list of addresses; his nefarious youth has finally proved to be of some use. Though I do wonder whether his memory (and the gambling dens) have survived the intervening thirty or so years fully intact.

August 6th, 1812 – London

Jackson’s list proved as useful as a butterfly net on a whaling ship.

The first address was the home of a Mr Ephraim Littlehale, a retired curate of kind disposition and poor hearing. It took me a full twenty minutes to explain myself and another twenty minutes to extricate myself.

The second address was unmistakably a fishmonger, a disappointment which at least proved brief and allowed the procurement of some rather fine haddock for the Gardiners’ cook.

The third address was the home of a Mr Mortimer Willcott, who, as it turns out, is a very late sleeper with an ugly temper.

The fourth address was indeed a gambling den, though dice and cards were merely one of the diverse entertainments available. I was introduced to a somewhat mature, overdressed lady named Madame Felice, who enquired most politely as to my needs. After I asked after a young man named Wickham, she inexplicably answered “I’m sure we can manage something”. She then disappeared upstairs, leaving me in the hands (and I use that phrase in all its ambiguity) of a young lady named Persephone. I left immediately.

[This entry is undated but likely to be sometime before or during the events of Pride and Prejudice, since Lydia is named.]

XXXXXX Longbourn

Much excitement at home with the arrival of a party of gentlemen in Meryton. According to a reliable source (Mrs Bennet), they are passing through on their way to London for some modest entertainment put on by the Prince Regent.

There was some argument concerning the gentlemen’s titles and how the party should be addressed by Kitty or Lydia. I pointed out the futility of the conversation given an introduction was impossible. I may also have mentioned that no titled gentleman would see fit to fall for a Bennet girl from an entailed estate.

Once again, I was punished for my honesty. My wife declared me cruel, saying “Oh, Mr Bennet. How can you ruin all our hopes so? You have no understanding at all.”

Yet it was precisely my superior understanding that caused me to “ruin” their hopes. I chose to remain silent on that point. Wisely it seems, for my wife continued in her usual understated manner, fleeing the room in tears to tend to her nerves upstairs. I anticipate another bill from Mr Jones shortly.

I spent the rest of the day classifying my dragonflies, an activity that carried little risk of offending anybody. Mind you, I recall an incident at the Meryton Natural History Society when Fielding and Stanhope fell into argument over the correct spelling of the silver-washed fritillary. The ensuing duel was no less impressive for the protagonists’ use of insect pins rather than swords. It only ended when Stanhope backed into a recently-acquired narwhal skull. I shall never forget the look of shocked surprise on his face.

Cake & Courtship by Mark Brownlow


When John Barton falls in love with the elusive Anne Hayter, there is only one man he can turn to for advice. Unfortunately, that man is Mr Bennet of Longbourn, a world-weary gentleman with five daughters pursuing their own marital ambitions. 

To help John, Mr Bennet must emerge from his beloved library and face the challenges of the tearoom and dance floor one more time. In doing so, he finds his own romantic past catching up with him. 

In this Pride and Prejudice variation, Mark Brownlow takes you on an Austenesque journey full of wry humour and Regency romance (with a few slices of sponge cake). 

“As you get older, Lizzy, you will discover that life does not
bow easily to the wishes of even the most romantic of souls.
Quite the opposite. Life must be mastered with pragmatism
and sense, which explains why so few people succeed at it.“ 

Cake and Courtship is a standalone story, but also the first book of Mr Bennet’s memoirs. Look out for the sequel in 2018.

Buy: Amazon USAmazon • Kobo • iBooks • B&N/Nook
Add to Goodreads.

FTC Disclaimer: Link to Amazon US. I am an Amazon Associate. Should you purchase a copy of the book through the link provided, I will receive a small commission. Thanks!

About the Author

Mark Brownlow is a British-born writer living in Vienna, Austria. His debut novel, Cake and Courtship, is a Regency romance narrated by Pride and Prejudice’s Mr Bennet. He has also written a novella, The Lovesick Maid, a cozy mystery set in Jane Austen’s fictional village of Hunsford. You can find Mark at, where he is known for his reimagining of classic literature as emails.

Science degrees from the Universities of Oxford, Aberdeen and Reading prefaced a short-lived career as a research academic. Since turning from facts to fiction, Mark has also worked as a translator, agony aunt, marketing consultant, journalist, business writer, web publisher and copywriter. None of which kept his soul happy in the way that creative writing does. When not writing, he works as a part-time lecturer in medical and scientific English at a local university.

If there is no pen to hand, he can be found watching his kids play football or sharing a glass of wine with his wife in front of a costume or historical drama.

Connect with Mark Brownlow

Blog Tour Schedule

Feb 28 Diary of an Eccentric – guest post, excerpt, giveaway
Mar 1 Half Agony, Half Hope – review, excerpt
Mar 2 Austenesque Reviews – interview with Mr Bennet, giveaway
Mar 3 Babblings of a Bookworm – guest post, excerpt, giveaway
Mar 4 Laughing with Lizzie – Mr Bennet’s inbox, giveaway
Mar 5 From Pemberley to Milton – guest post, excerpt, giveaway
Mar 6 My Vices and Weaknesses – author interview, giveaway
Mar 7 More Agreeably Engaged – guest post, excerpt, giveaway
Mar 8 So little time… – Mr Bennet’s diary, giveaway
Mar 10 Just Jane 1813 – guest post, excerpt, giveaway

* * * GIVEAWAY * * *

It's giveaway time! Mark Brownlow is generously offering one of my readers a choice of paperback of Cake & Courtship or some Viennese chocolates! Wow! Thanks, Mark! To enter, please leave a comment below!

  • One person will win their choice of either a paperback of Cake & Courtship or some Viennese chocolates.
  • To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment below and include your e-mail address (with parentheses around (at)& (dot)).
  • Open Internationally.
  • Last day to enter the giveaway is March 15th, 2018, 11:59 PM, Pacific Time. 

Good Luck! 

A special thanks to Mark Brownlow for stopping by So little time... today, and for his lovely giveaway! Also, congratulations of the release of Cake & Courtship

So, what do you think, didn't you love the diary entries? Have you ever read a book from Mr. B's POV? Do you have any questions for Mark? 

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What Are You Reading? ~ March 7, 2018

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What are you Reading?  Let me know what your current read is, what you recently finish reading, and what you plan on reading next! 

Here's my list:

I'm currently reading Cake & Courtship by Mark Brownlow. This is the first P&P variation I've read from Mr. Bennet's perspective! I love his dry sense of humor.  -- I hope you can stop by tomorrow! It's my stop on the Cake & Courtship Blog Tour! 

I recently finished All the Things I Know by Audrey Ryan. I thought Ryan did a great job putting P&P into a modern setting. 4 stars

I listened to a couple of audiobooks (I was on the road again!):

I found on the audible app a copy of Jaws by Peter Benchley, and since I like the movie, I thought I'd give the book a try. Of course, the book was different. There was more about the relationship between the chief, his wife... and the shark expert. :o I thought the book's ending was a little anti-climatic. In this case, I think the movie was much better. I'm really glad I listened to it, though! 3 stars

I also listened to Matter of Trust: The Shades of Pemberley by P.O. Dixon. It was good, and it sure helped the miles go by! 4 stars 

What's next? I haven't thought that much ahead! ;) 

Disclaimer: Links to Amazon. I am an Amazon Associate. Should you purchase a copy of the book through the link provided, I will receive a small commission. Thanks! 

I'm linking up with This Week In Books hosted by Lipsyy Lost & Found.

And with Sam @ Taking on a World of Words

So, tell me, what are you reading? 
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