Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Guest Post with Karen Cox!

Hello, my friends! Have you heard? Karen Cox is re-releasing her book, Undeceived! She is here today sharing with us how her story came to be!   

Hello readers and fans of Jane! I’m Karen, and I write novels brushed with history and romance.

I want to say a big thank you to Candy for hosting me today on So Little Time to announce the re-release of my spy novel meets Pride and Prejudice in the Cold War Era. 

Undeceived, the second edition (revamped with minor editing, a new cover, and a glossary of spy terms) releases on
7/23/19 on various ebook platforms. It’s available now for preorder and will be 0.99 cents for 30 days after release (until 8/22/19). 

So, if you like Elizabeth and Darcy, or spy stories, or exotic locales, or twists and turns, be sure to get a copy. 

Universal Book Link: 

If you prefer paperback, that is in the works as well, and it should release around the same time as the ebook, give or take a few days.  

One question readers often ask is how I came up with the premise for Undeceived

I’ve always loved writing Jane Austen’s characters in various times and places. In my mind, I go to the location, which typically has been a place I know well or have at least seen in person. I imagine what the time was like or remember what I’ve been told about it. I do some research. Then I turn the Darcys, Elizabeths, Emmas, Knightleys, Annes, and Wentworths loose. A spy novel was a fun way to put two favorite characters in yet another setting and see what would happen. What’s different with Undeceived is that I haven’t been to the locales, and I haven’t ever been a spy. 

So how did it happen? 

Well, it’s all my husband’s fault, of course. 

No, really. 

All kidding aside, the original seedling of the idea was his. He is a fan of “No Way Out” starring Kevin Costner, Gene Hackman, and Sean Young. I had just finished writing Find Wonder in All Things (so this was, what? Late 2012? 2013?) and he was scrolling through the TV listings and re-watched the 1980s spy thriller. 

Him: “You know what you should write?”

Me: “What?”

Him: “A—what do you call it when you put two stories together?”

Me: “A Mash up?”

Him: “Yeah! A mash up. Of Pride and Prejudice and “No Way Out.”

Me: “Yeah, I can see that. Without the dead girl.”

Him: “You should do it.”

Me: “I really should.”

Later, after I’d started the project, I’d come to him with some question or other, about plot or setting, and he’d give me a blank stare and say, “Hell, I don’t know. You’re the writer. Do what you want.”


Undeceived took me farther out of my comfort zone than I’d ever been as a writer. I had to organize, and plot story points, and learn to use Scrivener (which I still use and love, by the way.) Maybe all that time and effort is why I’m proud of this book. I think it’s a unique look at our favorite characters, encased in the familiarity of a Pride and Prejudice-themed storyline. 

I hope you also enjoy the twists and turns of Undeceived.

by Karen M Cox

“...if I endeavor to undeceive people as to the rest of his conduct, who will believe me?” -Pride & Prejudice, Chapter 40  

Elizabeth Bennet, a rookie counterintelligence officer, lands an intriguing first assignment—investigating the CIA's legendary William Darcy, who is suspected of being a double agent. 

Darcy’s charmed existence seems at an end as he fights for his career and struggles against his love for the young woman he doesn’t know is watching his every move. 

Elizabeth’s confidence dissolves as nothing is like she planned—and the more she discovers about Darcy, the more she finds herself in an ever-tightening web of danger. 

Unexpected twists abound in this suspenseful Cold War era romance inspired by Jane Austen’s classic tale.

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I love the new cover, Karen! Congratulations! I wish you the best on the re-release of Undeceived! Thank you for stopping by!

Friends, let us know what you think! We'd love to hear from you! 


  1. Thanks so much for hosting me today, Candy!

  2. Great setting for our favorite couple (I'm a sucker for Cold War intrigue) and with that cover, it's a must buy. Congrats, Karen!


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