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Sunset Clause by J.W. Becton ~ My Review

Sunset Clause (Southern Fraud Thriller #6) by J.W. Becton

Publication Date: November 15th, 2017

Publisher: Whiteley Press, LLC
Pages: 333
Received: Purchased 
Rating: 4 stars

All things must come to an end, but will Julia and Vincent survive the final showdown?  

With Mark Vincent under investigation for a murder he didn’t commit and Mercer, Georgia, embroiled in a government corruption scandal, Julia Jackson decides it’s time to end the nightmare.  

But when the US Attorney’s office takes over their investigation, Julia and Vincent are forced off the case. Sidelined from helping clear Vincent’s name and ending the rampant public corruption in Mercer, Julia and Vincent must find another way to root out the truth.  

As their new side investigation heats up, Julia and Vincent’s adversaries start working overtime to hide the truth…by any means necessary.  

The six-book Southern Fraud Thriller series blends gripping suspense with a hint of Southern charm and a slow-burn romance.

My Review 

Sunset Clause is the sixth and last book in the Southern Fraud Thriller series. I’ve really enjoyed reading these books! I’ve loved getting to know Julia and Vincent and hanging out with them through all six books. Solving mysteries with them, and always hoping that they would become something more than partners as the sexual tension between them crackled! 

In this book, Mark Vincent has been charged with murder, and Julia Jackson (now a private investigator) takes on an insurance case hoping while looking into it she can get some evidence to prove Mark’s innocence.

Julia and Mark are both on edge and feeling a little defeated - knowing they need to keep moving ahead on the investigation, but are afraid of the consequences for others and are not sure of their future. 

Sunset Clause nicely wraps up all the loose ends from the entire series. I loved seeing some of my favorite characters from past books, like kooky Mrs. Twilley! Plus, I love how strong both Julia’s mom and her sister, Tricia, are in this book. Both have come along way!

Although the Southern Fraud Thriller series is ending, I'm happy to know we'll be seeing more of the characters from Mercer as J.W. Becton is starting another series called Mercer Murders!

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  1. I'm glad the last book was still enjoyable and wrapped up the series nicely for you. I still need to start these.

    1. Hi, Sophia Rose! It was enjoyable! It's a fun series! I noticed the whole set is on sale right now, but only for another 16 hours.

  2. I didn't realize that Jennifer Becton had 6 of these books in the series, as I've only read the first and loved it. I guess that's because I'm usually pretty hooked up with JAFF! Thanks for featuring her here. I love her writing. Jen Red

    1. Hi, Jen Red! Haha! Yes, she's finish the six in this series! I've loved them all! Really fun. I love her writing too! Like I mentioned to Sophia Rose, the books are on sale now if you hurry! :)

  3. Thank you for the review of Sunset Clause! I am glad you that you enjoyed the book and the whole series. Now on to Tripp Carver!


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