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I Could Write a Book Blog Tour ~ Excerpt & #Giveaway!

Hello, my friends! I'm excited to be part of the I Could Write a Book Blog Tour!! Karen Cox is here with an excerpt from her new book. Inspired by Jane Austen's Emma, Karen set I Could Write a Book in the 70s - an awesome time, in my humble opinion! ;)  

I hope you enjoy the excerpt and don't forget to enter the giveaway! Details are at the bottom of the post! 

Thank you, Candy, for hosting our first excerpt on the I Could Write a Book Blog Tour!

Today’s excerpt is from what, in Austen’s novel, is the scene at the ball: the one where Elton snubs Harriet, where Mr. Knightley saves the day by asking Miss Smith to dance, and where Knightley famously says the words, “Whom will you dance with?”

In I Could Write a Book, the setting is 1970s in Central Kentucky, so it makes sense that the biggest parties would be (what else?) Kentucky Derby Parties. People celebrate Derby here, and not just in Louisville, the site of Churchill Downs. For many years, Anita Madden held famous themed Derby Eve parties in Lexington, Kentucky, with up to 2500 people in attendance, including celebrities, sports personalities, politicians, and others in the horse industry. During the height of their popularity, these parties raised money for various charities.

So, of course, the Westons had to host a Derby Party, and during that party George has to notice Emma…

     “Having a good time, Frank?” George asked quietly, as he straightened his tie.

     “The best. Love Derby. I could party all night.”

     “I’m sure you could. Just make sure you make it someplace safe by morning.”

     Frank laughed. “I certainly will.” He clapped George on the shoulder. “You too, old man. You too.”

     After that, George kept one eye on Frank, the other on Emma. She danced with those who asked her, nursed a glass of wine while she chatted with old schoolmates, earned some lustful stares from young men that made his blood boil. Still, he couldn’t fault their taste. He was used to 
seeing Emma in running clothes, jeans and peasant tops, the occasional dress for some event. But that royal blue halter number she was wearing stunned him: the slope of her shoulders, the curve of her back displayed to perfection in that dress, the way her hair floated around her and settled like spun honey about her face, and those legs that ran right up to her neck. No, he couldn’t blame the young men in the crowd for following her around the room. He even admired her restraint given all that male attention. One thing about Emma, admiration for her looks alone didn’t turn her head; the poor fellow also had to flatter her brains and her sparkling personality to stir her vanity. She was going easy on the drinks too, which was wise, in his opinion, and when he complimented her temperance, she looked at him like he was an eight-year-old who had tugged her pigtail.

     “Of course, I’m taking it easy on the alcohol—in case you’ve forgotten, and I do hope you haven’t, since you’ve planned a brunch at the country club—I have graduation tomorrow.”

     “I know, Em. I just…”

     “I’m not a child.”

     “I know.” Boy, did he ever. Tonight’s events had been a constant series of reminders.

     “Just because I’m not standing in the corner half the night doesn’t mean I’m being irresponsible.”

     “That’s not what I—”

     “You really ought to take the opportunity to enjoy yourself, instead of loitering about with the older generation. The only time I saw you out there was when you rescued poor Mary Jo. Good job, by the way.”

     “Thanks.” He felt sheepish. “I don’t know if it was the right thing or not, but Tim really ticked me off.”

     “It was absolutely the right thing to do! Tim is a jerk.”

     “It was incredibly rude on his part, almost vicious. Not his typical M.O.”


     “Was that your only turn around the dance floor this evening?”

     “I’m not much of a dancer.”

     “I disagree. Besides, you’re young, George, you should be dancing, meeting people, breaking hearts—being the charming, handsome devil you are.”


     “It’s late in the evening, and it looks like I’ve missed my chance to be charmed by Lexington’s best-looking man-about-town.” She grinned. “Or perhaps you’re a bit rusty.”

     He stood, agog, as a slow, sultry Clapton number began. Emma flipped her hair over her shoulder and tossed some young stud a winning smile. The kid started over, but George stepped in between the two, took Emma’s elbow and leaned into her, speaking low in her ear, “Whom are you going to dance with?”

     She hesitated a moment, a brief, almost star-struck expression traveled over her features. “Um…” Then her lips curved. “With you, if you will ask me.”

     His hand slid down her arm to grasp her fingers. “Let’s dance a slow one, Emma Kate. What do you say?”


Well, I’d dance a slow one with George Knightley, wouldn’t you?

I Could Write a Book by Karen M Cox 

“Emma Woodhouse, handsome, clever and rich…” 

Thus began Jane Austen’s classic, a light and lively tale set in an English village two hundred years ago. Yet every era has its share of Emmas: young women trying to find themselves in their own corners of the world. 

I Could Write a Book is the story of a self-proclaimed modern woman: Emma Katherine Woodhouse, a 1970s co-ed whose life is pleasant, ordered and predictable, if a bit confining. 

Her friend George Knightley is a man of the world who has come home to fulfill his destiny: run his father’s thriving law practice and oversee the sprawling Donwell Farms, his family legacy in Central Kentucky horse country. 

Since childhood, George’s and Emma’s lives have meshed and separated time and again. But now they’re adults with grown-up challenges and obligations. As Emma orchestrates life in quaint Highbury, George becomes less amused with her antics and struggles with a growing attraction to the young woman she’s become. 

Rich with humor, poignancy and the camaraderie of life in a small, Southern town, I Could Write a Book is a coming of age romance with side helpings of self-discovery, friendship, and finding true love in the most unlikely places.

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Meet the Author

Karen M Cox is an award-winning author of novels accented with romance and history, including 1932 and its companion ebook novella The Journey Home, and the novels Find Wonder in All Things and Undeceived. She also contributed a short story, “Northanger Revisited 2015”, to the anthology, Sun-Kissed: Effusions of Summer, and a story titled, “I, Darcy” to The Darcy Monologues.

Karen was born in Everett WA, which was the result of coming into the world as the daughter of a United States Air Force Officer. She had a nomadic childhood, with stints in North Dakota, Tennessee, and New York State before finally settling in her family’s home state of Kentucky at the age of eleven. She lives in a quiet little town with her husband, where she works as a pediatric speech pathologist, encourages her children, and spoils her granddaughter. 

Connect with Karen

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Karen loves to hear from readers, so don’t be shy. Contact her through social media, her website, or online sites like Amazon and Goodreads. 

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* * * GIVEAWAY * * * 

It's giveaway time! Karen Cox is generously giving away two fabulous prizes to two lucky winners! 

One winner will receive The Tea Pack: JA mug, Mr. Knightley & Emma teas from Bingley's Teas, and a set of Jane Austen coasters.

The second winner will receive a Jewelry Pack: Little Emma charm on a necklace, Regency cameo earrings, Emma Bangle Bracelet, and a Jewelry Roll.

These giveaways are open internationally! 

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Many thanks to Karen for stopping by here today! I love the setting of this story - 1970's in the south! Yes! Great excerpt too! Also, wow, that giveaway! Thank you so much for your generosity, Karen! 

Oh, yes! Me! Me! I'll dance with George! I kinda melted there at the end. What about you?   


  1. Really great excerpt. Loved the book. It captures the essence of 'Emma' so well and transfer it seamlessly to 1970s Kentucky. Well worth a read.

  2. Yes please! I'd dance a slow in with Mr Knightley!

    1. George Knightley in a suit, and Eric Clapton on the sound system - what's not to like?

  3. Wow! Pick me, George! LOL!

    1. Maria, if you're the bachelorette, you get to PICK HIM! :D

  4. I can't wait to read the whole thing. I'm with you on that dance with Mr. Knightley, Candy.

  5. Replies
    1. It does sound nice, doesn't it, PailofPearls! I'd like to read it too!

  6. Mr. Knightley is one of my favorite Austen heroes, he's actually right behind Mr. Darcy, so you can imagine how much I adore him and YES, I'd dance with him any day!!

    Thanks for joining this tour Candy. I hope you and your readers are able to dive into this book soon. It's one of my favorite reads of 2017. I have been waiting a long time to sink my teeth into an Emma variation and this one is just brilliant, IMO!


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