Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What are you Reading? ~ April 27, 2016

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What are you Reading? is my weekly Wednesday meme! You are welcome to join me, just answer the following questions:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you plan on reading next?

I'm currently reading Sketching Character by Pamela Lynne. So far I'm enjoying it! I'm only about 50 pages into it at this point. I believe this is the first time I've wanted to say poor Lydia, though! ;)

I recently finished Remember to Forget by Ashley Royer. It was okay. I should have a review up soon. 

What's next? I think I'll read Joyride by Anna Banks. I've wanted to read it, plus it's been sitting in my TBR pile for far too long! I hope it's as good as it sounds! 

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I'm linking up with This Week In Books hosted by Lipsyy Lost & Found.

Check out what she's reading!

So, let me know what you're reading!


  1. The Road to Understanding - Regina Jeffers

    1. Hi, Jen! Wow! That sounds good. I haven't read anything of Regina Jeffers in a while. I might have to add this to my wish list! Thanks!

  2. Oh yay for Sketching Her Character. I still need to read that one. :)

    I'm reading the latest Mary Balogh, Only Beloved, right now.

    1. Hi Sophia Rose! Oh, Only Beloved looks good too! (I look up these books if I don't know them! Lol!) Yes, it feels good to be reading an Austenesque right now! I hope you get a chance to read it soon.

  3. Remember To Forget sounds very interesting, I will be waiting for your review :) Happy reading week!


    1. Thanks, Donna! Yes, 'Remember To Forget' intrigued me too! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. Joyride sounds like it would be a good read. I hope you enjoy it :)

  5. I like the look of Joyride too. Not seen it before. Hope you enjoy it!


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