Monday, January 16, 2012

Promises by Wendi Sotis ~ Review

Hi Everyone!  Today I'm guest blogging at Indie Jane! I have reviewed the book Promises by Wendi Sotis.  She has provided two copies to be given away! So hurry over there to win! You only have until January 23. You can click here and go straight there! Thanks!

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This review was originally published on Indie Jane.

Promises is a Pride and Prejudice variation, and one that I would rank up there in my favorites!

Elizabeth and Darcy meet in London at a bookstore, she is 9 and he is 15. It turns out their fathers went to school together and were very good friends. The years go by before they meet again, when Darcy and his father stop for a brief visit to Longbourn. When Elizabeth is 16, her and Mr. Bennet go to Pemberley for a visit. It is during this time, Darcy and Elizabeth fall in love. They want to become engaged but Mr. Bennet wants them to wait until Liz turns 17. They promise to wait and Elizabeth and her father return to Longbourn. Soon after they leave, the older Mr. Darcy dies in a carriage accident. Darcy's family, who dislike the Bennets, try to keep them apart. They are a devious group and want control of Pemberley. Will Elizabeth and Darcy be able to overcome the misunderstandings and obstacles before them, to keep the promises they made to each other?

I wasn't sure how I would like this story, the idea of Elizabeth and Darcy knowing each other as children didn't really appeal to me. I mean, where's the mystery of discovery, of the chase, the mutual dislike? Since they don't see each other much, they are more like acquaintances, not playmates. The friction at the beginning of the relationship is not there, but with all the misunderstandings there is still plenty later in the story!

I did enjoy seeing Elizabeth as a little girl. She is so cute climbing trees and being curious about the world around her. Darcy was amused by her and a little surprised at times.

I like Mrs. Bennet's sense of loyalty in this story. She stands by Elizabeth, not wanting her to be hurt. She also starts seeing how silly her youngest daughters behave. Her turn around is wonderful to see! At the same time she retains her nerves and boisterous ways.

I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to anguish. The beginning of the book starts out nicely and moves right along. In the middle there is some anguish, and I had to read through it quickly because I have a hard time with that. It ends lovely, just the way I like.

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  1. Thank you, Candy! What a nice blog. I enjoyed reading your reviews.


  2. Wendi, thank you for stopping by my blog! It's a great way for me to keep all these stories straight! Lol! Plus, it's fun!

  3. Thank you, Sophia Rose! Good luck to you on winning the book!


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