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New Audiobooks from Victoria Kincaid! ~ Excerpt & Giveaway!

Hello, Friends! It's my pleasure to have Victoria Kincaid on the blog today! We are celebrating the release of two of her books that are now available on audiobook! Woohoo! President Darcy and The Unforgettable Mr. Darcy

We are spotlighting President Darcy today, but Victoria is generously giveaway a copy of both audiobooks! Details are at the bottom of the page. 

Hi Candy!  Thank you for having me back to visit!  December 2018 was a blur of activity in memory as I raced to release Darcy and Deception.  What got lost in the shuffle was the release of two new audiobooks.  President Darcy, narrated by Lucy Emerson, is my first modern Pride and Prejudice variation and the first with an American-accented narrator.  The Unforgettable Mr. Darcy is narrated by Stevie Zimmerman, who did a terrific job with The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth as well as many other JAFF books.  You can visit the links above to hear samples of the narration.

 FTC Disclaimer: Links above are to Amazon. I am an Amazon Associate. Should you purchase a copy of the book through the link provided, I will receive a small commission. Thanks!

President Darcy
by Victoria Kincaid

President William Darcy has it all: wealth, intelligence, and the most powerful job in the country. Despite what his friends say, he is not lonely in the White House. He’s not. And he has vowed not to date while he’s in office. Nor is he interested in Elizabeth Bennet. She might be pretty and funny and smart, but her family is nouveau riche and unbearable. Unfortunately, he encounters her everywhere in Washington, D.C.—making her harder and harder to ignore. Why can’t he get her out of his mind?

Elizabeth Bennet enjoys her job with the Red Cross and loves her family, despite their tendency to embarrass her. At a White House state dinner, they cause her to make an unfavorable impression on the president, who labels her unattractive and uninteresting. Those words are immediately broadcast on Twitter, so the whole world now knows the president insulted her. Elizabeth just wants to avoid the man—who, let’s admit it, is proud and difficult. For some reason he acts all friendly when they keep running into each other, but she knows he’s judging her. 

Eventually, circumstances force Darcy and Elizabeth to confront their true feelings for each other, with explosive results. But even if they can find common ground, Mr. Darcy is still the president—with limited privacy and unlimited responsibilities—and his enemies won’t hesitate to use his feelings for Elizabeth against him. 

Can President Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet find their way to happily ever after?

Please enjoy the excerpt below from President Darcy:

     As the woman—Elizabeth Bennet— stepped out of the closet, brooms and mops went crashing to the floor.  She flinched, and Darcy tightened his grip on her hand, drawing her closer to him as if the cleaning implements represented a serious threat to her safety.  It was ridiculous and inappropriate, and Darcy had no idea why he did it.  

     The woman seemed to provoke unexpected reactions from him.  How else could he explain his unwarrantedly casual reaction the potential danger she might represent?

As he double-checked to ensure she was unharmed, Darcy was struck by her eyes—a deep, mossy green he had never seen before on another human being.  With such a uniform color…they really were quite fine.  He couldn’t look away.  No, it would be more accurate to say he didn’t want to look away.  

     She was about average height for a woman, which meant that she peered up at Darcy, who came in at around six feet.  A sweet, heart-shaped face accentuated those marvelous eyes.  Lustrous, wavy dark hair tumbled over her shoulders and down her back.  And that dress—a floor-length black silk sheath that skimmed all her curves without revealing too much.  In fact, it revealed just the right amount of her creamy skin…

     Rather pointedly, she cast her eyes down at her hand.  Which he was still holding.  He noticed her fingers, delicate and tapered and so small, nestled in his grasp.

     The touch of her hand was the single most wonderful sensation he had ever felt.

     His fingers caressed her fingers.  

     Her hand trembled in his.

     He had no desire to release her. 

     The rest of his body also responded to her proximity.  Leaning toward her, he scented a vaguely floral fragrance…perfume or shampoo perhaps.   He flushed with a warmth that had nothing to do with the temperature in the hallway, moisture collecting on his forehead and the back of his neck.  His mouth was suddenly parched, and his tongue licked dry lips.  Her eyes followed the movement. She is staring at my mouth.    

     If only I could touch more than her hand.  Darcy’s hand rose, needing to learn if her hair was as soft as it appeared.  But then the (apparently very small) part of his brain that was still sane reminded him that the woman was a stranger, and he aborted the movement. 

     I should probably say something.  His lips were parted, ready to speak, but all his thoughts appeared to have melted away at her touch.  

     Bing cleared his throat.  “We should get to the dinner.” 

     The words worked their way through Darcy’s sluggish brain.  He understood their import, but the thought of releasing Elizabeth Bennet’s hand horrified him.  He desperately needed to touch more of her, not less.  

     “Just a second, Bing,” he snapped.  

     Elizabeth blinked, her eyelashes fluttering.  Is she as affected by the touch as I am?  “I-It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. President,” she said with a note of finality that suggested she preferred he return her hand.   Damn.  Could she guess he’d been thinking improper thoughts—when he knew literally nothing about her except her name?  It seriously had been too long since he’d had a date.  

     Dropping her hand as if it had burned him, he stepped backward, putting more distance between them and trying to collect thoughts that seemed to have been scattered by a powerful wind. 

     Why was he reacting this way to this woman?  She was pretty—well, more than pretty. Beautiful.  And that dress displayed a body he would certainly describe as “hot.”  But he saw beautiful, well-dressed women every day.  

     And she’d been hiding in a closet, he reminded himself.  It wasn’t normal behavior.  She also didn’t appear capable of assembling coherent sentences. It truly was a shame she wasn’t more …eloquent.  Lack of intelligence was always a deal-breaker for Darcy. 

     Although it was probably a good thing.  If she were smart, too, she’d be irresistible. 

     Bing cleared his throat loudly. 

     Finally, Darcy tore his eyes from her vivid, dark green ones, but he was still rubbed raw by her proximity.  He didn’t know why she affected him like this, but Darcy couldn’t let her—or anyone else—notice the results.

     Taking out his handkerchief, he blotted his brow and mopped the back of his neck before discreetly wiping his sweaty hands and returning the handkerchief to his pocket.  Elizabeth stared, likely marveling at how profusely the President of the United States could sweat.  Bing regarded Darcy warily; he knew how out-of-character this behavior was.

     He had embarrassed himself sufficiently; remaining any longer would only produce more shame and more perspiration.  It was past time to appear at the dinner and get away from the spacey woman with the lovely eyes.  

     Without another word, he turned on his heel and strode down the hallway.  Behind him, he heard Bing ask, “Will you join us at the dinner, Ms. Bennet?” 

     Damn!  I should have asked that.  She had me too flustered.  

     “Um…sure,” she said uncertainly. 

     No regrets, he told himself sternly.  The woman couldn’t string two sentences together.  Her beauty was nothing but a momentary distraction. 

     Darcy tugged his cuffs into place and straightened his bow tie.  Taking the service hallway was intended to help him make up time after his last meeting ran late, but the encounter with Ms. Bennet had further delayed his schedule.  Time to focus on the dinner and his political priorities for the evening. 

  About the Author

Victoria Kincaid is the author of several popular Jane Austen variations, including The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth, Pride & ProposalsMr. Darcy to the Rescue, When Mary Met the Colonel, and Darcy vs. Bennet. All of her books have been listed in Amazon’s Top 20 Bestselling Regency Romances.  The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth was nominated for a Rone award and Pride and Proposals was recognized as a top Austenesque novel for 2015 by Austenesque Reviews.

Victoria has a Ph.D. in English literature and has taught composition to unwilling college students. Today she teaches business writing to willing office professionals and tries to give voice to the demanding cast of characters in her head.

She lives in Virginia with an overly affectionate cat, an excessively energetic dog, two children who love to read, and a husband who fortunately is not jealous of Mr. Darcy.  A lifelong Austen fan, Victoria has read more Jane Austen variations and sequels than she can count – and confesses to an extreme partiality for the Colin Firth miniseries version of Pride and Prejudice.

Connect with Victoria

* * * GIVEAWAY * * *

It's giveaway time! Victoria is graciously giving away one audiobook of President Darcy and one audiobook of The Unforgettable Mr. Darcy to two of my lucky readers!

Thank you, Victoria!

  • One person will win an audiobook copy of President Darcy.
  • One person will win an audiobook copy of The Unforgettable Mr. Darcy.
  • To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter below.
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  • Open to US and UK residents only.
  • Last day to enter the giveaway is March 21, 2019, 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

Good luck! 

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Many thanks to Victoria for visiting with us today and having this terrific giveaway with me!! 

**I have to tell you, I've read and LOVED The Unforgettable Mr. Darcy!**

So, friends, what do you think of President Darcy?


  1. Loved the excerpt. I can definitely imagine Mr Darcy as the President and think he would do a great job. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. The excerpt Has my attention. I am not a fan of moderns but this is intriguing. I have almost am your books and all your other audio books and loved them. So the only one I would need is President Darcy. Thank you for the generous give away.

  3. Congrats on the audio books on these novels. I enjoyed reading them and look forward to listening to them as well.

  4. Like Deborah Ann, I'm not generally a fan of modern Darcy and Elizabeth stories, but the few excerpts of President Darcy have caught my attention, especially since it is by Victoria. I have several of her books including The Unforgettable Mr. Darcy. I haven't really tried listening to audio books yet. Maybe one of these will get me started.

  5. President Darcy looks very interesting.


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