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A Wilful Misunderstanding Blog Tour ~ Excerpt & Giveaway!

 Hello, my friends! I'm delighted to be part of the A Wilful Misunderstanding Blog Tour! I have a lovely excerpt to share with you. I hope you enjoy it! There's also a giveaway - details are at the bottom of the page! 

A Wilful Misunderstanding 
By Amy D’Orazio 

Book Blurb 

The moment he saw her at the assembly in Meryton, he knew he loved her. 

WHEN FITZWILLIAM DARCY MEETS ELIZABETH BENNET in the fateful autumn of 1811, their mutual infatuation is immediate and undeniable. Within months, they are married and spend a blissful winter at Pemberley, falling more deeply in love with each other than either might have imagined possible. But spring in London proves more challenging to them. Accident and artifice join to devastating effect for the young couple, destroying their felicity and creating an outcome neither might have imagined.  

TWO YEARS LATER, happenstance reunites them. Sorrow and anger have built walls between them but the love they once shared still remains. Will it be enough to conquer the sins of the past? Is the love they still hold within them strong enough to prevail over the anger and mistrust that tore them apart?

     Having missed both the actual day of his son’s birth as well as the time he turned one, Darcy awaited eagerly Bennet’s second birthday. The night prior, Darcy went to the nursery just as his son was being prepared for sleep. He had purchased a small pony, which even now was happily frisking about in the stable. Darcy found himself quite at sixes and sevens with his own anticipation of his son’s joy in the animal. Bennet was quite sleepy, but still enjoyed having his Papa put him securely into his bed. 
     “Bennet, I am eager to celebrate your birthday. Two years old! Quite a young gentleman.” 
     “Mama says cake,” Bennet replied. 
     “Ah, yes. A special cake for a most wonderful son.” Darcy stroked his boy’s soft, rounded cheek. He could not help himself, and asked, “So tell me, is there anything you would especially wish for your birthday? A toy or…perhaps—”
     “Butter,” Bennet replied sleepily. 
     “Butter,” Bennet confirmed. “No sisters, just butters.” 
     Darcy sat back, surprised by the request. Bennet had never seemed particularly impressed by his interactions with other children, but it seemed that might be changing. 
     “Well, brothers do take time to arrive, my darling. I do not think I can procure one for you by tomorrow.” 
     Bennet mumbled something, having already succumbed to sleep. Darcy watched him for a few pleasant moments before going to the drawing room. Elizabeth was therein, playing some Christmas carols on the pianoforte. He joined her, always loving it when she sang to him. 
     When she paused, he informed her, “Our son would like a brother for his birthday.” 
     She laughed. “Is that all? Let me see whether I have one in a closet somewhere.” 
     He chuckled, his hand tracing her spine. After a short pause, he asked, “Bennet was…well, it was an easy birth, was it not? I believe you said it was.” 
     “Oh yes. Nothing to it at all.” 
     “So you would like more children or…” 
     She turned towards him then, giving him her attention in full. “I would love more children.” 
     “Is that so?” He leaned in to give her a series of light kisses on her mouth. “How many?” 
     “A lot. Ten, twelve. So many that we would run out of names for them all.” 
     “Seems we had better get started, then.” He rose and quickly swooped her into his arms, ready to take her up to their bed, but her next words stopped him. 
     “If memory serves,” she said with a little wink, “that fainting couch over there does very nicely.” 

     Thus, the Darcys spent Bennet’s birthday bleary-eyed, tired, and more in love with one another than ever. As Bennet stood in the stable shrieking with delight at his pony (who he named Horse, after being discouraged from naming it Pop), Elizabeth remarked, “This feels very much like the first days we were married, this feeling of…happy lethargy.” 
     She gave her husband a smile that seemed innocent, but there was a naughty twinkle in her eyes. 
     “I like that,” Darcy mused, and after seeing that the stable boy and Bennet were occupied with Horse, pulled her closer. “A felicitous fatigue, you might call it.” 
     Elizabeth laughed just a bit, then with an arch look said, “A satisfied sleepiness perhaps?”
     Darcy shook his head instantly. “Oh no, Mrs Darcy, not at all. I have missed you a very, very long time. Last night, delightful as it was, was not nearly satisfactory.”
     Elizabeth blushed and looked at him, murmuring, “I have missed you as well.”
     Spying the stable hand coming towards them, Darcy quickly said, “I adore you.”
     “As do I, you,” she said with a tender look that nearly melted him.

About the Author

Amy D’Orazio is a long time devotee of Jane Austen and fiction related to her characters. She began writing her own little stories to amuse herself during hours spent at sports practices and the like and soon discovered a passion for it. By far, however, the thing she loves most is the connections she has made with readers and other writers of Austenesque fiction.
Amy currently lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and daughters, as well as three Jack Russell terriers who often make appearances (in a human form) in her book. 

A Wilful Misunderstanding is Amy’s sixth book.

Connect with Amy D’Orazio

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Many thanks to Quill & Quarto Publishing for including me on this blog tour!

Congratulations to Amy D’Orazio on the release of her new book, A Wilful Misunderstanding

So, friends, any thoughts? Comments are always welcome!


  1. I think the Darcys should remember that not all children are cute


    1. Oh heavens, well I sure think they are. I love kids and dogs and never seen one of either I don't like! -- AMY

  2. Heavy sigh! Bliss! Well I think I’m going to have to get over my fear of angst now, if only to read more like that! I’m hoping there is more after this delicious excerpt?
    I would love to read about Bennet’s many butters (and sisters?) love his original name for the pony (lol)
    Thank you for sharing this.
    glyniswhitelegg (at) hotmail (dot) com

  3. This sounds wonderful. Why wasn't Darcy at his son's birth and first birthday? Thank you for the excerpt and giveaway.

  4. So, Bennet Darcy wants "butters" for his birthday. LOL!! I'm so glad to read that D&E are together again after their two year separation. Too much angst in a story makes my heart rate go up and my palms sweat. Whew, all is well at the end. Looking forward to reading this story.

  5. I am so happy to read it. This excerpt shows a happy end. After reading the first five chapters I was so sad for Darcy and Elizabeth. I was afraid : doubts, misunderstanding, jalousy, bad feelings. Thank you and what a joy to read there is a little Bennet and perhaps more. tiodomiaubry(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. Glynis -- thank you! And yes I do think there are more sweet moments, have to reward the readers for getting through the angst!
    Eva -- good questions! All in the story
    foreverHis-- thank you!! Promise all is well at the completion!
    Lyrod--Thank you! And yes I do promise that Bennet has realized his dream and then some by the end

    Thanks to all and thank you for hosting me Candy!!
    Amy D'Orazio

  7. I’m so looking forward to reading this excerpt in context! I’m 60% through the book now, and they still have quite a ways to go for their HEA.

  8. Enjoyed the excerpt and hope that they end up having the large family they want. (jadseah4(at)yahoo(dot)com)


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