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Reviewing SoulFire by Robin Helm on Indie Jane

Hi! Today I'm over at Indie Jane reviewing SoulFire by Robin Helm. This is the second book of Helm's Guardian Trilogy. It's an amazing series! Pop over and read the review! Thanks!

You can also read the review I wrote for her first book of the trilogy, Guardianhere.

I'm looking forward to read the final book in the trilogy, Legacy, coming out soon!

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This review was originally published on Indie Jane.

SoulFire by Robin M. Helm ~ My Review

In Helm's first book, Guardian, it was amazing to see the work of the spiritual world around us. SoulFire expounded upon this.

Darcy and El spend an amazing summer with evangelist, Jonathan Edwards on the SoulFire tour, traveling the country saving thousands of souls. At the same time El is falling in love with Darcy and learning his secrets, but not all of them. When she learns his last secret, will she still love him?

It was a beautiful scene when El had her first concert and all the angels were singing praise too. With dancing light beams, the angels twirled around the theater creating a awesome light show!

I love the banter between Darcy, Michael and Gabriel. It's quite humorous listening to them give Darcy dating advice! Darcy experiencing human emotion for the first time is also fun to see.

Unknown to El, Gregory is attacking them every chance he can, trying to discredit their ministry and get rid of her. Still not realizing what Gregory really is, El considers him her friend.

Although the ministry of SoulFire is amazing, I felt the story of El and Darcy moves along a little slowly. Any issues they may have are resolved quickly. Then, when the plot begins to thicken and my angst starts to build, Helm ends the story with a cliffhanger!

Helm has just published the last book of this series, Legacy. I, for one, cannot wait to get my hands on this! I must know what happens!

4 out of 5 stars.

Disclaimer: I was provided a book for honest review.

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