Wednesday, December 6, 2017

What Are You Reading? ~ Dec. 6, 2017

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What are you Reading?  Let me know what your current read is, what you recently finish reading, and what you plan on reading next! 

I was on the road last week, so I got some audiobooks in!

Here's my list: 

I'm currently re-reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling. Of course, I'm loving it! :)

I recently finished Between the Lines by Tammara Webber. I loved it, and I was surprised by the fact that the story is being told while the characters are filming a modern Pride and Prejudice movie. Fun! I definitely want to read book 2 of the series! (This was an audiobook.)

I also finished The Darkness by W.J. Lundy. This was a fun book to listen to while driving! ;) Between this and the coffee, I was tense most of the way there! Haha!

I also finished Holidays with Jane: Thankful Hearts by Rebecca M. Fleming, Jennifer Becton, Melissa Buell, Nancy Kelley, Cecilia Gray, and Jessica Grey. This set of modern Jane Austen short story retellings was a fun Thanksgiving read.

What's next? I'm not sure! I have so many good books to read! But maybe a Christmas story like Mr. Darcy's Present by Regina Jeffers. 

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So, tell me, what are you reading? 


  1. Glad you had a safe trip with some fun audiobooks to keep you awake. :)
    Between the Lines looks cute and its been a while since I read one of her books. I still need to get busy on the Holidays With Jane series. Mr. Darcy's Present is cute.

    I'm reading A Very Austen Christmas right now.

    1. Hello, Sophia Rose! Haha, yes, I love listening to audiobooks while I'm driving long distance (not so much around town). It definitely helps the miles go by faster! :)

      Ooh! I have A Very Austen Christmas to read too! I hope to read that soon! :)


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