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'More To Love' by Robin Helm ~ Excerpt & Giveaway!

Hello, friends! Robin Helm stops by here today with a very lovely excerpt from her new book, More to Love!  I hope you enjoy it!

Happy news! Robin is also offering one of my readers a chance to win an e-copy of More to Love! Details are at the bottom of the page! 

More to Love
by Robin Helm

"She is tolerable, I suppose, but there is rather too much of her to tempt me."

Overhearing Mr. Darcy’s rude dismissal of her shocks and mortifies Elizabeth Bennet to the core.  

She is living her worst fear, and it galvanizes her into action.  

Soon, the gentleman cannot keep his eyes from her, but can she forgive his thoughtless judgment of her appearance and character?  

Especially since he faces a worthy competitor for her attention? 

Who will win the lady's hand, along with the right to love her through thick or thin?


The gentleman replied gently. “They both received what they wanted from marriage. That is the modern way, you know. Very few wealthy gentlemen or ladies marry for love.”

“Would you?” Her voice was a whisper as she glanced behind her.

Darcy looked puzzled. “Would I marry for love?”

He raised his eyebrows. I have not thought of it. Would I want a woman to marry me for my wealth or station in life but not love me? I do not think so.

He shook his head. “I would not marry without it.”

“But you require more.”

Darcy observed the stubborn set of her jaw. You will not like my answer, but I will always be truthful with you.

“I have familial obligations which I cannot ignore.” He frowned. What an unusual conversation. “What of you? Would you marry a poor man for love?”

She sighed. “I have no thoughts of matrimony at all, Mr. Darcy. I refuse to marry unless my groom and I mutually love one another. From what I have seen in the world, with the exception of my Aunt and Uncle Gardiner, there are very few love matches.”

Elizabeth laughed. “Shall I make a good governess? Or perhaps a companion for an elderly lady? One widow might be easier to manage than six children.”

You will choose a life of servitude rather than marry a man who could provide you with comfort? You laugh, but you know you will have almost nothing when your father dies. You must not refuse an offer that could provide for your welfare. Your spirit will die in such cold confinement.

And yet, his heart wrenched within him at the thought of her married to another man.

The door opened, and they both looked towards the sound.

Mr. Bingley entered, followed closely by Mr. Beckett.

Elizabeth closed the book and rose to her feet. “I must go as well. Jane asked not to be disturbed, for she wishes to sleep. Shall I see you both at dinner?”

“Most certainly,” answered Mr. Bingley. “We came to fetch you and make sure Darcy has everything he requires.”

I would rather she would eat with me, but I cannot detain her. Darcy stifled a yawn. “Perhaps you could bring me a tray after you dine, Bingley. I would like some tea for my throat.”

“I shall send something up with your man while we eat, for Beckett and I hope to hear Miss Elizabeth perform tonight. My sisters and brother will join us for dinner; Caroline and Louisa have already agreed to play for the party. We shall visit you again afterward.”

Elizabeth’s smile faded. “I think I must return to Jane after we dine, Mr. Bingley. I would not wish to leave her alone for too long. Your sisters are quite able to entertain you and Mr. Beckett.”

Darcy noticed Beckett’s expression. He seems to be disappointed. Did he look forward to an evening with Elizabeth?

He had never thought of Beckett as anything other than his physician. Now he studied the man’s face and figure. He is certainly handsome in a way that ladies would appreciate, and he was born a gentleman, though a second son. Odd that he refused a commission in the military or a vocation in the Church, instead choosing to be a physician.

The gentleman sighed. Without a doubt, Bingley’s sisters think he is worthy of their attentions. Otherwise, they would remain in their rooms.

Darcy took comfort in the knowledge that Elizabeth would return to her sister’s chambers following the meal.

She had the chance to spend the evening with Beckett, and she refused. He smirked.

The physician touched Elizabeth’s arm. “Miss Elizabeth,” he began earnestly, “I shall go with you to check on Miss Bennet after we dine. If she still sleeps soundly, will you agree to play for us? I have so looked forward to hearing you, for Bingley told me he has rarely heard anything else that pleased him so much.”

Elizabeth blushed and turned her face up to his with a sweet smile. “I do not enjoy performing in company, sir, but since you have so kindly looked after my sister, I will play for you if she still sleeps when our meal is over. ’Tis the very least I can do, for you have asked nothing else of us.”

Watching the scene play out, Darcy clenched his jaw.

The young physician held out his arm to her, and she accepted it.

As Mr. Beckett led her from the room, Mr. Bingley looked at Mr. Darcy and grinned.

“They make a lovely couple, do they not, Darcy?” he whispered before he followed them and closed the door. “He would be an excellent match for her.”

Darcy glared at the ceiling. Lovely, indeed. Perhaps she will not be in service after all. She will marry Beckett and have a dozen golden children, for he looks as if he loves her already. Why would he not?

The thought should have made him happy, for he truly wished Elizabeth to be loved by a good man and well set up in life.

I admit I want to be the good man she loves. I want to take care of her and our children. Our dark-haired, dark-eyed children, playing on the grounds at Pemberley. I would teach my sons to fish and ride and my daughters to gather flowers for their mother. I would take them into Lambton to meet the townspeople, like my father did Georgiana and me. They would gather around Elizabeth and me as we read them stories. I could push them in the swing that hangs from that big oak tree.

He mourned the children he would never have with her as he turned his face to the wall. Georgiana will marry and move away, and I will be alone.

Though Darcy knew Elizabeth was unsuitable for him in every way that mattered to his family, he longed to feel the silk of her thick hair sliding through his fingers, to bask in the warmth of her smile, to see her green eyes flash, to learn what interested her, and to share her secrets.

“I love her,” he whispered aloud, unable to suppress it any longer. “But I can never marry her.”

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About the Author

Robin Helm's books reflect her love of music, as well as her fascination with the paranormal and science fiction.

Her latest publication is More to Love, (Darcy comments on Elizabeth's weight). Previously published works include The Guardian Trilogy: Guardian, SoulFire, and Legacy (Darcy is Elizabeth's guardian angel), the Yours by Design series Accidentally Yours, Sincerely Yours, and Forever Yours (Fitzwilliam Darcy switches places in time with his descendant, Will Darcy), and Understanding Elizabeth (Regency Romance).

Mrs. Helm is also featured in a series of anthologies with several other like-minded authors. A Very Austen Christmas has been a Best Seller on Amazon in several categories. A Very Austen Valentine was released on December 29, 2018. A Very Austen Romance is being planned for December 2019. 

She lives in South Carolina and adores her husband, two married daughters, and three grandchildren.

Connect with Robin Helm

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Many thanks to Robin for visiting us today with a lovely excerpt and for having a giveaway with me! ❤️

Oh, my! Poor Darcy! That last line, "I love her"..."But I can never marry her." broke my heart! I can't wait to read the rest! 

What about you? What did you think?


  1. Enjoyed the excerpt especially when Mr Darcy imagined their children. I hope he is able to get around is doubts about being able to marry her before Mr Beckett wins her heart.

    1. Let's hope so, darcybennet. Beckett is a formidable rival.

  2. Congrats on your book, Robin! I loved the excerpt. Poor Darcy has it bad, doesn't he?
    Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

    1. Thank you, Pamela! Good luck in the giveaway.

  3. Is Darcy unwell? Just wondering why he would like to have a tray in his room instead of joining Bingley, Elizabeth and the others for dinner. I like the excerpt btw.

    Is Mr Beckett a recurring character in your stories, Robin? If I'm not mistaken, he appeared A Very Austen Valentine.

    1. Darcy was caught in a rainstorm, and he's sick. Good luck!

  4. Love the excerpt. Congrats on the book great cover.

    Tighefan42 atgmail dotcom

    1. Hi, Tammy! So glad you like the book cover. That's my younger daughter!

      Good luck in the giveaway. :)

  5. "She is tolerable, I suppose, but there is rather too much of her to tempt me." Now that's even worse than the similar comment from canon!

    Thanks for sharing this excerpt with us, Robin. Were Darcy and Elizabeth alone at the start of it and (gasp) in his bedroom as well? It seems that the possibility of a rival for Elizabeth's affection has jolted Darcy into a realisation of his true feelings, even though he's determined, at this stage, that he can't marry her. Dream on, my boy!

    1. Hi, Anji. I know. Right? Darcy just stuck his foot in his mouth and kept on chewing, right on up to the knee.

      They're in his room because he's sick, but they're not alone. There's a maid with them. Darcy is ALWAYS careful to observe the proprieties. Mr. Beckett - not so much.

      I just love a clueless Darcy with a rival. :)

      Good luck in the giveaway!


  6. I was privileged to read an pre-publication version of More to Love ... it's a delightful page-turner of a romance. As for that Mr. Beckett, oh he will steal your heart. Watch out, Darcy. Serious competition here!

    1. I liked Mr. Beckett so much I wrote him into I Dream of You and Maestro. I think he'll get his own book eventually. I just adore the man. ๐Ÿ˜

    2. Alas for poor Apollo, I mean, Thomas Beckett. He is doomed to have a broken heart for a spell. Because one cannot quickly marry off series guys ...

      Oh boy! We love a series!

    3. Since he truly loved Elizabeth, I can't have him fall for another woman too quickly. And, there's that series thing. *wink

  7. Robin Helm is one of my favorite authors--loved the Guardian Series--and thus this book is on my Amazon Wish list. Please enter me in the drawing.

    1. I'm so glad to hear that, foreverHis. That was a story from my heart. Thank you so much. Good luck in the giveaway!

  8. I read this as a WIP and loved it. Beckett is adorable and I can’t wait to see where you take him in Maestro. Really like how you are developing Mary in that story.

    1. Thank you, katzanne. I look forward to getting back to Maestro after I pubish Lawfully Yours and write my story for our next antholgy. The good news is Lawfully Yours is moving right along.

  9. Congratulations on the new release, Robin! An intriguing excerpt along with a lovely cover :)

    Thank you for the chance to win a copy.

    1. Thank you so much! So glad you liked the excerpt and cover. That may be my favorite cover of all of my books. ๐Ÿ˜

  10. Congratulations on your new book. This excerpt has me feeling so bad for Darcy. There will be an HEA, I just know it. Thank you for the generous give away.

    1. Thank you, Deborah Ann. All of my books have HEAs, so no worries. Good luck in the giveaway!

  11. This was a delightful read and I know your readers will enjoy it as much as I did. Love the cover with Robin's daughter, as always!

    1. Thanks, Jen Red. So glad you enjoyed it, and I appreciate your kind comments about the cover. ๐Ÿ˜

  12. I'm so tickled with this excerpt! Thank you for the giveaway! I really like that you do series and covers are very professional!

    1. Hi, Jeanna. I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the excerpt. I like showing the characters at different places in their lives. I recently had all my covers redone by a designer, because my homemade CreateSpace covers were very dated. Good luck in the giveaway.

  13. Oh, how I love reading all your comments! Thank you! Sorry I haven't been replying! I've been super busy the last couple of days and haven't had a moment! But thankfully, Robin is such a wonderful guest and has been replying! Thank you so much, Robin!!
    I can't wait to read More to Love! From the conversation, I think it's going to be fun getting to know Mr. Beckett! :)

    1. Thank you so much for hosting me, Candy. Mr. Beckett was a favorite of my readers on Beyond Austen. He was definitely fun to write. I hope you enjoy the book. ๐Ÿ˜


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