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Review: And The Winner Is... By Erin Brady

Book description:

Marty Peters is a young professional working as junior tax accountant for Staner, Warsaw and Bentley, a high power accounting firm in New York City. Marty hates her job of number crunching and secretly longs to pack it all in and follow her dreams of Hollywood fame and fortune.

When both of those worlds combine through a series of comical misunderstandings and one missing screenplay, Marty finds herself as one of the accountants at Staner chosen to fly out to Los Angeles to attend the Academy Awards.

Taking credit for "Until Tomorrow", a screenplay that does not belong to her, and falling in love with the handsome Egan Riley, the writer behind Until Tomorrow and the only person who stands in her way of living the life of paparazzi and movie premieres, Marty finds that she must make a choice between love or her fifteen minutes of fame on the red carpet.

My Review:

Marty Peters hates her job! She is an accountant, but what she really wants to do is write. While taking the train to work, Marty finds a backpack. Unable to find the owner she looks inside and finds a journal. The journal contains an amazing screen play called Until Tomorrow. One of the accounts she handles is for Theodore McKenzie, the most sought after producer in Hollywood. The journal ends up the hands of McKenzie, and he loves it and wants to produce it. Everyone thinks that Marty wrote it, but soon the real author shows up looking for it. Will Marty give it back to him or will she keep it as her own?

Marty keeps getting herself deeper and deeper into trouble with this screen play. She never actually says the screen play is hers, but everyone assumes that it is, and she never tells them otherwise. When Marty does the right thing and returns the journal to its rightful owner, Egan Riley, she doesn't know her good friend, Becca, has made a copy of it, and has sent it over to McKenzie’s office.

I love Egan! Egan is a gorgeous man! You know the type, tall, dark and handsome, and a gentleman to boot! He tells Marty he’s looking for someone real, an honest girl, and all the while she is lying to him.

I like the relationship Marty has with McKenzie. It’s kind of strange, but he really helps her figure out what to do with her life, and helps her get out of the rut she is in. He puts her in these situations where she has to figure out what is best for everyone, but most importantly, what’s best for her. For example, McKenzie puts it on her shoulders to decide whether he is going to stay with the firm she works for or leave. If he leaves she loses her job.  What appears to be an impossible position to be in, turns into an amazing position, one where she holds all the power.

During the beginning of the story, Marty seems to jabber on a bit too much for me. Plus, there were a few times I wanted to yell at her for not just telling the truth, but in the end she learns some valuable lessons, and finally figures out what she wants to do with her life.

I really enjoyed reading And The Winner Is..., and I love the Pride and Prejudice references in the story! If you're looking for a humorous, fun read I think you will like And The Winner Is...

4 out of 5 stars!

I received a copy of And The Winner Is... from the author for my honest review.

You can buy a copy here. (Disclaimer: Link to Amazon. Should you purchase a copy of the book, through the link here, I will receive a small commission.) 

About the Author:

Although 'And The Winner Is' is Erin's first romantic comedy novel, she, just like her character, Marty Peters, know a thing or two about trying to follow her dreams.  She acknowledges her own obsession with celebrities and shoes and has spent the better part of her life single and looking for love. She's happily married now but it took her awhile to get there. Last but not least, she has several subscriptions to tabloid magazines and is not afraid to admit it.  Aside from those credentials, she is a writer and former accountant working in New York City.

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