Monday, March 12, 2012

Compulsively Mr. Darcy By Nina Benneton

     I loved this quirky, humorous, modern day Pride and Prejudice retelling that had me laughing out loud many times! Darcy is a germ-a-phobic control freak who meets up with Elizabeth, an infectious disease doctor. This is really a hilarious combination! 
     Darcy has accompanied Bingley to Vietnam to help the Hursts with an adoption. The orphanage is being temporarily run by Jane Bennet. Her sister Elizabeth is also there, volunteering at a local hospital. Right from the beginning Darcy and Elizabeth get off on the wrong foot. 
     I loved how when they first meet Elizabeth mistakingly thinks Darcy and Bingley are a couple! Ha! Then she thinks Darcy is unemployed and looking for work! As usual, they are always misunderstanding one another. 
     I liked this Elizabeth! She is impulsive and intelligent but sometimes she lacks common sense! She finds herself in trouble a time or two.
     Nina Benneton has a wicked sense of humor and I loved all the characters she created in her story. I especially like Mary Bennet, who is usually portrayed as a solemn person, is a crazy environmentalist with some incredible computer hacking skills!
     Compulsively Mr. Darcy is a fun read that I really enjoyed!
     I give this 5 out of 5 stars!
     I would also give this a mature rating for some sexual content.

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About the Author:

Author Bio:  As a child, Nina Benneton promised the French nuns who taught that she would grow up and find the cure for cancer, effect world peace, and win a Nobel Prize for something, anything.  Alas, her own Mr. Darcy and the requisite number of beautiful children interrupted her plans. Tired of alphabetizing her spices and searching for stray Barbie shoes, she turned to writing. 

Her debut novel, Compulsively Mr. Darcy, earned a Best Book review and the Reader's Poll Book of the Month February 2012  from Long and Short Review, 'Hands down…a must read for lovers and fans of classic romance.'  Fresh Fiction Review called it a 'tenderly written novel.'  Savvy Verse and Wit described it as ' 'More than a love story, Compulsively Mr. Darcy is about loving someone faults and all, accepting and not changing who they are, and growing together in love.  Steamy, sexy, and fun, it will have readers giggling and blushing at the same time.' Publishers Weekly wrote,  'Die-hard fans of everything Austen will enjoy this update of her classic tale.'

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  1. I completely agree with you! I finished this hilarious book yesterday evening and liked it very much. All P&P characters are described in new quirky light and it is unexpectedly refreshing. And easy-going uninhibited Elizabeth with her gay record of boyfriends is something fabulous. I enjoyed every scene with her:)

    1. Oloore, Yes, Elizabeth's track record with boyfriends is so funny! I really liked Hussein! Lol!

  2. I agree. Elizabeth thinking Darcy and Bingley were a couple, but the other misunderstanding was so sweet. I loved the moment when Darcy finds out why she took the job in NY, and why she was so frugal. It's also funny that even when she finds out he's filthy rich, she's making sure he doesn't spend money needlessly.

    1. Oops, I meant to say her thinking they were a couple was hilarious. I left out a few words!

    2. Ha! I loved how she insisted on saving money, too! I also liked how Darcy would let her, he didn't try to change her. They understood each others quirks!

  3. What a terrific review, Candy!
    I have Nina's book, too, and I can't wait to get to relax and read it all. I've really enjoyed the snippets I've read so far, and I know I'm going to love the humor ;).

  4. Marilyn, thank you! I think you'll like it, too! I hope you get to relax soon!


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