Wednesday, February 21, 2018

What Are You Reading? ~ Feb. 21, 2018

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What are you Reading?  Let me know what your current read is, what you recently finish reading, and what you plan on reading next! 

Here's my list:

I'm currently reading Prairie Fires by Caroline Fraser. It's so fascinating! I'm really enjoying it, but I'm taking my time reading it. It's not just talking about Laura Ingalls Wilder, but pa's family tree and ma's. Plus, the native Americans, politics of the time, the land grabs, natural disasters. It's very detailed. 

I recently finished reading Rehabilitation (Unbelief #1) and Ruin (Unbelief #2) by C.B. Stone. Both stories are short 171 to 141 pages and have a continuing storyline. Basically, with the third, it would be a novel. It's a pretty good dystopian/post-apocalyptic story, and I would like to read the last one - I still have to buy it. Fortunately, I got the first two for free! :) 

What's next? All the Things I Know by Audrey Ryan is calling my name!  I love the cover and the title! So, maybe that. :)

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So, tell me, what are you reading? 


  1. That's neat how Prairie Fires expands things to explain the historical world around Laura and her family.
    Glad your dystopian pair were pretty good.

    I just finished Twice and Future Caesar by RM Meluch. So now I think I'll go from sci-fi to a murder mystery, The Death at the Durbur set in Victorian era India.

    1. Hey, Sophia Rose! Yes, PF is very good! A lot of fascinating history. And, haha, yep the dystopian series is pretty good, and I broke down and bought the third! It's just annoying when it really could have been one book. :/

      I hope you enjoy The Death at the Durbur! Happy Reading!


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