Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What are you Reading? ~ September 16, 2015

What are you Reading? is my weekly Wednesday meme! You are welcome to join me, just answer the following questions:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you plan on reading next?

What am I currently reading? I'm currently reading One Love - Two Hearts - Three Stories: A Pride & Prejudice Anthology by J. Dawn King. This anthology consists of two novellas and one novel. I'm really enjoying them! I've read the first novella, and I'm almost finished with the novel. 

What did I recently finish reading? I finished reading Shackled by Tom Leveen. Ooh! This was so good! It was so interesting to see the emotional mess of a girl who lost her best friend to stranger danger. Six years later she is still suffering from panic attacks and depression, and the guilt that it was Tara and not her that was taken from the mall that day. It was also full of mystery and suspense as she tries to find Tara without the help of the authorities. 

What do I plan on reading next? That I do not know. Lol! I haven't been very good at actually reading the book I say I might, so I'll leave this open and let you know next week what I did read! :D 

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What are you reading? I'd love to hear! 


  1. That's funny! I get in those moods when I don't feel like reading the book that I had set up to read next. I'm reading Corridors in the Night by Anne Perry right now and next I hope to tackle either a steampunk, Storms of Lazarus or a romantic suspense, Midnight Action.

    1. Hi, Sophia Rose! Definitely! And when you force it, sometimes it takes you longer to get into the book. That's just not fun.
      I looked up two of your books, they look really good! Especially 'Corridors in the Night'! I may have to add that to my list! :) Thanks for stopping by!


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