Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weathered too Young By Marcia Lynn McClure

It's been a while since I've read a Marcia Lynn McClure novel. I love the way she writes. It was so good to read Weathered too Young.

Lark needs a place to stay for the winter, she is running out of options, with no job and no money she takes a job cooking and cleaning for two bachelors, Slater and Tom Evans. Their longtime housekeeper passed away and they had been trying to cook and clean, and run their ranch by themselves. Slater doesn't want Lark there in the beginning but he quickly comes to care for her even though he might not recognize the fact. The two brothers are as different as night and day. Slater is always grumpy and Tom is good-humored and likes to tease. Slater thinks Lark is hiding something, but is she the only one? Slater seems to be hiding something too.

I love a good damsel in distress story, and Lark fits the bill! She is a strong woman, willing to work hard but she worries the brothers are going to send her away.

Slater is a handsome, cantankerous man. In his younger days, he spent ten years on the trail before returning home. With both their parents passed on, he and Tom run the ranch together. His hard life has aged him. He feels old and weathered, too old for someone like Lark, but he soon learns to read her and has a strong desire to protect her.

Set in the old west, Weathered too Young is an easy read. I love both McClure’s Contemporary Romances and her Historical Romances. My favorite contemporary romance of her’s is Love Me. I absolutely love that story!

I would give Weathered too Young 5 out of 5 stars!

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  1. This sounds like something Meg would enjoy. Mary Simonsen

  2. Mary, I've read quite a few of McClure's books and they are all good reads. I love a good romance! :)

  3. Candy, what a lovely review! It does sound like a good book. Though I am not an "old west" type of gal, you have me almost sold on the book! Thanks! :)

  4. Jakki, I love the "old west" and before I fell in love with regency, it was the time period I most loved.

  5. I think I am scarred from watching so much Wagon Train and Bonanza as a child! ;)

  6. Ha! You're so funny! Well, McClure does have regency romances also! :)


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