Monday, September 12, 2011

Absolute Liability by J. W. Becton

Wow!  Fantastic book!  It starts out immediately when Julia Jackson, a fraud investigator, is thought to be abducted.  Julia, a former Mercer Police Officer, who now works for the Georgia Department of Insurance has to work fast through her cases to figure out who might want her out of the way.  The DOI brings in another agent to help her with her investigations.  Enter Speciall Agent Mark Vincent - Love him!

The suspects all have very unique and interesting personalities! My favorite is Leona, a woman body builder!  Then there is Roger McKade, suspected of setting fire to his furniture warehouse.  Throw in a couple of independent insurance agents.  With all the suspects, I was busy trying to guess who the guilty party was through out the story.

During the whole of it, Julia is dealing with some family issues concerning her sister.

There definitely seems to be some sparks between Julia and Vincent.

Absolute Liability is the first of a six-book series.  I can't wait to read the rest.  One thing I have to know...Please tell me that Vincent is going to be in the rest of the series!

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  1. I love this book and can't wait for the next in the series. It manages to be believable and suspenseful, which is hard to do!

  2. Nice place you've created. Welcome to the blogosphere! And you're perfectly right...So little time, so much to read. Best wishes. MG

  3. Maria Grazia, thank you! This is all very new to me, I haven't figured everything out yet! My reviews are short and sweet! :)

    Jessica, I agree with you, it does manage to be believe and suspenseful.

    Thank you both for leaving a comment!

  4. Absolute Liability was one of my favorite books of the summer. I read it as close to straight through as my family would let me. (They seemed to think I ought to spend time with them on the 4th of July weekend.)

    I hear Death Benefits will be out sometime around the first of the year--YAY!

  5. I agree with Nancy. It was one of my favorite books this summer and DB is going to be the highlight of my new year!! What better way to ring in the new year than with a few pages of Vincent? :) (ps- I have the hugest crush on him, but don't tell my DH) ;)
    And I feel your problem too Candy. One can surly make a full time job out of reading books! Too bad I can't get paid for it! :)
    Congrats on your blog!! :)

  6. Nancy, families are funny that way! :)

    Jakki, I had my husband read my review for AL because my spell check wasn't working. When he finished he said, "So you like Vincent, huh?" I can't wait to read more of him!! Lol!

  7. Candy, this book is on my reading list for this week (!!) -- it's my treat for finishing the writing of another chapter (or it will be as soon as I type up my notes on the last scene ;). I've been looking forward to reading this story by Jennifer for a long time...

  8. How did I not see this sooner? Thank you, Candy, for the review. It makes my heart feel good to know that others enjoyed Absolute Liability and that people--well, women--like Vincent. And I'll give you a spoiler. Vincent will be back!


  9. Marilyn, you're in for a real treat then! I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

    Jennifer, I'm so happy to hear Vincent will be back!! I'm look forward to read the next book! You're welcome for the review!

  10. I join the others in their enthusiasm for this book. Is is well deserved. The problem is that now we have to wait for the next one. I'll be rereading Absolute Liability as soon as the next one is out, so that I make a better connection. And so on...(Oh, you too!)

  11. Oh, Yes, Martisima, I too will be rereading AL right before Death Benefits comes out! Can't get too much Vincent! :D

  12. Candy, :) <--Me right now.

    Martisima, I wish I had all the books written! I have the outline for the series, but I don't think you'd like that as well. :) It loses something with the Roman numerals.

    Jakki, you gals make me feel so happy. Thanks for being so nice.

  13. Martisima, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I loved hearing from you!

    Thanks everyone for making it a great day! :)

  14. You got me pumped for this book... and it's FREE in the Kindle Lending Library for Prime Members!!! Day. Made.


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