Friday, November 4, 2011

Fitzwilliam Ebenezer Darcy by Barbara Tiller Cole

     Fitzwilliam Ebenezer Darcy is a mash up of Pride and Prejudice and A Christmas Carol.  I loved this! When I first saw this book I thought it was a great idea and it didn’t let me down!
     Darcy is a miserable man. He has lost the woman that he loves. He fears Elizabeth can never forgive him for Lydia’s marriage to Wickham. He feels, if he had just told the truth about Wickham this never could have happened!
     It is nearly Christmas and Darcy sits in his study, drinking himself into oblivion. After falling asleep he is visited by the ghost of his mother, Anne Darcy.  Who has come to tell him he needs to change his ways or suffer the consequences. She tells him that he will be visited by three other ghosts before the night is through.  The ghosts of the past, present and future.  One of the ghosts is Darcy’s father, I really liked how he was able to address some of the issues between them.
     I loved when Darcy witnesses Elizabeth’s reaction to his comment about her not being tolerable. I also like how we learn a little bit about how things are going for Lydia and Wickham.  We find out what life could be like for both Elizabeth and Georgiana.
     Although, this is a short story (on my kindle only 1122 locations) it is a very fun read!
     I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

     Buy a copy of Fitzwilliam Ebenezer Darcy here. 

     Let me know what you think. I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Another great review Candy! I thought this book sounded interesting too. I think I might read it closer to Christmas! This mash-up sounds like a great combination!

  2. Thanks, Jakki! I enjoyed it! You're right about it being a nice Christmas read.

  3. I had not heard of this book until recently and it does look like a fun holiday read. I wasn't sure what it was about so your review gave me a better idea.

    Thanks for posting!

  4. Loved your review! I've been hesitant to read this one, but it sounds just marvelous and definitely right up my alley.

    I saw the link to your blog over on the FB page for Austen Authors, btw. Do you mind if I link to your blog from mine?


  5. Gioia, absolutely! I would love for you link my blog to yours. Thank you!

    Sophia Rose, thank you for stopping by! It is a fun read!

  6. Candy:

    I just found your lovely review tonight, and I so appreciate your kind words. I am so happy that you liked my Holiday story!

    Barbara Tiller Cole...

  7. Barbara, I'm so glad you found me! I enjoyed your story very much.

  8. Great interview, Candy. I will add this one to my TBR stack.

  9. I LOVED this short story too! I got a JAFF Christmas book this past season and it had three short stories in it, this being one of them. Since one of my favorite Christmas stories EVER is "A Christmas Carol" AND I love P&P, I pretty much squealed like a little girl when I found this.


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