Monday, October 5, 2015

Emma Knows All by Laura Briggs and Sarah Burgess ~ My Review

Emma Knows All by Laura Briggs and Sarah Burgess 

Publication Date: April 15th, 2015

Publisher: Independent 
Pages: 203 
Received: E-copy from the author 
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I really enjoyed Emma Knows All! This modern Austenesque is a mesh of Emma and Pride and Prejudice. I also thought I saw a little of You’ve Got Mail in there too! 

Emma Benton is a radio relationship therapist on a syndicated talk show called, Heart Therapy.  She gives out relationship advice to her listeners who call in for help. 

Doctor Colin Ferris is the author of Relationship Realities: Dating Truths for Modern Men with Traditional Manners.  To promote his new book, Doctor Colin is a guest on Emma’s Heart Therapy. They get off to a rocky start as Colin refuses to be anything but formal, coming across as arrogant and rude. It gets worse when Colin disagrees with the advice Emma is giving a caller (Harriet) while they are live on air.

Emma can’t believe it when the station manager, Bill Lucas, decides to expand the spot by having Emma and Colin work with Harriet, to help her find her perfect match! For six weeks, they would advise Harriet on dating and relationships while recording their sessions with her and then debate their progress on a TV show called In the Moment. But the last thing Emma wants to do is spend the next six weeks working with that cold, snobby, arrogant man! 

I really enjoyed the whole helping Harriet storyline! "Relationship Boot Camp" is what Emma jokingly called it. I was chuckling at some of the situations Harriet finds herself in! And the way they spun Elton worked well for me. 

I love the mix of characters from both books. Emma's family is similar to the Bennet’s of Pride and Prejudice having four sisters and a nervous mother. And you will see Mr. Darcy very clearly, although the name given to him is an interesting choice. Catherine D. Burg is Colin's literary agent, and Janet Fairfax is the host of In the Moment.  A fun blend! 

I was delighted in Emma Knows All! It's a clever mesh of Jane Austen’s Emma and Pride and Prejudice!

FTC Disclaimer: I received an e-copy of the story from one of the authors for my honest review.

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  1. This does sound fun. I heard that it was modern Emma, but I like that P&P is twisted in, too.

    1. It was fun, Sophia Rose! I liked the P&P twist too! It all worked really well for me. :)


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