Monday, September 10, 2012

Book Tour: Willow Pond By Carol Tibaldi

I’m pretty excited to be a Pump Up Your Book Tour Host! 

Set in 1930, Laura Kingsley Austin and her adorable baby boy, Todd, are living in Greenwich Village. She has been separated from her husband, Phillip Austin, for three months now, and life couldn’t be better.

Phillip, a hot shot actor, is not happy with his wife’s living arrangement. He would prefer to have her at Willow Pond and under his control. But after one too many affairs, Laura left him. Now he must find away to get her back.

Then the unthinkable happens, Todd is ripped away from Laura’s life. Kidnapped! A ransom note asking for $250,000 has been delivered and Phillip, figuring to be a big hero, pays the ransom, but that doesn’t bring home the baby. Now, Todd and the money are gone and there aren’t any leads.

With nothing much to go on, the police question Laura’s aunt, Virginia Kingsley, owner of Bacchanal, a speakeasy. They suspect Virginia’s ties to the mob might have something to do with the kidnapping. Could someone be using Todd to get to Virginia?

Then there is Phillip Austin, who has been known to pull publicity stunts in the past to keep him in the limelight. Could he be using his own son in such a way?

The timeline jumps quite a bit in this story. While I’m still grieving Todd’s disappearance, Laura is moving on with her life. Within a few months after the kidnapping, Laura starts seeing Erich, the reporter investigating the crime. While the romantic in me loves their relationship, the mom in me was having a hard time with it. 

The mystery itself was really good. I never knew how it was going to be resolved.  Virginia, who has some idea who might have kidnapped Todd, is doing her own investigation, but she is not sharing information. Erich is finding some dirt about Virginia, but that information is driving a wedge into his relationship with Laura. And nobody is sharing info with the police!  I won’t tell you how it turns out but it does wrap up nicely, with no lose ends.

If you like a mystery with a little romance, this might be the book for you!

I was provided a copy of Willow Pond for review.

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About the Author:

Carol Tibaldi was born and raised in Bayside, New York and attended Queens College of the City University of New York. She loves to travel and has lived in London and Los Angeles. For twenty five years she worked as a newspaper reporter and covered the crime beat. She is a history buff and loves to research different time periods having a special affinity of the prohibition era and the Civil War. Willow Pond is her first novel and she is hard at work on the sequel.

Carol Tibaldi’s website:

You can read an interview with author Carol Tibaldi here

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  1. A great review of the Roaring 20's book, Candy! Deborah/TheBookishDame

  2. Thank you for the great review.

  3. Interesting review, Candy! Thanks for sharing this book! I like the cover! I am a big fan on covers with multiple pictures (or at least lots to tell from the pictures).

    1. Hi Jakki! Thank you! I love the cover too! It's what first caught my eye.


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