Monday, May 28, 2012

Austentatious By Alyssa Goodnight

Austentatious is an awesome story!!  What happens when a nerdy engineer meets a HOT Scottish musician? Throw a magical journal into the mix and life can get a little out of control! All of which makes a humorous story that I couldn’t put down!

The day Nicola James begins writing in an antique journal, her "Life Plan" begins to unravel. Her entries disappear only to be replaced with tidbits of advice on life and romance. Very skeptical, Nic tries to ignore the advice “Fairy Jane” is giving her because magic can’t possibly exist...can it?
Sean MacInnes is determined to get to know Nicola. They meet at a wedding after he rescues her from a near disastrous mushroom incident. He immediately melts my, oh, I mean, her heart with his charming and playful personality. But he cannot possibly be the one....a Hot musician? Romance right now is not part of her plan.
I adored Nic’s friends Beck and Gabe, as well as her kooky neighbors! Beck, her mentee, is totally open to “Fairy Jane’s” advice and the magic of the journal. She encourages Nic to listen to its wisdom. Her nosey neighbors, Leslie and Laura, are a hoot and are not above giving advice of their own. 
There is so much I loved about this book that I can’t possibly cover it all. I loved the language and random Star Wars, Batman, and other movie references sprinkled through out the story. I found myself wishing I could speak to Nic about what was in the journal, about her decisions and her “Life Plan.”
Austentatious is a romantic, laugh out loud funny story and it is written in such a way I could see everything so clearly in my mind! It would make a great film! I would definitely recommend reading this one! 

I give this 5 stars!

I won my copy of Austentatious from Seeing Night Reviews.

You can buy a copy here.

About the Author:

Alyssa Goodnight (2012)
Much like the heroine of Austentatious, Alyssa Goodnight has lived in Austin, Texas, graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, worked in the semiconductor industry, and experienced the Weird. She has not owned a magical journal or ever bandied words with the spirit of Jane Austen. She would positively relish the opportunity. Alyssa currently lives between Houston and Galveston with her husband, two sons, and their adventure dog, Indiana Jones. She does her writing with an ice-cold can of Dr. Pepper and her reading with cake whenever possible. She is dutifully working on her next novel while dreaming of the day that she finds herself conscripted into a flash mob dance. Alyssa’s first novel, Unladylike Pursuits, was termed ‘irresistible’ by Booklist
Vist Alyssa at her website: Alyssa Goodnight; Facebook: Alyssa Goodnight; Twitter: @a_goodnight.


  1. I just have two words for readers: Sean MacInnes! :) SA-WOON!!

  2. Thanks for a great review, Candy! So glad you liked it! :)

    1. Hi Alyssa! You're welcome! It was really my pleasure! I should be thanking you for writing such a fantastic story! I read "Unladylike Pursuits" a while back, it was also very good. I am looking forward to your next book!

  3. haha, Yeah, this is so totally on the To Read list...that disastrously long list... ;o) hehe

    1. Hi Rebecca! You have got to bump it up on the list! I really think you will love it! I know, that list is so long for me too. :D

  4. My Amazon "save for later" cart just keeps growing because of this blog!

  5. Hi Jamie! I'm glad you're enjoying my blog! Thank you! :) Haha! My list keeps growing too.


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