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Mr. Darcy's Clan Blog Tour ~ Character Interview, Excerpt, & Giveaway!

Hello, my friends! I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. Today, I’m delighted to be part of Mr. Darcy’s Clan Blog Tour! Lari Ann O’Dell is here with an exciting interview with George Darcy and his lovely wife, Lady Anne. Lari is also sharing an excerpt from her new book! Plus, don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter for a chance to win an e-copy of the book! Details are at the bottom of the page!

I am so happy to be here at So Little Time... Just after I began writing my book, I had the opportunity and privilege of interviewing Mr. Darcy’s illustrious parents, Lady Anne Fitzwilliam and George Darcy. George Darcy apparently has a reputation of being unsociable and taciturn in the company of strangers, but his wife, Lady Anne, convinced him to participate, and he agreed only because she promised to join the interview. It is my pleasure to share it with everyone today. 

LAO: Mr. Darcy, Lady Anne, it is an honor to be sitting here with you today. Readers of Pride and Prejudice have only heard about Darcy’s parents in passing. Thank you for agreeing to participate in this interview. I am sure the readers are eager to get to know more about the two of you. To begin, how did the two of you meet?

AD: Oh, it is a very amusing tale. I had just been presented to society, and I was overjoyed to be attending a masquerade at Pemberley. My parents assured me that I would catch the eyes of many young men. And they were correct, however, my attention was drawn by the heir to Pemberley, standing in the corner looking down his nose at everyone who dared to invade his home. 

LAO: Is that true, Mr. Darcy? 

GD: It is true indeed that I did not want to dance with any young lady. To do so would have raised expectations. You see, a Firstborn Son always knows when he has met his mate. I abhorred wasting my evening with vapid society women only hoping to marry me for my clan, land, and status as a Firstborn Son. 

LAO: And did that change when you were introduced to Lady Anne? 

GD: I saw this young lady approach me, practically glowing with joy. She curtsied and had the audacity to ask me to dance with her. 

LAO: And what was your answer?

GD: I felt compelled to agree. Lady Anne called to me like a siren’s song. We shared our first dance, and I was foolish enough to ask for another set. It garnered the attention of all who were in attendance. My father and mother spoke to me that night and cheerfully offered their congratulations for finding a lady whom I actually admired.

LAO: That is simply lovely. Lady Anne, what compelled you to take such a scandalous action?

AD: I knew from the moment I saw George Darcy that I wanted him to be my Eternal Partner. And if he would not ask me, then what other choice did I have? The scandal was well worth the risk, for a month later, George obtained my father’s consent, and we became engaged.

LAO: Did you undertake the vampiric Rites shortly thereafter? I understand that the marriage ceremony for vampires is somewhat different.

AD: We married as soon as the Rites could be arranged. We were both eager to begin our lives together. Within the first year of our marriage, we were blessed with the news that I was with child.

LAO: That is quite a fanciful beginning. Of course, you want the same happiness in marriage for your own children. Do you think that is possible under the circumstances?

AD: It is my dearest wish that Fitzwilliam and Georgiana only marry for the deepest love. Unfortunately, my beloved husband does not seem to agree where Fitzwilliam is concerned.

LAO: Mr. Darcy, I have heard that you are in favor of the match between your son and your niece, Anne de Bourgh. Yet, as far as I understand it, only you and Lady Catherine de Bourgh support this, and the union is not desired by either of the concerning parties. Would you truly force your son to marry for connections when you have been blessed with connubial bliss in your own life?

GD: I had the good sense to fall in love with the daughter of an Earl. If Fitzwilliam is wise enough to make a match with an heiress, then perhaps I might bless the union. Otherwise, he must marry Anne de Bourgh. I have allowed Fitzwilliam to leave our home, but soon enough, he will have to return and assume his obligations to his family. 

LAO: And do you truly expect your son to return home under such harsh conditions?

GD: I am his Sire and Father. I raised Fitzwilliam to follow his duty, not his heart. He will obey me.

AD: You must forgive my husband. Fitzwilliam has been gone nearly five years, and we have hardly heard any news about him. My husband jumps to the worst possible conclusions, but I have faith that my dear William is out there, finding his perfect match.

LAO: And would you give your blessing to any match your son would make?

AD: Pemberley is a rich estate. We do not need the dowry of an heiress to survive. As long as William is in love and loved in return, I shall have no complaints. I only want my son to be happy.

LAO: That is a lovely sentiment, Lady Anne. Mr. Darcy, do you too only want your son to be happy?

GD: Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance. He will be made content by serving his family and managing Pemberley. That is all I have to say on the matter. Now, I must ask you to leave. This interview is over.

LAO: As you wish. Our conversation has been enlightening, and I kindly thank you both for your time this afternoon.

In addition, I would like to share an excerpt from one of my favorite scenes featuring Lady Anne and George Darcy. Shortly after Darcy and Elizabeth make their way to Pemberley, we find George Darcy scheming in his study. Lady Anne tries to intervene on her son’s behalf but is unsuccessful. George Darcy’s actions in this scene have repercussions that could put an end to Darcy and Elizabeth’s relationship forever. 

George Darcy set aside the letter just received from Lady Catherine. Its contents only further confirmed his belief that his son’s marriage to Elizabeth Bennet would have disastrous consequences for the clan. He was more than amenable to the plan his sister-in-law proposed. He composed a response.

My dear Catherine,
I agree we must take action to prevent the match in question. I fear this will be more difficult than we first imagined. It appears he is deeply in love with the girl, and that her motives are, at least in part, inspired by actual affection. They are now engaged. In a fortnight I will send them to you at Rosings, along with Richard, James, Georgiana, and Amelia. Your plan is acceptable, and no doubt will be successful in crushing William’s love for Elizabeth.
George Darcy

The door of his study opened. George sealed the letter with hot wax and did not bother to look up to see who had entered his domain. In a moment he felt his wife’s hand on his shoulder.

“Is this where you have been hiding all this time, my dearest?”

“I have no intention of humoring our son’s ridiculous match. I went to Miss Bennet last night in hopes of making her see reason, but she defied my wishes and accepted William’s foolish proposal.”

“Oh, George, if you had shared your intentions with me, I could have spared you the effort and told you it would not succeed.”

“And what, pray, do you mean by that?”

“William and Elizabeth are truly in love. Had you spent the rest of the evening with us, you would have seen it. She is a good person, and for the first time in his life, our son is truly happy. Why would you wish to stand in the way of that?”

“William must marry Anne. Our clan cannot lose Rosings. If our son had the good sense to fall for an equally dowered heiress, I could perhaps have accepted his choice; but Elizabeth Bennet is little more than a pauper. Her father may own his estate, but they have no connections, no wealth.”

Lady Anne frowned. “You are truly lost to me if you believe wealth and connections are all that matter in this world. Do you truly wish your son to spend an eternity married to someone he does not love, who will never love him in return—all for the sake of Catherine’s estate? Am I to understand that if not for the fact that my father was an earl and a Firstborn Son, you would not have chosen me as your Eternal Partner?”

“Our marriage was different, Anne. I was not already promised, however implicitly, to another. I gave Catherine my word Fitzwilliam would marry Anne. He is her only hope for a good match. Any other man would abuse her and bankrupt Rosings.”

“Your concern for your niece would give you credit, but I know you, George. This match has never been desired by anyone but yourself and Catherine, and so help me, if you try to force William to bend to your will, I will never forgive you.”

Mr. Darcy’s Clan
by Lari Ann O’Dell

Book Description: 

The upper echelon of English society—comprised of vampires, or Firstborn Sons—is a world Elizabeth Bennet has no desire to join. She has little exposure to Firstborn Sons until Mr. Bingley arrives in the neighborhood and falls in love with her sister Jane. His mysterious friend, Mr. Darcy, attracts Elizabeth’s attention, but she is convinced he is hiding a dark secret. In spite of this, powerful feelings draw her to him. She learns a shocking truth when Mr. Wickham appears, and disaster strikes at Netherfield. Forced into Mr. Darcy’s supernatural realm, a confusing new world of danger threatens their deepening love. How can they find eternal happiness when members of his illustrious clan are plotting her demise? Can Mr. Darcy rise beyond his past to save her or will he lose her for all eternity?  

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About the Author

Lari Ann O’Dell first discovered her love of Pride & Prejudice when she was eighteen. After reading a Pride & Prejudice variation she found in a closing sale at a bookstore, she said, “This is what I want to do.” She published her first novel, Mr. Darcy’s Kiss, two years later.

Born and raised in Colorado, she attended the University of Colorado in Boulder and earned a bachelor’s degree in History and Creative Writing. After graduating college, she wrote and published her second novel, Mr. Darcy’s Ship. Her third novel, Mr. Darcy’s Clan, is her first supernatural variation, and she is working on two more fantasy variations. She is now back at school and pursuing a degree in Nursing. She adores her two beautiful nephews, Hudson and Dean. She currently works at a middle school and writes whenever she can.

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Many thanks to Lari for being here today! I enjoyed reading the interview with Darcy’s parents! It’s not often they are still alive in the story. It’s hard to imagine George Darcy not being happy for his son and siding with Lady Catherine! That in itself puts a different spin to the story!

Also, a big thanks to Janet @ More Agreeably Engaged for organizing and including me in this blog tour! 

So, friends, what are your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you! 


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  2. Enjoyed the interview and excerpt and am so happy that Darcy's parents are a part of the story.

  3. Thank you Candy for hosting me on your lovely blog today and taking part in my blog tour. I had a lot of fun writing this character interview.

  4. I'm confused. Even Dad Darcy says "a Firstborn Son always knows when he has met his mate". Are they actually allowed to marry away from that 'calling'? Why would Dad fight it?

    1. They can marry away from the calling, if they so choose, but it not a common occurrence. And there is another reason that George Darcy is not supportive of the match that is revealed later in the book.

  5. Can't wait to read your newest book!

  6. Oh no! I really don’t like Mr Darcy senior! How could he enjoy his own love match while denying his son the same for his own selfish needs?
    I hope Lady Anne makes him suffer for his interference (and I hope he and Lady Catherine are unsuccessful?)
    I will have to prepare myself for the angst in this story by the sounds of it? (I’m suffering already with the anticipation!)

  7. Interesting excerpt. I am interested in what happens when they all reach Rosings. It sounds like this book will make it difficult to like George Darcy! Thanks for entering me in the contest.

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  9. Thank you for the excerpt and the interview. A look into the parents of FD. Boy I would be scared of GD. EB needs to work her charms on him too.


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