Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jane Austen Reading Challenge

     I have taken on the Explore the Many Genres of Jane Austen Spinoffs 2012 Reading Challenge on goodreads and I thought I should make a plan about what to read. Here is my list:
1. Variation Stories ~ Captain Wentworth Home From the Sea by Mary Lydon Simonsen

2. Sequel ~ Bachtsturm Castle: A Gothic Austen Novel byEmily C. A. Snyder

3. Jane Austen as a Fictional Character ~ Jane and the Madness of Lord Byron by Stephanie Barron

4. Paranormal ~ Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons by Vera Nazarian

5. Modern Adaptation  ~ Fitzwilliam Darcy Rock Star by Heather Rigaud

6. Mystery ~Pride and Prescience  or The Deception at Lyme both by Carrie Bebris

7. Supporting Characters  ~ Charlotte Collins by Jennifer Becton

8. Books by Jane Austen ~ not sure which one right now... I can figure this out later.
As you can see, I have a few categories that I still haven't decided on.  What I need are some good suggestions for:

#3 Jane Austen as a Fictional Character 

#4 Paranormal

What new variations are coming out this year? 

Do you want to join me in this challenge?  You can click here.

Jan. 19, 2012
     I've just updated my list but I still would love suggestions. P&P variations are my favorite and I  feel I've read them all (I'm sure I haven't). I might have to reread one, if you know any that are coming out this year let me know! 

Jan. 28, 2012
     Okay, I added a variation that I have not read yet! My list is looking good! I'm still open for suggestions!


  1. I have heard good things about Stephanie Baron's books, for Jane as a fictional character.

  2. Ooh, thank you! I haven't read those! I think I will give Jane and the Madness of Lord Byron a try. I don't really like mysteries, which is probably why I didn't know about these!

    Are the Robin Helm books considered paranormal?

  3. I think Robin's books would be considered alternate universe, but they might also fit into that category. If so, I say pick that!
    Meredith has a list of books by genre and year n her site. You can check that out! :)

  4. Oh, I just wanted to tell you that I am dying to read Compulsively Mr. Darcy! That is going to be my "modern" one! :)
    Saw Robin write something & Guardian does fall under paranormal!
    Also, I have heard great things about Carrie Bebris's books. I might read one of hers or Tracy Kiely's Murder on the Bride's Side that has been sitting on my nightstand since I finished the mystery before that, Murder at Longbourn.

  5. I checked out Meredith's list and found some.
    Oh good! Since I'm going to be reading Guardian I'll change that, although Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons doesn't look too bad. May read both!
    I still haven't heard what Compulsively Mr. Darcy is about. :/ As you know, I just finished FDRS, so that completes the modern catagory.
    I picked up the newest Carrie Bebris book at the AGM and Mary gave me the first one, Pride and Prescience (which Meredith has listed as a mystery and paranormal). I haven't read either yet.
    Fun stuff! This gives me a good idea of what I'm going to be reading! Thanks!

  6. I really like the Carrie Bebris mysteries. Some of them have a paranormal aspect to them, but not all.

    I don't think I've read anything with Jane as a fictional character...does it count if she's a ghost?

    1. I don't know if it counts if she's a ghost. :/

  7. Hi Monica! Are you doing this challenge?

    I think the only book I've read with Jane as a fictional character was The Mysterious Death of Jane Austen. And I only read it because I met the author at the AGM, she had me intrigued.

    I like this challenge because it makes me read stories I might not read otherwise. I'm not a big paranormal or mystery fan. Not much on sequels either. :/

  8. I have not signed up with goodreads yet but I'm thinking about it.

  9. You should, Monica. Peer pressure. All the cool JAFF readers are doing it. ;)

  10. Monica, Yes, you should! It's a good place to post reviews too. That's where I started, for some reason I was afraid to post on Amazon.

  11. Jakki, I still don't have a Facebook! Lol I was on goodreads homepage earlier and it was a little intimidating. Everyone has like 12,963 friends and 234,906 books on their shelf (may be slight exaggeration) and I'll have like 4. I'm sure I can fill it up fast though.

  12. Monica, I didn't get a FB account until I stopped teaching. I didn't want my students seeing all the naughty stuff I post. ;) j/k
    It is intimidating. If you did join, I know you would fill up your bookshelf in no time! :) I only have a few friends and only 77 books. If you wanted, you could still participate in the JA reading challenge without joining Goodreads. I am sure you will read at least one book from each category this year.

  13. May I humbly suggest Mr. Darcy's Bite for your paranormal slot? :) Mary Simonsen

  14. Mary, Oh, I love that story!! And it would be great for this challenge but since I've already read it I need to find something else. :/

  15. Mary, I just realized, I haven't read Captain Wentworth Home From the Sea. That would fit in the variations category, right?


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