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Stronger Even Than Pride by Gail McEwen ~ My Review

Stronger Even Than Pride by Gail McEwen 

Publication Date: April 7th, 2014 

Publisher: Meryton Press 
Pages: 230 
Received: Purchased my own copy 
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

What would happen if Elizabeth never read Darcy’s letter, and never knew the truth about George Wickham?

Wow! I thought Stronger Even Than Pride was going to be so hard to read! But I was wrong. I truly enjoyed it! Bear in mind, I knew I had to mentally prepare myself for what was ahead. I had to let go of my strong dislike for Wickham (no, this story did not change my opinion of him). I had to go in with an open mind and know Elizabeth was going to choose someone else before Darcy.

Oh, yes, the angst starts right away and keeps on going. Not only did I have to agonize about Elizabeth and Darcy not being together and wonder how they would manage to get together....because we all know they WILL have their happily-ever-after! But, I was also on pins and needles wondering what Darcy was going to do about Wickham.

I loved how steadfast Darcy is. No matter how bleak things looked, Darcy never stopped loving Elizabeth. At the same time, it’s a little frustrating  how he doesn’t make his intentions clear. He assumes Elizabeth understands him perfectly, but, of course, she doesn’t and thinks the exact opposite.

There was one part at the end that bothered me a little bit. It's a small thing really, but I would have liked to see one thing turn out differently. I won't say what that is because of spoilers. :)

I purchase my copy at a book festival where I met the author, Gail McEwen. After discussing my feelings and anxieties about reading her book, she wrote in the inscription, ”Be brave! Read on!”  A year later, I finally pulled it off my bookshelf, and I did just that. I was brave, and I didn’t regret it!

I really enjoyed Stronger Even Than Pride! I read it quickly because I couldn’t put it down! I found myself picking it up every chance I could get! Just as Ms. McEwen wrote in the front of my book, I would also say to you, “Be brave! Read on!”

For Mature Audiences

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This completes the second book I've read for the Austenesque Lovers TBR Pile Book Challenge

This challenge was created by Sophia Rose, and you can join by going to the Goodreads page!

Any thoughts? How do you feel when Elizabeth or Darcy has another love interest?


  1. You are really brave! I usually avoid books where Wickham has "bigger" role than seducing Lidia and running away with her. But judging from your review, Stronger Even Than Pride sounds very interesting, so maybe one day I will also gather my courage and give this story a try:)

    1. Hi, Oloore! Yes, you have to set aside your "Prejudice" for this one! ;) Lol! I hope you do give it a try someday, but I would understand if you can't.

  2. I was concerned before reading the book but I really enjoyed it

  3. I would have the same qualms you did. I've read books where one or the other either had a relationship before or during the time they know each other. I was okay with all, but two b/c I felt in those two cases it altered their characters so that I didn't see heroic qualities. But I've not read one with Lizzy coming away from Hunsford still believing Wickham so I'm really interested. Nice review!

    1. Hi, Sophia Rose! I think if I hadn't been warned first about this book I would have been too upset to enjoy it. I hope you give it a chance! I would love to hear what you think.

      I've updated this post with the Austenesque Lover TBR Reading Challenge information. Thanks for organizing this challenge! It's another reason I pulled this book off the shelf! :)

  4. Lovely review, Candy! I admit I prefer those stories where Darcy and Elizabeth never choose other people before falling in love with each other. But as I always say, if a book is well written and captivating, I'm willing to give it a try! :)

    1. Thanks, Maria! I'm with you! I have a really hard time reading books when either of them are with someone else. It just kills me! haha! But I thought Gail did a great job with this one.

  5. It sounds like a daring and different premise! I really like those sometimes...I feel like I must be horrible because I don't mind seeing Darcy and Elizabeth suffer, but I think what I really like is the emotional experience I feel when there is turmoil and angst. :) I love the author's note to you! :) Great review!

    1. Thanks, Meredith! Well, this sounds like the perfect book for you! There is plenty of turmoil and angst, and both Darcy and Elizabeth suffer! Lol! ;) You know, I keep saying that I don't like angst, but I think that is wrong. I think my tastes are changing. Maybe it's all those dystopian stories I've been reading! :)


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