Wednesday, February 6, 2019

What Are You Reading? ~ Feb. 6, 2019

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What are you Reading?  Let me know what your current read is, what you recently finished reading, and what you plan on reading next! 

Hey, friends! I didn't think I was going to post again this week because I have a cold. I felt terrible yesterday, but I'm feeling better today. Not a hundred percent, but enough that I thought I could put this post together!

Currently Reading:

I'm back into Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. My reading group is coming up soon, and I need to have this one finished. I am enjoying it much more than the first time I read it! :)

Recently Finished:

I recently finished reading The Way You Make Me Feel by Maurene Goo. It's a cute, fun read about friendship, food, and LA! It's also a quick read. 4 stars.

All I pretty much read in January was Harry Potter. I love those books! I could start rereading them all over again right now. LOL! ;)  -  Instead of listing each book, I'm posting my January wrap-up picture. 

As you can see, I also finished reading The Outlaw's Mail Order Bride by Linda Broday. It was great! I hope to have a review up soon!

What's next? 

I want to read The Last Letter by Rebecca Yarros. I know, I know, I've said this before! But I'm do want to read it. I was just a little obsessed with Harry Potter.

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So, tell me, what are you reading?


  1. Reading: Muse of Nightmares and To All the Boys I've Loved Before
    LOVING Muse so far, and a chapter in to TATBILB it looks like it'll be a cute read (I still haven't seen the Netflix movie, so maybe after I read it!)
    Up next ... too many books and not nearly enough time ;) haha

    1. Hey, Rebecca! Ooh, Muse of Nightmares sounds great! I haven't heard of that series before! Thanks!
      I just watch the movie To All the Boys I've Loved Before. I loved it! I was waiting to read the book, but figured I'm never going to get to it with all the books I want to read! (it is a problem, isn't it? "...too many books and not nearly enough time" LOL!)

  2. You can do it. The last half of S&S is by far the best reading. :)

    Haha! When the re-reading bug bites, what can you do, right? I am due for an HP re-read or listen. It's been years. I just read the screenplay of Fantastic Beasts and have Crimes of Grindelwald, too.

    Just finished Pride, Prejudice and Jasmin Field. It's great getting to one that has sat on my shelves for a while. Impatiently, I waited my turn at the library, but finally its my turn for The Sweet At the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley.

    1. Lol, Sophia Rose! Yes, I can! I'm looking forward to finishing S&S! haha!

      Oh, I don't have Fantastic Beasts or Crimes of Grindelwald, but I'm not sure I want to go there. I read HP and the Cursed Child. It was alright, but not the same. If you know what I mean.

      How was P,P & Jasmin Field? I read Persuading Annie years ago, but not Jasmin Field. I hope you enjoy The Sweet At the Bottom of the Pie! Looks great! :)


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