Friday, July 18, 2014

Mini Bloggiesta!!! ~ July 2014

 Hey! It's that time again! Bloggiesta!! Time to clean up your blog, and learn some new things! =)

So, this weekend, July 19 and 20th, it's happening! I've tried to keep my calendar cleared for this, but something always seems to come up. But for the most part, I will be working away on my To Do list all weekend! 

Here's what I hope to get done:

  • Write at least 2 reviews. - I liked Work Lily's 2012 mini-challenge. Completed! Woot! They are scheduled and ready to go. 
  •  Figure out how to use Evernote - past mini-challenge at Joy's Book Blog and Tif Talks Books.
  • Comment on other Bloggiesta participant posts.
  • Check out the new mini-challenges.
  • I've already read through Stormy's Time Management mini-challenge at Book.Blog.Bake, and downloaded the Pomotodo app. I will use this over the weekend and see how it works! I like the idea of this, but after the first day I kept forgetting to use it. I will keep trying. :)
  • Work on questions for a guest post on Austenesque Reviews. Answered questionnaire, ready to send off. 
  • Twitter chat. Was able to participate in the first 30 minutes of chat!

What I have been working on since the last Bloggiesta:

  • I finally put together a page listing all my reviews in alphabetical order.
  • Figured out how to LinkWithin to work on my blog. I was going to ask questions about this during this Bloggiesta, but I figured it out by myself! :) The problem was with Safari. After I had updated to Maverick, I noticed I was having problems with a few things on blogger. I started using google chrome and now programs like LinkWithin will work! 
Shout out:

I want to do a shout out to Grammarly support! I love Grammarly and run most of my reviews through it. Recently I was having trouble getting into the editor page. I kept getting an error message. After waiting a day, I emailed customer support. I received a reply in 5 minutes! From a person!! She asked me some questions about my problem and asked for a screen shot of the page. I returned her email, and about 20 minutes later she replied back telling me others were getting the same message, and they were going to work on it. About an hour later, I checked and Grammarly was working again! The same tech emailed me the next day to make sure everything was working properly. I am extremely impressed! That never seems to happen now-a-days! 

Okay! That's it for now! If you would like to join us hop over to Bloggiesta, check out the mini-challenges and linkup your blog! 

Any thoughts? I'd love to hear from you!

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