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Sanctuary Vol. 2 by Cat Andrews ~ Excerpt & Giveaway!

 Hello, my friends! Today, Cat Andrews if visiting today with an excerpt from her new book Sanctuary Vol 2, which is set to release tomorrow! Congratulations, Cat!! 

There is also a giveaway going on! Details can be found at the bottom of this page.

Sanctuary Vol. 2
by Cat Andrews

If someone had told him six weeks ago that he would end up here with this incredible woman in his arms, he would have scoffed in disbelief. Yet here he was, falling in love with her, holding her while she slept, and embracing emotions he never imagined he would feel again. 

Will Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet have unexpectedly found each other—and a slice of happiness—on a tiny island off the coast of Maine. 

With wonderful friends surrounding them and a passionate new love in full bloom, life is moving forward; they’re planning a future together as a family of three with Will’s son Jack, and the lazy days of summer are looking exceedingly bright. 

But while some relationships are slowly and painstakingly being rebuilt, a long-kept secret, finally revealed, threatens to tear others apart.
Sanctuary is a contemporary romance inspired by Jane Austen's  Pride and Prejudice and does contain adult content. 

Introduction to the excerpt:

Volume 1 of Sanctuary mostly focuses on the growing relationship between Elizabeth Bennet and Will Darcy. And while they and their romance are still the stars of Volume 2—along with Will’s son Jack—much of Volume 2 also centers on the relationship Will and Elizabeth have with each of their families. There’s a lot of dysfunction between Will and his father, and Will goes through a period in which he tries to figure out whether their relationship is at all salvageable. This excerpt shows Will trying to extend an olive branch of sorts to his father, which doesn’t exactly go as planned. 


Will stood in his office at noon on Monday, cell phone to his ear, staring out the window toward Casco Bay. He paced a little as he waited for his call to be answered, and within moments, he heard his father’s deep voice.

“Fitzwilliam! How are you, son?”

“I’m good, Dad, how are you?” 

“Busy. Always busy. How’s my grandson?”

Will leaned against his desk. “He’s great. He loves school. He’s getting taller, I think he’s going through a growth spurt or something. All of his clothes are suddenly too small.”

“He’ll be tall, like you.”

“I think so.”

Robert cleared his throat. “How’s business?”

Will didn’t miss the hesitancy in the question although he and his father had discussed Will’s new venture at length. They’d argued about it at first; Robert had been angry that his son was going into business for himself.

“Um, business is good so far,” Will answered. “Three clients. Nothing to throw a party over, but I expected to start slow.”

“Three clients in a few weeks isn’t bad. You’re working with a much smaller demographic now, remember that.”

“I know. Listen, um, I was wondering...” He took a deep breath. “How would you feel about visiting Maine?”

“Visiting Maine? Why would I want to do that?”

Will felt a spike of annoyance. “To see Jack.” He cleared his throat. “And me. And to meet Elizabeth.” His clarification was met with silence. “Dad?”

“My calendar is full, Fitzwilliam,” Robert replied brusquely. “I can’t just drop everything and travel to Maine on a whim.”

Will’s spike of annoyance grew to a surge. “I didn’t mean tomorrow, but that’s fine. Forget I asked.” 

He was embarrassed and angry. He’d put it out there, put himself out there, and his father had shot him down without a second thought. An awkward, uncomfortable silence ensued.

“When were you thinking?” Robert asked quietly.

“Never. Forget it,” Will replied curtly, still smarting over his father’s rejection.

“I just didn’t expect the invitation, Fitzwilliam. Stop sulking.”

“I’m not sulking,” Will argued, knowing full well that he was. “What I’m doing is trying, Dad, don’t you see that?”

“But why? Why do you want me to go there and meet Elizabeth?”

Good question. “I want you to meet Elizabeth because I love her and she’s part of my life. And I want you to come here so we can talk. We need to talk.”

“We’re doing that now, aren’t we?” Robert said, a trace of sarcasm seeping into his voice. “Most people would call this a conversation.”

“And we’re doing a piss-poor job of it, as usual.” Will began pacing again, back and forth in front of the windows. “We don’t talk, we make polite conversation. That’s all we’re capable of, and I’m tired of it. Do you want to know why I’m trying? Because of Jack, that’s why.”

“Because of Jack?” 

“Yes.” He refused to admit that he was trying for himself as well. “You are his only living grandparent.” And you are my only father. “I thought I would try to salvage something. But maybe I’m being stupid. God knows you haven’t earned a place in his life, not by a long shot. You’ve barely earned a place in mine.”

Even as the words shot out of his mouth, he felt a knot form in his chest. This is what he’d desperately wanted to avoid. He was tired of saying hurtful things just for the sheer satisfaction of knowing they’d struck their target, but neither of them could seem to help it. 

A knock on the door distracted him, and he glanced away from the window to see Elizabeth poking her head in. She smiled brightly, and he couldn’t have imagined a more welcome sight.

Robert started to speak, but Will cut him off. “I have to go. I’ll talk to you soon.”


“I’ll call you, or you can call me. Whatever.” 

“Alright, son. We’ll talk soon.” Robert sounded resigned. “Take care, and say hi to Jack for me, okay?”

“Yeah, sure. Bye, Dad.” Will pressed the button on his phone to end the call. Sighing, he turned from the windows and offered Elizabeth a half-hearted smile. “Hi, you.”

“Hi,” she said, closing the door behind her. “Hungry? I brought some lunch.” She placed the small brown bag she carried on the desk. 

He grunted.

“Is that a yes or a no?” He was staring at the floor, and she lowered her head to catch his eye. “Hello... Up here.”

He lifted his eyes to hers. “I’m really not hungry, sorry. I’m glad you came by, though.” He opened his arms and she walked into them, hugging him tightly.

“I don’t think I need to ask why you don’t have an appetite,” she said before kissing his neck. “I take it your call didn’t go well?”

“Nope. Short and shitty.” He sighed, then buried his nose in her hair and inhaled deeply. “I had the thought when I was on the phone with him—why am I even bothering? Why waste the energy?”

“Did you even manage to get around to inviting him?”


“What did he say?” 

“He wanted to know why I thought he would want to visit...and then proceeded to tell me how busy he is.” He pulled himself out of her arms and turned to face the window again, shoving his hands into his pockets. “Lost cause.”

She wrapped her arms around his middle and rested her cheek against his back. “I’m sorry, Will.”

He shrugged, forcing nonchalance into his voice. “Don’t be. It’s not a big deal. Life goes on, right?”

“Maybe he just needs a little time to get used to the idea.”

“Well, he can take all the time he needs because that was the one and only time he’ll be invited.” He turned to face her and planted a quick kiss on the top of her head. “What did you bring for lunch?” He peeked into the bag. “Soup?”

“And a sandwich for us to share.” 

He removed the containers from the bag and placed everything on his desk, then raised his eyes to hers and attempted a smile, though he was sure it probably looked more like a grimace. 

She frowned. “Will—”

“Can we just eat? I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to beat it to death. It is what it is. I’m fine.”

“Okay,” she relented softly. She pulled a chair closer to his desk and smiled as she pulled napkins and spoons from the bag. “Chicken noodle or lobster bisque?”

* * *

About the Author

Cat Andrews has always been an avid reader, but didn’t discover Jane Austen until her love of a certain British actor led her to the BBC’s 1995 production of Pride and Prejudice, because she just had to know—why all the fuss over this Darcy guy? What followed her viewing of that glorious miniseries was an inhalation of and immediate fixation on all of Austen’s novels, though Pride and Prejudice remains her favorite (and that certain British actor will always be, to her, the quintessential Darcy).

Her discovery of Jane Austen Fan Fiction opened up a whole new world, and thus began her addiction, and months and months of sleep deprivation, as she immersed herself in JAFF. After reading a modern Pride and Prejudice variation that she fell in love with, she was inspired to begin a cautious but earnest foray into the world of writing.

In real life, Cat has spent thirty-plus years working in healthcare. She is a confirmed thalassophile and enjoys life on the shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where she grew up, fell in love with her own Mr. Darcy, and raised a family. More often than not, you can find her at the beach with a book in her hand and her toes in the sand.

Sanctuary is her debut novel.

Connect with Cat Andrews

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Volume 1 is available now (eBook and paperback). Volume 2 is available for preorder now (eBook), and will be released September 9 (eBook and paperback). Volume 3 is available for preorder now (eBook), and will be released September 23 (eBook and paperback).

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It's giveaway time!! Cat Andrews is graciously giving away an Amazon e-copy of Sanctuary Vol. 2 to one of my lucky readers!

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Good luck!

Many thanks to Cat Andrews for visiting here today! And for offering one of my U.S. readers a chance to win an e-copy of her new book!


  1. Love the tension in this excerpt. Sanctuary is such a great love story, and Cat has wrapped it in these three beautifully covered volumes. I'm excited for everyone to read it!

  2. My favorite trope: Elizabeth and Darcy get together early in the story and face the world, and their problems, as a team. Love the covers of these books. Congrats on your debut work. nettieubbie(at)aol(dot)com

    1. I like that trope, too - I love a united Darcy and Elizabeth taking on their troubles together. My cover artist did such a phenomenal job with the covers, I'm glad you like them! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I’m really loving what I’ve read of this series so far! I’ll definitely be reading it when the complete series is available! I love it when Darcy and Elizabeth are a couple dealing with problems together. I was a bit wary about Darcy having a son but he seems to be a great character apparently so I’ll go with it!

    1. Hi Glynis! I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of the story, and especially your thoughts on Jack! I really enjoyed writing him. Thank you!

  4. Enjoyed the excerpt. Congrats on its release! jadseah4(at)yahoo(dot)com

  5. Love the excerpt!! Gonna have to grab Volume 1 to my ever growing TBP!! That thing never shrinks, just like the laundry pile!!! Lol sonya.holt(at) gmail(dot)com

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Oh, let's not talk about the laundry pile... Thank you!

  6. I haven’t read the series yet. Looking forward to it.

  7. Thanks so much Christina!


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