Saturday, October 8, 2016

'She Coloured' Illustrated by Amanda Kastner ~ Guest Post

Hello, My Friends! It's my pleasure to have Amanda Kastner visiting with us! She is the illustrator of She Coloured a Jane Austen coloring book!

Thank you, Candy, for inviting me to your blog! I'm delighted to share a little about my Jane Austen coloring book with you and your readers.

As an avid reader and Janeite, I find myself quoting Jane Austen's novels often. As an artist, I love to illustrate scenes from the stories I enjoy. Combine these interests, and a Jane Austen coloring book is the obvious result!

She Coloured features 24 illustrated quotes from Jane Austen's novels. The title, "She coloured" is also a quote from almost every Austen novel--and I enjoy the play on the word "coloured" in this context!

I designed this to be a coloring book that I would enjoy coloring (that means coloring people!) and one that includes hand-written quotes worked into the design of frame-worthy illustrations.

As I planned each illustration, I tried to include fun details that Janeites will enjoy. Here's one of my favorites: in the illustration with Lizzy and Lady Catherine, the notes are from the "Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major" by Mozart--the piece that Lizzy plays at Rosings in the 1995 BBC adaptation!

You can preview all 24 illustrations on my website ( or get 3 sample coloring pages for free! (

She Coloured is now funding on Kickstarter! ( When you back She Coloured you are basically pre-ordering the coloring book to help with initial printing costs. You can choose to receive a copy of the coloring book, a set of colorable greeting cards, or a Pride & Prejudice art print! 

Amanda Kastner is an illustrator and bibliophile living in the beautiful lake country of Minnesota. She loves to read and collect old books, illustrate story ideas, and generally raise the fire hazard level of the house with ever-present, ever-shifting stacks and drifts and mountains of papers. 

Thank you so much for stopping by Amanda! You're very talented, and I love your colouring book. As a backer myself, I can't wait to receive my copy of She Coloured!

Friends, what do you think of Amanda's work? 


  1. I love this idea. What great images for Janeites! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Claudine! I think it's a wonderful idea, too! We have a Harry Potter coloring book here, and now I'll have a Jane Austen one, too! :)


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