Monday, December 10, 2012

Review: Holiday Man By Marilyn Brant

Book Blurb:

A Year of Holidays...
Shannon Quinn is the small-town girl who runs "Holiday Quinn" -- a holiday-themed inn and resort based in scenic Door County, Wisconsin.

One winter evening, wealthy Minneapolis businessman, Bram Hartwick, blows into town along with the fast-falling snow. The sparks Bram and Shannon create succeed in heating up the chilly Midwestern night, not to mention plenty of holiday weekends in the year that follows...

But is their relationship only for special occasions, or might it be the elusive everyday love that neither of them thought could be found?

My Review:

In the Holiday Man, the holidays sizzle in this cute, sexy read!

Shannon Quinn owns and runs an inn called Holiday Quinn. It has been in her family for a couple of generations, first belonging to her grandparents.  Shannon now runs it alone, and she is only open on the holidays. I loved that this Inn is named after the movie Holiday Inn and has room names like the Crosby Room and The Astaire Suite. Super cute!

On Valentines weekend, Shannon meets Bram Hartwick as he checks into the inn - he checks in as a single guest. Right away there is a strong attraction to one another. But all weekend long, as soon as they start getting close, they are interrupted by Jake, Shannon’s assistant. Jake has always flirted with Shannon, and even though he would like it to go further, it never has.  After that first weekend, Bram makes it a point to return every holiday he can. But, with different desires and misunderstandings will they ever get together for more than a weekend? 

When we first meet Shannon she is lonely and stuck in a rut.  She loves the inn, but doesn’t want to be stuck there for the rest of her life. She wants to see the world! Experience new things; live! Bram is just the opposite. He has seen the world and experienced many things. He is ready to settle down and relax.

I love it when the characters have that chemistry...when there fingers touch, and they feel that tingle. Shannon and Bram have that special magic between them, and they are naturally drawn together, but I was getting a little frustrated with their misunderstandings. One thing is for sure...they had no trouble communicating in the bedroom!

I enjoy this story! It is a fun, quick read, and I read it in one afternoon! Oh, and let me say how much I love this cover! It was designed by Rebecca Young. She is becoming quite the cover artist! 

I am looking forward to reading Brant's next book, Pride and Prejudice and the Perfect Match coming out in January!

4 out of 5 stars.

I was provided a copy of Holiday Man for my honest review.

I would give this a mature rating for some sexual scenes and mild language.

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  1. Candy,
    Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Holiday Man!! I truly appreciated your thoughts on the story ;).
    Wishing you a very happy holiday season!

    1. Hi Marilyn! I was my pleasure! I always love your stories!! Happy Holiday Season to you too!!


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