Monday, April 8, 2013

Review: At Fault by J.W. Becton

Yay!  At Fault, the third installment of Becton’s Southern Fraud Thriller series is now available. I love Vincent and Julia! I was super excited to get my copy! After reading Absolute Liability (my review) and Death Benefits (my review), I couldn't wait to dig into At Fault

When Julia and Vincent begin to investigate a stretch of road in Georgia that seems to be a hot spot of staged car accidents, they soon find a much larger, well organized ring that encompasses all sides of insurance fraud; medical, auto and legal. They tread carefully to find the leader of the organization. Unfortunately, someone has become suspicious of Dr. Keller, their source on the inside. Soon Keller finds himself threaten, and his family becomes endangered.

Meanwhile, Julia is still working on finding the man who raped her sister. She has a strong lead on the suspect, but if they find him and bring him to trial what kind of affect will that have on Julia’s sister? She is finally clean and sober, will that send her spiraling downward again? Plus Vincent has family problems of his own. He is dealing with his son Justin. And to add to all the excitement, Vincent and Julia are growing more and more attracted to one another! Will they finally give in to their desires? 

I like the fact that both Julia and Vincent have problems with their families and can relate to one another - be there for each other.

Again, I found myself enjoying being in the head of one of the suspects as Becton slips in chapters from his point of view.

I truly enjoyed At Fault! I like the chemistry between Julia and Vincent. And the ending ...let me just say I can’t wait for the next book!!

4 out of 5 stars.

I was provided e-ARC of the book for my honest review.

Buy your copy here. (Disclaimer: Link to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate should you purchase a copy of the book through the link I will receive a small commission.)

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  1. Thank you so much for the review, Candy! I'm so glad you liked the characters and plot. And I appreciate your honest input and willingness to review. :D

    1. It was my pleasure, Jennifer! I love Vincent and Julia! They're great characters! I love this series!

  2. It sounds interesting. I have the first in the series, but not read it so far. Is there much detail on the sister's attack? I find scenes of that sort upsetting and I try and steer clear of them if I can.

    1. No, the attack happened over 15 years earlier. You mainly see the after affects of attack, how it affected each member of the family, but it's more of a side story. It's really good.

    2. Oh, it is a continuing thread through the series, where as the fraud cases are solved in each book. Very interesting!

    3. That is good to know, thank you Candy


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