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Moral Hazard by J.W. Becton ~ My review

Moral Hazard by J.W. Becton 

Publication Date: March 21, 2014 
Publisher: Whiteley Press, LLC 
Pages: 302 
Received: Purchased my own copy 
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I was stoked to see another installment in J.W. Becton’s Southern Fraud Thriller series! Moral Hazard is the fourth book in the series about an insurance fraud detective, Julia Jackson, who, while working on her fraud cases, is also investigating another case on the side. She is trying to find her sister’s rapist. That investigation has been an ongoing storyline that runs throughout the books, while each book has it's own complete mystery to solve.  I’m a big Julia and Vincent (Julia’s partner) fan and couldn’t wait to see what kind of trouble they would get into this time!

After all the work Julia has put into finding her sister’s rapist, the words, “We’ve got a problem” are not what you want to hear. Now the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into the case. It appears the evidence may have been tampered with and the case may be thrown out. Not only that, but Julia’s job is on the line for her involvement in the rape investigation.

Julia does a lot of reflecting in this story. Her life is falling apart fast, and she could lose everything she worked so hard for. She feels alone. She has Vincent, but their relationship seems to have taken a step back. Plus, he is busy with his own troubles that involve his son Jason. 

In the meantime, Vincent and Julia are investigating another insurance fraud case. It appears Randy Blissett has been faking a back injury for seven years, and no one has been able to prove it. This case certainly has them puzzled. 

I was thrilled to find one of my favorite characters from Death Benefits in this story, Mrs. Twilley! She is still a spitfire of a woman! She and her friend, Sydney, are hilarious as they try to help solve the case! Unfortunately, they do more harm than good, but I adored how they both were supportive and comforting to Julia. I love Mrs. Twilley and Sydney!

Ooh...creepy guy! Who is “The Watcher” that is lurking about? I always enjoy the chapters from the bad guys point of view. You never know who it is until the end!

I really enjoyed Moral Hazard! After a slow start, I was quickly sucked in! I was so tense in the end, wondering how Julia was going to get out of the mess she was in! I liked the combination of tension and humor, with a little gore thrown in! Oh, and let’s not forget about Vincent! Love Vincent!

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Disclaimer: I purchased my own copy of this book.

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