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The Journey Home by Karen M. Cox ~ My Review

The Journey Home by Karen M. Cox

Publication Date: August 1, 2017
Publisher: Macmillan
Pages: ebook, 107
Received: I received a copy from the author for my honest review.
Rating: 3.5 Stars

Book Blurb: 

Georgiana Darcy has left girlhood far behind her. A young, single mother with two small daughters, she escaped a precarious existence. Now she has returned to her ancestral home, ready to rebuild her life. Her brother, William, welcomed her with open arms and helped her back on her feet. But home is more than a place—it’s a state of mind, and Georgiana has a journey of the heart ahead of her. As her brother falls in love with Elizabeth, the new girl in town, Georgiana finds herself drawn to William’s long-time friend, Sheriff Richard Fitzwilliam, a widower fifteen years her senior. Richard would never want her, or so she believes, but when he’s near, her sorrow vanishes. When Georgiana’s past comes roaring back to haunt her, can Richard and his kind, gentle ways help see her through?  

The Journey Home, a companion piece to the award-winning novel 1932, is a stand-alone “sidequel” novella—a story of self-discovery, acceptance, and romance that details one woman’s journey back from despair and forward to her future.

My Review: 

The Journey Home is a sweet novella concentrating on Georgiana Darcy. The story, set in the 1930's, moves quickly through the span of a two year period. 

It was sad to see the depth of despair and poverty that Georgiana had fallen into after running off with Wickham. But I loved to see her determination to improve her and her children’s lives after hitting rock bottom. She humbles herself and asks Darcy if she could come home to Pemberley. 

Georgiana’s daughter Maggie is adorable! I love her dark eyes with their intense Darcy stare - she’s a very serious girl! And I loved the relationship between her and Darcy. 

I wasn’t fond of the quickness of the story. The large gaps of time between chapters made it feel choppy to me. I also felt it lacked depth, which sometimes a novella can do.

You are not going to see much of what is going on with Elizabeth and Darcy in this story. It does focus mainly on Georgiana, her girls, Darcy, and Sheriff Fitzwilliam. I would recommend you read both books if you want to know what is happening between Elizabeth and Darcy. 

Overall, I enjoyed The Journey Home! It’s a wonderful side-sequel to 1932.

Disclaimer: I received an e-copy of the book from the author for my honest review.

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About the Author

Karen M Cox is an award-winning author of novels accented with romance and history: 1932, Find Wonder in All Things, Undeceived, and I Could Write a Book. Other published works include an ebook novella, The Journey Home, “Northanger Revisited 2015”, which appeared in Sun-Kissed: Effusions of Summer, "I, Darcy," a short story in The Darcy Monologues, and "An Honest Man", which will appear in the upcoming anthology, Dangerous to Know: Jane Austen's Rakes and Gentleman Rogues

Originally from Everett, WA, Karen now lives in Central Kentucky with her husband, where she works as a pediatric speech pathologist, encourages her children, and spoils her granddaughter. Like Austen’s Emma, Karen has many hobbies and projects she doesn’t quite finish, but like Elizabeth Bennet, she aspires to be a great reader and an excellent walker.

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  1. This is on my tablet ready to read. Having read 1932 I don't think I need to read about Elizabeth and Darcy again in this story

    1. Hey, Vesper! True! I loved 1932, but I still kept missing seeing more of D & E in this book. Lol! I realize it's just a novella and it's Georgiana's story. :)

  2. Agreed about this one working best after reading the 1932 story or it feels like there are gaps. Still, it was a cute side story. :)

    1. Hey, Sophia Rose! Yes, I do think you need to read both, unless you don't care what's happening with E & D. ;) But me, every time they were mentioned I thought, yay, here they come, and then no. Hahaha, that was just me though.


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