Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What Are You Reading? ~ Feb. 14, 2018

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Happy Valentine's Day, Friends! 

What are you Reading?  Let me know what your current read is, what you recently finish reading, and what you plan on reading next! 

Here's my list: 

I've started reading Prairie Fires by Caroline Fraser. I've read a few biographies about Laura Ingalls Wilder, but it's been many years. I'm excited to dig into this one! I don't think I'll read it quickly so I may put it aside to read a novel here and there. It may even get me in the mood to read the Little House on the Prairie series again (for the umpteenth time)! 

I recently finished reading Conceit & Concealment by Abigail Reynolds. I LOVED it! What an adventure! Elizabeth is very brave in this story, and I loved the altered history twist! 5 stars!

What's next? I'm not sure, maybe The Young Elites by Marie Lu. 

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So, tell me, what are you reading?


  1. Glad Abigail's book was stellar for you. I'm reading Charles Finch's A Woman in the Water.

    Happy Valentine's Day, Candy!

    1. Hi, Sophia Rose! Oh, it was! I enjoyed C&C so much! I hope you enjoy A Woman in the Water! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Young Elites is on my TBR pile as well. I hope it's good. I've never read any of the Little House on the Prairie books but I used to love the show. I should give them a try! Enjoy your week, and your reading :)

    1. Hi, Lipsyy! Yes, my favorites of the Little House series are from 'The Long Winter' and above. Mostly during a reread, I pick it up from there. Love them! The Long Winter is an incredible book on how they survived it. It's amazing to to know that a winter like that really happened! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Candy!
    Do you like House on the prairie so much? In Italy it is on air every afternoon, three episodes a time! My mum always watches it but I admit that I don't like it very much, it's too vintage for me! XD
    I have just finished North and was my first time and I loved it! I finished it last night at 3:30! I like it more than the show too! What do you think about it?

    1. Hi, Loren!

      I'm not a big fan of the TV show (I did watch them when they were first aired), but I love the books! Especially the last 4 or 5 books, when Laura is a teen. When I was in my twenties, I would read them yearly so they inspired me to get my garden in, do some canning, and sew clothes for the family! Haha!

      I haven't read North and South yet. Oh, wow! That's wonderful that you enjoyed it so much! You know it's a good book when you're up reading it in the wee hours of the morning!

      I'm so glad you stopped by!


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