Thursday, August 30, 2012

Secret Jane

Hey there! 

I wanted to let you know what my friends over at Indie Jane are doing. For the month of September, to spread the Jane Austen Love, they are running a project called Secret Jane. I think it's a really cool idea. The objective is to leave a copy of a Jane Austen book or an Austenesque book at random locations for someone else to enjoy.

For more details and a printable insert, head over to Indie Jane

"The world needs Jane, and we're going to give her to them."

On a side note, yesterday was my One Year Blogoversary!

Comments are always welcome!


  1. CHEERS Candy!
    on that major accomplishment reaching 1 year :)
    Celebrating with you !!

  2. Thanks, Faith! I might do something to celebrate on the blog.....I have an idea, but I'm still thinking about it. :)

  3. Happy Blogoversary!!! What a cute Jane sharing idea, too :)

  4. Thanks, Jamie! I thought it was a good idea too! Now, I have to figure out were to leave a book. It would have been easier to do during the summer while I was traveling! :) The RV park we stayed at had a little library (most do), and I could have easily left a copy there.


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