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Second Impressions Blog Tour ~ Guest Post with Amy George & Giveaway!

Hello! I'm super excited to be part of the Second Impressions Blog Tour! Amy George is here with a lovely guest post for you! And be sure to read to the bottom of the page for giveaway details.

I always wonder how an author starts writing. Does it come naturally like breathing, or is it something that they have to work at. Well, I asked Amy what inspired her to become a writer, and this is what she had to say.

I have long joked that I have ink in my veins instead of blood. My maternal grandfather was a newspaper man. My dad wrote poetry. I picked up a pen and wrote my first story--a melodrama that a very much Boxcar Children meets "Dallas"--when I was 11. And that was that.

I think in story. In my twenties, when I was poor and had to go to the laundromat, I didn't mind so much because I gave everybody laundering with me a story. In junior high, story was how I entertained my friends. In high school, it was my identity. And now? Well, now, it's just a part of me. Story is who I am.

I devour all kinds of story: Jane Austen (of course), Stephen King, Eloisa James, Deborah Harkness, Pierce Brown, Mike Carey (aka M.R. Carey), Neil Gaiman, Mary Roach....the list is endless. And I learn something from every other storyteller I read.

Jane, for example, taught me how beautiful wit can work as a tool. I love the way she observed the world around her and made her views of it known through the power of story. And her characters, so rich and realized, let me fall in love with them to the point of addiction. I'm not ashamed to admit that wanting more of Lizzy and Darcy is the reason I write Austenesque fiction.

I would love to hear how story (perhaps even mine) influences you. You can find me mostly on Facebook because I'm old and have never really grasped Twitter. :)

Second Impressions by Amy George 

Published: Aug. 10, 2016 by Meryton Press

Book Blurb: 

Once, Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet were foes, then tenuous friends. After Elizabeth discovers Darcy is engaged to another woman, she flees to Boston to seek solace with her cousin, the brash and worldly Emeline Poston.   

When she returns to England after years spent abroad, Elizabeth must face the man who shattered her heart, and she is shocked to find the proud man she once knew drastically altered. Does she have the courage to seek out the man with whom she fell in love—whatever the cost?   

Fitzwilliam Darcy has spent his days regretting what might have been and his nights being tormented by the decisions he has made. His life in tatters, he can barely face the once-respectable man in his mirror or the baby girl in Pemberley’s nursery. Now that Elizabeth has returned, will he atone for his mistakes and win her heart for good?   

This alternate path reimagining of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice is recommended for adult readers.

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Author Bio:

Amy George is a middle-aged woman who hates her "old lady/grown-up" car and refuses to listen to its radio at a reasonable volume, especially when the Beastie Boys or the Violent Femmes are playing. She lives in a town in the middle of the country where the county fair is one of the biggest social events of the season and everything is fried. Her household consists of a dog, a cat, a man, a hermit, and stubborn soap scum.

She has been writing since she was a child and was a frequent contributor to the Hyacinth Gardens, a popular but defunct JAFF site.

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* * * Giveaway * * * 

It's giveaway time! Meryton Press is generously giveaway four paperbacks (USA only) and four E-copies (open Internationally) of Second Impressions by Amy George! To enter, just fill out the Rafflecopter below and leave a comment.

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  • Paperback copies are open to the contiguous US residents (the lower 48) only.
  • Kindle E-copies are open Internationally.
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Thanks to Jakki at Leatherbound Reviews for organizing this blog tour, and to Meryton Press for this giveaway!

Many thanks to Amy George for stopping by today! I enjoyed hearing how she thinks in story mode, and, like Amy, I would love to hear how stories influence you!   

Don't forget, to enter the giveaway you must fill out the Rafflecopter above, and leave a comment below! Thanks and good luck! 


  1. Great inspiration. I can't write but love to read and this proposition sounds pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

    1. Hi, tgruy! I'm with you! I can't write, but oh, I so wish I did! I admire people who can.

  2. Fun learning how Amy came to being a published author. Ink in her veins! Ha! Love it!

    1. Hey, Sophia Rose! I'm always fascinated to learn what path brought authors to become writers! Some started early in life, writing stories and filling in pages of their journals, and others pick it up later in life. So interesting!

  3. Love that you came from a line of writers... definitely "ink in your veins". People watching is a great to create a story about someone!

  4. You can never have too much Lizzie & Darcy can you?! Second Impressions sounds fun :)

  5. I don't even have one drop of ink in my veins, which means I get to spend my time reading


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