Wednesday, March 21, 2018

What Are You Reading? ~ March 21, 2018

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What are you Reading?  Let me know what your current read is, what you recently finish reading, and what you plan on reading next! 

Oh, man, I've been binge watching way too much this last two weeks! Parenthood has been my main weakness recently. So, I haven't been reading as much as I usually do. Which is why I skipped this post last week. :/ What about you? Do you ever get obsessed and binge watch a show?  

Ah, but back to books, here's my list:

I'm currently reading Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini. I'm not too far into it, but it's good so far! 

I recently finished Cake & Courtship by Mark Brownlow. I really enjoyed seeing life in Meryton from Mr. Bennet's POV! It was wonderful to see Mr. B do more than hide in his library!

What's next? I'm thinking about reading Blood Red Road (Dust Lands #1) by Moira Young. I'm trying to knock down my TBR pile! :)

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So, tell me, what are you reading? 


  1. Ha! I've had some TV addictions now and then. Glad Cake & Courtship was good. I look forward to that one.

    I'm listening to Dane's Storm right now.

    1. Hey, Sophia Rose! Oh my, I'm almost finish with the series, so hopefully that will end this need to watch and get me back into books! Lol!

      Ooh, I just read the description of Dane's Storm! That looks so good! Romance and a survival story - I would love that! I hope you enjoy it! Have a great week!

  2. As usual, I'm a slave to the forums. However, at the suggestion of Spicycurry who gave a book review, I went back to a book I had purchased several years ago but never got around to reading. "Captain Wentworth Home from Sea by Mary Simonsen. It was a quick read and a nice break from all the angst on the forums. Ha Ha!

    1. Hi, Jen Red! Oh, I'm not a fan of the forums because I dislike reading on the computer. I have read some great stories there though before self publishing became so big.

      Yes, I love Mary's stories! And I have read "Captain Wentworth Home from the Sea", although it was a long time ago. I bought Mary's newest novella, "Dear Sir, Dear Madam" that I'm looking forward to reading.

      Happy Reading!

  3. I like the look of the Dust Lands series. I'll look out for your thoughts. Enjoy your books :)


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