Monday, March 26, 2012

Guardian By Robin Helm

I'm over at  Indie Jane today! I've written a review for an amazing book, Guardian by Robin Helm. So head over and read my review! Thanks!

This review was originally published on Indie Jane.

Oh. My. Word. This was not what I had expected! This is an amazing story, which had me thinking and at one point breaking out my Bible to do my own research. Even though this is a fictional story I was fascinated to see how the spiritual world might be at work around us. According to the Bible there is a spiritual battle being fought for us each day. It’s interesting to see the spiritual warfare that goes on in a persons life unseen by human eyes.
What if Elizabeth Bennett was meant for a special purpose? What if she was assigned a special Guardian, an Angel very high up in the realm of Angels?
The beginning of the story is a little heavy laying the ground work for the story. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very interesting. It’s just not a light read. As we watch Elizabeth grow up and become a teenager it’s amazing to watch the battles being fought for her. I really enjoyed the story more when Elizabeth was a teenager and young adult.
Where is Darcy in all this you might ask? He is Xander, Elizabeth’s Guardian, who, when he takes on his human form is called Darcy.
El, as her parents call her, is very intelligent and very gifted musically as well as vocally. Since her existence is very important in ruining the plans Satan has set in play to turn the world further away from God, he wants her dead.
Helm is well versed in all of God’s names and uses them through out the story, changing His name to suit the situation. I like that Scripture is infused all through the book. Helm uses them in chapter breaks as well as weaving them into the story.
This is the first book of a trilogy and it definitely ends with a cliffhanger. The good news is the second book is already out, SoulFire and I’m definitely looking forward to reading it! Helm is currently working on the Legacy, the final book in the trilogy.

Robin Helm has published the first two volumes of a trilogy (The Guardian Trilogy), Guardian and SoulFire, and is presently writing Legacy, the third and final volume, posting as a work in progress on four different forums. She has also published three Regency short stories. She and her husband have two daughters, the elder a Navy nurse stationed in Guam, and the younger a university senior. They live in South Carolina with their Yorkie-Poo, Tobey. You can connect with Robin on the Crown Hill Writers Guild site. You can purchase Guardian in both ebook and paperback on Amazon.

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