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Echoes of Pemberley by Cynthia Ingram Hensley ~ My Review

Echoes of Pemberley by Cynthia Ingram Hensley 

Publication Date: February 2012 
Publisher: Meryton Press 
Paperback: 285 pages 
Received: purchased my own copy 
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


I really enjoyed Echoes of Pemberley! This Austen inspired story is set some 200 years after Pride and Prejudice! Where Elizabeth and Darcy’s descendants are facing similar problems as their ancestors! And some new problems too.

Similar to their ancestors, Fitzwilliam and Georgiana Darcy, Ben and Catie are orphaned, and Ben is the legal guardian of Catie. Ben is fourteen years older and a bit overprotective of his young charge. But unlike the shy and quiet Georgiana, Catie is a bit more troublesome. Catie has a reputation for being spoiled and has been known to chase off her piano teachers. But unlike Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, Ben is already married, and it is Catie who meets and falls in love with a poor Irish horse farmer, by the name of Sean Kelly. Kelly has been hired to work at Pemberley for the summer and is to give Catie riding lessons.  Spending every afternoon taking riding lessons is the last thing Catie wants to do, and especially not with the handsome, but insufferable, Sean Kelly!

Even in this modern day, Catie Darcy was expected to marry well, and Sean Kelly is the hired help. Both Catie and Sean know it, and they try to keep their distance. Will they be able to overcome their attraction, or will the pull prove to be too much? 

I love Sean Kelly! I love to listen to his Irish dialect! I really enjoy how he handles Catie. He doesn’t put up with her nonsense!

Riding lessons and a possible summer romance are not the only things that occupy Catie’s time. There is a mystery to be solved when Catie finds an old diary hidden in her room. I really enjoyed this! Hearing bits and pieces of another Darcy ancestor was fun and interesting.

Catie does come off as a spoiled brat at the beginning of the book, but as you get to know her the more you understand her. Catie’s feelings of grief she still has for the death of her father, and her thoughts of being a burden to her brother brought tears to my eyes.

Echoes of Pemberley is a wonderful story! I would recommend it whether you are a Jane Austen fan or not!

Disclaimer: I purchase my own copy of the book.

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful retelling. I like the idea of Georgiana's character getting some face time.

    1. HI Sophia Rose! It was really good, and I think "The Heart Does Whisper" is even better! I don't know of too many books where the second book is better than the first! Hmmm...I don't think I would call it a retelling, but I'm not quite sure. :) Thanks for stopping by!


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