Friday, March 23, 2012

Forever and a Day By Delilah Marvelle

     When Georgia and Roderick meet, two different worlds collide! Can two people from two totally opposite classes fall in love and stay together without society tearing them apart?

     Georgia Milton lives on Orange Street, a rough neighborhood in New York City, 1831. She is a tough girl, who can hold her own. Roderick is a very wealth Duke from London, who is in New York looking for a map his late mother gave him.

     When Georgia’s reticule is stolen while she is walking down the street, Roderick tries to chase down the thief. During the pursuit Roderick gets hit by an oumibus. He suffers memory loss due to the accident. Feeling responsible for him, Georgia takes him home when the hospital releases him, hoping his can remember something from his past so he can go home. They are drawn to one another and quickly fall in love.  

     When Roderick’s memory starts coming back and he realizes who he is, he also realizes Georgia would never be accepted by the ton. He feels he should let her go than let the ton destroy her. But will it be that easy?

     There is a lot I liked about this story, I found it really interesting seeing the huge contrasts between classes, pretty much the lowest to the highest. I loved Georgia’s feisty attitude and her willingness to learn to fit into his society, with or without his help. I also loved Roderick’s generous heart while living with Georgia; he was willing to help her out with her laundry business. And when he starts remembering some the unsavory parts of his past, his tries to be a better person.

     I really liked this story but I would have liked to see more at the end. I felt like it everything was wrapped up a little too quickly. 

     I rate this 4 out of 5 stars.

     I would give this a mature rating for some sexual content.

     Buy Forever and a Day here.

     I won a copy of this book from Austen Authors!

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  1. Good review, Candy. Roderick sounds like a great hero!

  2. Thanks, Jakki! At first I thought he was a bit of a rake but losing his memory brought out the real man in him, the better man!


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