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The Secret Betrothal by Jan Hahn

The Secret Betrothal: A Pride and Prejudice Alternate Path by Jan Hahn 

Publication Date: February 14, 2014 
Publisher: Meryton Press 
Pages: 324 
Received: Paperback from the publisher for my honest review. 
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

I loved this story! The Secret Betrothal is a wonderful retelling of Pride and Prejudice that takes us down a path different from the original. I love it when an author takes my two favorite characters and puts them in some new situations, just as Jan Hahn has done in this one.

What if, Elizabeth was so angry and hurt by Mr. Darcy’s  “tolerable” remark and haughty behavior that she goes against her better judgement and accepts a man under conditions that she usually wouldn’t do?  She lets her judgement of the man cloud her sensibilities, and she blindly accepts Mr. Wickham’s tales. And what if, knowing Mr. Darcy as well as he does, Mr. Wickham realizes there may be another way to seek his taking away something that Mr. Darcy really wants. Elizabeth.  

There is so much I enjoyed about this story! We all know Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth will have their happily ever after, but the fun is getting there! I loved watching Elizabeth learn what an honorable man Mr. Darcy truly is, and what a rogue Mr. Wickham is. In the end, I found myself wondering if Mr. Wickham could actually regret his past behavior, and if Elizabeth really could have made him a better man. 

I found humor in Lady Catherine’s Spring tonic, which, unfortunately, caused everyone at Rosing and the Parsonage to become very sick, but allowed Elizabeth to see a kind and caring Darcy. And I cringed and chuckled, when Elizabeth had no one else to turn to, she turned to her mother for some advice about love! Haha! What was she thinking?! 

I enjoyed how the story passes quickly over parts of the story that are in the original, noting that they happen, but not going into detail. Focusing on scenes that are different. There is much less time repeating what we already know.

The Secret Betrothal is a fun read, and one that kept me up late into the night! I’ve enjoyed Jan Hahn’s other books An Arranged Marriage and The Journey and was happy that the same held true for this! I would recommend this one to anyone who loves Jane Austen Fan Fiction!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review.

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  1. I have this one waiting for me on my kindle, but I've been a bit afraid to read it, thinking it might be quite angsty and I'd need to be feeling brave for it, but I'm glad to see that there is fun in it too! I don't think I'll have time for it this month, but I think I'll try and read it next month.

    1. Hey Ceri! You know, I didn't think it was that angsty...Maybe, because I was prepared for it, or I've been reading too many dystopian type books and have a thick skin now. ;) Lol! I hope you enjoy it too! I think you will.

  2. Candy, I totally agree! I was prepared for some serious angst but I found I simply just fell in love all over again with Darcy as he steps in and helps while everyone is sick! I love that Elizabeth doesn't know what she is feeling and how those feelings change over time. Jan did a great job at making the reader understand why Elizabeth, a wise woman, would ever go into a secret betrothal! With Wickham! but it was all believable and I really liked it! I realized I read this a while ago, one of the first online books I read, and so it was really fun to reread it and giggle at all the shoeless moments! Jan did a great job. She should be very proud!

    1. Hi Jeanna! Yes! I loved the shoeless moments! And I love how the picture on the back of the book captures that! I thought about adding that to my review. I should have! =) Yes, Jan did do a great job! Thanks!

  3. I really want this one! I told myself I wasn't gonna buy books for awhile but....I really want it! lol Maybe I'll get it as a belated Cinco de Mayo gift for myself! lol .

    1. Hi Monica! LOL! I know what you mean!! I have waaaay too many books! And yesterday I worked at Scholastic's again and brought home a bunch more. :D I posted a picture of my haul on instagram.

  4. Thanks Candy for the lovely review! I have been wanting to read this one and now even more so!!

    I have also enjoyed Jan's previous books and know I will just love this one too. Plus Janet's cover is very intriguing!!


    1. HI Liz! Thank you! I hope you get a chance to read it soon! I think you will enjoy it.
      Yes, Janet is an excellent artist!

  5. Great review, Candy! Yes, I agree with you about how Jan didn't retell the same scenes and recite the same dialogue as the original. I greatly appreciated that! I love how it didn't feel redundant. :)


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