Friday, November 11, 2011

definitely not mr. darcy by karen doornebos

I loved it!! I definitely didn’t want definitely not mr. darcy to end! Those were the first words out of my mouth when I finished the book!

Chloe Parker thinks she is going to London to do a documentary about life in 1812 England. What she discovers after arriving is that is not a documentary at all, it’s a reality TV show! She and several other women are competing to win a proposal of marriage from Mr. Sebastian Wrightman and a $100,000 prize. They have to live like people did 200 years ago. Everything had to be authentic, everything from what they wore, ate, to how they bathed.  There was no cell phones, no internet, no electricity, no plumbing (she had to go in a chamber pot, with the embarrassment of the chambermaid caring it out and disposing of it! Yuck!)  No deodorant, no make up except a little strawberry rouge. It was all very interesting to read about!
I loved how they had to earn accomplishment points by learning how to needle point, make ink, mend a pen, etc. And the women were not always that nice in their endeavors to win the man and the money.
Karen Doornebos did a fantastic job on this story! It was fun to read. It made me realize, I’m glad I wasn’t born 200 years ago. With my luck, I probably would have been a chambermaid! This is a must read!
5 out of 5 stars.

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  1. Lovely review, Candy! I agree with all of our points! Thank goodness I didn't live 200 years ago! For one, I don't think I would have been able to snag a husband w/o makeup or hair product, and yeah, the chamber pot thing- yuck! And like you said, no deodorant and not bathing every day and when you do, to bathe in used water, nasty! Oh I didn't want it to end! I wish Karen woul write a little short story or vignette that takes place right after the ending (but I don't want to give anything away).

  2. Thanks Jakki! That would be fantastic if Karen would write a short story or vignette! Yes, I would have been a spinster for sure! ;)

  3. I loved the book, too. Karen did a lot of research to make it authentic. Just like the main character, I'm not sure I'd like giving up my MacBook, my iPad and my phone either.

  4. Susan, Karen did an amazing job! No kidding, I don't think I could give my up either! Although I think I spend far too much time on my computer! :)

  5. I have not gotten this far on my TBR list and your great review made me go through a struggle of dragging it out of the pile and launching right into it.

    I cannot wait to read about the troubles the heroine had with historic inconveniences from the comfort of my cozy chair after my warm clean watered shower. (-;

  6. Sophia Rose, if your TRB stack is as large as mine I totally understand! :) I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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