Saturday, September 17, 2011

Double Dipping By Marilyn Brant

Double Dipping
By Marilyn Brant
Marilyn Brant has written another sweet story!  You might want to grab a bowl of ice cream while reading this one!
Cailtin Walsh is a second grade teacher who just found out her favorite school festival, the Harvest Hoopla, is being canceled.  The man responsible for this decision is the new financial director, Garrett Ellis.  Garrett has been hired to find out who has been pocketing money from the schools funds.  After an investigation of each other, they team up to find the thief.  They are attracted to each other right away but there are trust and commitment issues that keep getting in the way. There are some pretty hot scenes in this story. It was fantastic! It had me laughing and on occasion crying, I love it when a story does that to me. I didn’t want to put it down!

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  1. Candy, THANK YOU!! Since it's not possible to hug you through my computer (not that I didn't try ;), I hope you know how much I appreciate you! Thanks so much taking the time to read this new book -- which is a gift enough for an author! -- but you went well beyond it by writing such a warm and thoughtful review. Can't wait to share this one, too!! xo

  2. You're welcome! It was my pleasure! I'm glad you like the review.


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