Wednesday, August 7, 2019

What Are You Reading? ~ Aug. 7, 2019

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Happy Wednesday! Wow, it's been a while since I've posted a "What Are You Reading?" post. A busy summer working on the house and going on vacation has taking up my time. I've really enjoyed my summer! I hope you have, too! 

What are you Reading?  Let me know what your current read is, what you recently finished reading, and what you plan on reading next! 

I'm reading a couple of books right now, which is not my norm (I'm more of a one book at a time kind of gal!). I've been in a little reading slump and have been jumping around books hoping something will catch. 

Currently Reading:

I'm presently reading Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. - Darcy and Rachel are best friends, and Rachel is sleeping with Darcy's fiance. - I really don't like a cheater, so at the beginning of the book, I kept getting annoyed with Rachel, and I kept asking myself, "why am I reading this?" Then last night I picked this up and got sucked in! Yay!  

I also started reading Rules of Conflict: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller (Book 2) by Jack Hunt back in June. I read the first book and enjoyed it, but I'm not getting into this one. Hopefully, I will soon. I pick it up every now and then. 

Recently Finished:

I recently finished To Conquer Pride: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Jennifer Altman. Elizabeth and Darcy trapped together in a snowstorm? Always a great way to start a variation! I enjoyed this one! ~ 4 stars

What's next?

I'm going to start reading Eligible: A Modern Retelling of Pride and Prejudice by Curtis Sittenfeld soon. Have you read it? I've heard good things and not so good things about this one. 

Disclaimer: Links to Amazon. I am an Amazon Associate. Should you purchase a copy of the book through the link provided, I will receive a small commission. Thanks! 

Here's a couple of pictures from my vacation. We spent a couple of days in New York City, then a week at the shore in New Jersey. 

Morning walk - LBI, New Jersey
New York City - Brooklyn Bridge

Have a great week, friends! Be sure to share what you've been reading! 

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