Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mr. Darcy's Undoing By Abigail Reynolds

I read Mr. Darcy's Undoing several years ago when Reynolds was self publishing her books. It was then called Without Reserve. She was picked up by Sourcebooks, who then rereleased it as Mr. Darcy's Undoing.

The Story starts after Darcy's disastrous proposal in Kent. When she receives another proposal from a third man she decides to accept it even though she does not love him, at least she likes him and it would secure her family in the unhappy event of her fathers passing. Darcy returns with Bingley and is surprised by Liz's engagement. He goes away and returns for Bingley's wedding to find Elizabeth not married. Darcy begins to pursue her again but this time she won't have him because of her fallen reputation. She is concerned Darcy's reputation will be damaged if he marries her. Darcy cannot except this and is very persistent!

I really felt for Mr. Darcy, even I didn't like to see Elizabeth with another man! But I loved that Darcy doesn't give up. He is so determined, that he goes so far as to enlist the help of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet.

This is a fast moving, don't want to put down read. It focuses mainly on Elizabeth and Darcy. It does contain a few sexual scenes.

Abigail Reynolds is the author of several Pride and Prejudice variations or what-if stories. Among them is my favorite From Lambton to Longbourn, rereleased as What Would Mr. Darcy Do?. When I need a quick Darcy fix I love to read her short story Intermezzo.

ARC of Mr. Darcy's Undoing provided by author. I purchased my own copy of Without Reserve.

Buy a copy of Mr. Darcy's Undoing here.

What is your favorite Abigail Reynolds story?


  1. Candy, I can't name a favorite. I love them all! I love both of her moderns. As far as Regency ones, I would Say From Lambton to Longbourn (although I really want to read this under it's new title as it has a few new scenes), By Force of Instince, FD, the Last Man in the World, To Conquer Mr. Darcy, and Mr. Darcy's Undoing (although I have yet to read this under it's new title as well).
    Let me just tell you how excited I am for Abigail's new book, Mr. Darcy's Letter to come out!! :D
    Oh, and let's not forget A Pemberley Medley for a quick read.

  2. Thanks, Jakki! I think you just about covered it all! Lol!
    I think I like FLTL because when I read P&P it drives me crazy that Elizabeth doesn't say something to Darcy at the Inn and YAY! Abigail does that!
    I can't wait for her new book either! I love the cover!

  3. FLTL was the first book by Abigail I read, so I think it has a special place! I agree about the scene in Lambton too!
    Great job, Candy! Oh, and yes, the cover is beautiful!

  4. So far my favourite book by Abigail Reynolds has been The Last Man in the World (because I love scenarios where Elizabeth is forced into marriage with Darcy and only in such circumstances she starts to understand and appreciate him). But now I'm looking forward to new book - Mr.Darcy's Letter! Maybe this new one will become my new favourite:)))

  5. I have read all but this one and Pemberley Medley. I swear the woman does not know how to write a dud and each 'what if' manages to be so different.

    I'm glad all the old title/new title business is over with and we have the brand new 'Darcy's Letter' to devour now.

    Thanks for the post!

  6. Me too, Sophia, it gets very confusing! I got Darcy's Letter and cannot wait to read it. But I will have to wait a little bit as I have a few ahead of it in my TBR stack! :)

    Oloore, It looks like we are all looking forward to reading Abigail's new book! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. :)


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