Wednesday, November 13, 2019

What Are You Reading? ~ Nov. 13th, 2019

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What are you Reading?  Let me know what your current read is, what you recently finished reading, and what you plan on reading next! 

Current Read

I'm currently re-reading Holidays with Jane: Thankful Hearts* by Rebecca M. Fleming, Jennifer Becton, Melissa Buell, Nancy Kelley, Cecilia Gray, and Jessica Grey. I'm reading this with my JASNA reading group. It's a fun set of modern Jane Austen short stories!  

Recently Finished

I finished reading One Second After* by William R. Forstchen. Wow, it was good and so intense! It's about a small town in North Carolina, and their struggle to survive after an EMP goes off and shuts down the country. The story looked at so many aspects of the aftermath from an EMP, not only trying to find food and defending it from raiders. But also not having proper medications; for instance, diabetics, what happens to them. What happens to hospitals, nursing homes, and with communications down, there is no way to find out if or when help is coming. So many things to think about. What a page-turner! ~ 5 stars

I also finished listening to The Girl With No Name* by Diney Costeloe.  Another great book for me this week! Lisa is a Jewish refugee who is sent to London just before the Blitz during WWII. She slowly learns English and starts to feel comfortable with her foster family when she gets hurt during a bombing. Her new family thinks she is dead, and she has no memory of them or who she is. I really enjoyed listening to this story and loved following Lisa as she grows into a young woman. Also, the secondary characters are wonderful too. ~ 5 stars

What's next? 

I'm thinking about reading The Knight Before Christmas* by Marilyn Brant, who kindly gifted me a copy! Ooh, it looks so good! 

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Have a great week, friends! I'm excited to have started in on my holiday reads! How about you? Do you have any holiday books on your list? 


  1. You've had a great reading week all around. Your WWII story sounds great.

    I'm reading A Cowboy Like You right now, but hope to read Knight Before Christmas soon, too.

    1. Hey, Sophia Rose! Yes, I thought you might like the WWII story since you have been reading a lot of them lately. :)

      I hope you enjoy A Cowboy Like You! It sounds great! And, yay, to reading The Knight Before Christmas!! Can't wait to hear your thoughts!


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