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Boots and Backpacks Blog Tour ~ Excerpt and GIVEAWAY!

Hey Everyone! I'm pretty excited about being part of the Boots & Backpacks Blog Tour! Sounds like a fantastic book, and after reading the book blurb and the excerpt below, I can't wait to get my hands on at copy! I won't have to wait long as it's due to be released November 1, 2014!! Woot! Make sure to add it to your goodreads shelf! 

Meryton Press is also giving away an e-copy of Boots & Backpacks by KC Kahler here on my blog! You'll find that information at the bottom of this page. 


Boots & Backpacks
Pride and Prejudice on the Appalachian Trail, roughly

William Darcy counts down the last few months to his 30th birthday with dread. Orphaned as a child, his parents’ will includes a bizarre clause: Darcy must get married by his 30th birthday in order to inherit the family fortune. To make matters worse, the press knows about this deadline, as do the hordes of women chasing him in the hopes of becoming Mrs. Darcy. His family legacy hangs in the balance, but Darcy has little faith in the fairer sex. Will he find a woman he wants to marry, and quickly?

Elizabeth Bennet is determined to pursue her education and career without letting a man get in the way. When her traveling companion drops out, her planned hike on the Appalachian Trail is jeopardized. She meets the spoiled, snobby William Darcy just when he is desperate to escape the spotlight. No one will suspect that the Prince of Manhattan has gone backpacking! Darcy and Elizabeth form a tenuous partnership and begin a 300-mile journey that will transform them both.

In classic romantic comedy tradition, Boots & Backpacks follows our reluctant partners as they build trust, friendship, and even more. Six weeks together on America’s most famous hiking trail may turn out to be just what these two need!

Boots and Backpacks by KC Kahler


Notes: This is the scene from Chapter 1 where Darcy meets Elizabeth for the first time. Fair warning: he’s pretty unlikeable at the start of the story. I’ve previously posted the Prologue at my blog, where we get a glimpse of reformed Darcy. But here he is at his worst: 

Distance from New York City: 25 miles
Forced matrimony in: 85 days

William Darcy was bored. Watching the Hursts get carpal tunnel syndrome wasn’t his ideal way to spend a Friday evening. But here he was, watching through the window into the next room as they closed on their new house.
Louisa and Langdon Hurst, who were expecting their second bundle of joy (their first kid was a bundle of something), had got it into their heads to move out of the city. After doing some research—namely sorting community census data by highest average household income—they had narrowed their search to northern Bergen County, New Jersey.
Caroline Bingley thought her sister crazy to be moving out of Manhattan, and Darcy had to agree. But Charles Bingley was, as ever, supportive of his older sister’s plans, even accompanying the Hursts the first time they met with a real estate agent. He then went along to see all 19 of the houses they viewed because he was enamored with “angelic” real estate agent, Jane Bennet. Apart from their house-hunting excursions, Bingley and Jane Bennet had gone on several dates, and Darcy had been subjected to his friend’s gushing about this paragon of womanhood to a nauseating degree. He wanted to see who had captured Bingley’s interest—a significant feat, since Bingley’s reputation as a playboy was second only to Darcy’s. Thus Darcy found himself in a real estate office in Ridgewood, NJ.
At the moment, Bingley was making googly eyes through the glass wall at Miss Angel as she sat at a table with her clients. She was beautiful, Darcy had to admit, though in a wholesome sort of way. She was also helpful and earnest, pointing out to her clients where to sign each form, all in triplicate. Darcy saw Langdon flex his hand in between signatures.

How much longer would this take? Darcy couldn’t expect any decent conversation from captivated Bingley. Caroline, who shared a couch at the front of the office with Darcy, was texting, which was fine with him. Lately, even more so than usual, every conversation with her devolved into a thinly veiled offer of sex. Darcy had never slept with Caroline Bingley, making her a member of the rarest Manhattan breed: young, attractive, ambitious females who had not slept with William Darcy. At first he had avoided it out of respect for her brother. But at this point, Darcy knew Caroline too well, and what is it they say? Familiarity breeds contempt. The less conversation he had with Caroline Bingley, the better.
The other two people in the room had introduced themselves as “Franny and Maddy,” and were apparently Jane Bennet’s mother and aunt. Bennet Realty was a quaint family affair, it seemed. Franny was the founder and Maddy another agent. Darcy had no desire to speak with either of them, though Franny was staring at him while she pretended to look at her computer screen.
Darcy stood and went to the storefront window, which faced a typical suburban main street. The train station was down the street and across the square. He knew that because Bingley had insisted they take the train rather than ride out with the Hursts. “That way, we’ll avoid a long wait while they finalize the sale.” He had sounded perfectly sincere.
Darcy should have known better. Now he had a tedious dinner to look forward to, though he did welcome the chance to watch how Miss Angel behaved toward Bingley.
As he was imagining a dull, taxing evening, Darcy noticed a trio of figures exit from an adjoining door onto the sidewalk. They were dressed from head to toe in white protective gear with gas masks strapped over their white hoods. They gathered near a van that said “Gardiner’s General Contracting” on it. 
The two taller guys began taking off their gear; one was a good-looking man, perhaps Darcy’s age, and the second was a prematurely balding man. Their clothes under the suits were soaked with sweat. The third, the smallest of the workers, turned and walked in exaggerated, slow-motion steps past the window where Darcy stood, like an astronaut walking on the moon. Two children coming from the opposite direction stopped and stared before the astronaut bent to say something to them, making them break out into giggles. Their mother ushered them on their way with a confused smile at the astronaut.
The astronaut turned back toward the van as he took off his gloves. The taller, younger man suddenly lunged forward and lifted the astronaut up onto his shoulder. Darcy heard a distinctly feminine screech from the other side of the window. The astronaut was a woman? She wiggled and fought her way out of her captor’s grasp, and when she stood on her own two feet again, she threw one of her gloves at his head. The older guy, probably the boss, yelled something—Darcy couldn’t make out the words—which was enough to stop their squabble.
The woman/astronaut then took off her mask and hood, unzipped the suit and stepped out of it. Like her co-workers, she was drenched in sweat, but the effect on her was a bit more appealing. She was young, in her early twenties, and wore paint-spattered shorts, a white tank top, and old sneakers that had seen better days. Her brown hair was pulled into a messy bun, though some strands had escaped and clung to her sweaty neck.
She had a great ass. Darcy noticed that right away. Her legs were toned, tanned, long and lean. Her arms were a bit too muscular and her breasts a bit too small for his tastes. But despite this and her masculine occupation, she was strangely, completely feminine. Not in a soft sort of way; she wasn’t voluptuous or dainty, primped or polished. He might call her graceful only because he could think of no other way to describe her. She had a raw sort of sexiness that seemed to be unintentional, yet unashamed too. With some chagrin, Darcy caught himself waxing poetic about this sweaty construction worker. Weird, he’d never thought of her type as his type before.
Two more workers appeared on the sidewalk. Darcy was certain they were men even before they took off their gear. The five of them stood near the van, talking and loading equipment. Miss Nice Ass joked and laughed with them. Then she bumped fists with the two late-comers, who crossed the street and climbed into a pickup truck before driving away.
The original three remained at the van talking. Suddenly, they all turned in unison and looked toward Darcy. He had the strangest impulse to shrink back from the window, as if he had been caught doing something he shouldn’t. The balding boss walked around to the driver’s side of the van. The good-looking guy came up to Nice Ass and kissed her before getting into the passenger side. Darcy wouldn’t be caught dead in such a public display—then again, no paparazzo was lurking around the corner waiting to snap a picture of Miss Nice Ass and her co-worker.
After the van drove off, Miss Nice Ass turned and walked straight to the door of Bennet Realty, heaving it open. A blast of hot, humid air preceded her as she entered. It was enough to break Bingley’s angel-induced trance.
“Lizzy!” He walked toward her, hand outstretched.
“Hey Charlie.” She smiled but held her hands up as a warning. “Sorry. I’m not fit for touching.”
Charlie? Who the hell was this Miss Nice Ass?
Bingley laughed. “Just come from work, then?”
“Yeah, we were stripping the woodwork in the apartment above Jane’s. Is your sister a New Jersey resident yet?”
“Not quite. Any minute now, I guess. You are coming to dinner with us to celebrate, aren’t you?”
“You might not want to wait for me. Clearly, I need a shower.”
“Oh, don’t worry about it, we’ll wait. Here, let me introduce my other sister…and my friend.” Bingley turned back toward Darcy and Caroline, motioning for them to join him. Caroline continued texting furiously. Darcy stepped forward.
“Elizabeth, this is William Darcy, my very good friend. Darcy, this is Elizabeth Bennet, Jane’s sister.”
Elizabeth looked at him with a small smile. “Hi,” she said.
“Hi. Nice to meet you.” Darcy couldn’t keep his eyes on hers, though she had very nice eyes. He was more interested in another part of her anatomy, made prominent through her wet top in reaction to the cooler temperature of the air-conditioned room.
She put one hand on her hip, and Darcy forced his gaze back up to her face. It was an average sort of face, not beautiful like her sister’s. But still, she did have nice eyes. And that ass.
She smirked at him. Perhaps dinner wouldn’t be so tedious after all.

And it goes downhill from there. :) 

Ooh! I'm so looking forward to reading Boots & Backpacks! Thank you, KC Kahler, for sharing this excerpt with us! 

About the author:

KC Kahler has worked as a writer and editor in both non-profit and academic settings. Until discovering Jane Austen Fan Fiction several years ago, KC’s writing had been limited to the dry and technical, which is a shame, since she considers herself witty and sparkling. Her first novel, Boots & Backpacks, will be published in 2014 by Meryton Press.

KC lives on a four-acre slice of Penn’s Woods with her husband and two dogs. They enjoy hiking, gardening, and being beer snobs.

Connect with KC Kahler

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  1. "....since Bingley’s reputation as a playboy was second only to Darcy’s." It sounds very intriguing and I would like to know more about how William and Elizabeth trasform during the novel.

    1. Hi Chiara! It does sound very intriguing! I hope you get a chance to read it soon! Good luck in the giveaway!

  2. "And it goes downhill from there." Really, K C? LOL! Sounds more like it is going to quite an entertaining read! If the rest of the book is as good as the opening scene, readers will be in for a book they do not want to put down! :)
    Best of luck with Boots and Backpacks! =)

    1. Hey Jakki! I agree! It sounds like this one is going to be hard to put down! My kinda book! :)

  3. This excerpt is so good! This book is a definite on my TBR :)

    1. Hi Ceri! It's on my TBR list also, now I only need to decide... paperback or e-book? ;)

  4. I enjoyed the prologue earlier in the week and now this enticing peek of Chapter 1. Really looking forward to reading the entire book!

    1. Hi RS! Ooh! I still need to read the prologue! Thanks for stopping by! Good luck!

  5. Wonderful! Really want this one.

    1. Hi schilds! Me too! I really like the setting Kahler has our Darcy and Elizabeth in! The rugged outdoors, with them having to rely on each other to get by. Perfect!
      Good luck!

  6. I loved reading the prologue and the excerpt. Sounds like a great novel! Looking forward to reading it!

    1. Hi Dung Vu! I hope you get to read it soon! Good luck in the giveaway!

  7. Well, though he didn't utter his famous slight on Lizzy, he still offended her by staring at her boobs. Sounds like a great beginning to a beautiful adventure.

  8. This looks so good! I've heard pre-Lizzy Darcy is a bit of a rascal (*cough* manwhore *cough*) here. What a different scenario for a modern P&P - not just the backpacking angle but that Will has to get married by 30 to inherit.

    1. Hi Monica! Sounds fun, doesn't it! The pressure is on Darcy to find a wife! LOL! Yes!

  9. This looks like a fun read! The Appalachian Trail also looks like a great setting for the story (looked it up on Google).

    Naughty William, getting caught staring like that!

    1. Hi Anji! I really like this setting too. It should be interesting to see them on the trail. Haha! Naughty William is right!

  10. I've read several excerpts on various blogs now and I've noticed this Darcy is a lot more forward/confident than other Darcy's I've read about recently. I like it!

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